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I was just getting out of the shower and walked to the other room naked when a young maid was there cleaning. She was very attractive and surprised to see me with no clothes. She apologized but I told her no problem. I walked around the room getting things I needed for the day and she kept staring at my nude body. I could tell she liked what she saw as she looked at my large tits and bald pussy. I walked to her and pulled her to me and kissed her deep. She responded by sucking my tongue. I licked her lips and kissed her again. She wasted no time feeling my tits. She was horny and eager.

I pulled away from her mouth and told her to undress. She looked like she should not. Again I told her to get naked. I began to unbutton her dress and then she pulled it over her head. I unsnapped her bra and her tits fell out. They were nice and firm about a C cup. I then pulled her panties down and she kicked them off. I looked her body over and told her to lay on my bed. As i kissed her again I felt her tits and then ran my hand to her pussy. She already was wet and excited. I began to kiss and suck her tits as I played with her pussy and pinched her clit. She was a good slut and came fast. I then pushed two fingers in her wet cunt. I began to finger fuck her deep and fast and she came many times on my fingers.

I was in the mood for a horny slut as I pushed my fingers in her mouth so she could lick her cum as my mouth went to her cunt and I began to suck her clit. The young slut began to cum and moan as I sucked her clit and stretched it. My fingers found her hole and I sucked the clit and finger fucked her with no mercy. She kept cumming and screaming as I ravaged her pussy. I then moved my mouth to her fuck hole. My tongue licked then pushed inside and I gave her a very erotic tongue fuck. With my tongue coated with her cum I then went up and kissed her. She sucked her cum from my mouth before I told her to turn over.

Now her ass was mine. I gave her ass cheeks five very hard smacks before I spread her wide. I used the cum from her cunt to wet her ass and shoved two finger deep in her. She reached back and held her ass cheeks far apart so I could assault her ass. She had a great ass and seemed to be used to having it fucked. I then fucked her ass real hard as I took three fingers and fucked her cunt at the same time. This young slut was moaning and her cunt was flowing with her cum. I finished with a few more whacks to her ass.

Next i stood her up and told her we were going outside to the veranda. As we stood naked there I began to kiss her and get her hot and relaxed at being naked in a public place. I pushed her mouth to my tits and she began to suck them. I love my large globes sucked a lot. She was no stranger to a tit. She sucked and licked and chewed on the fat nipples. She now did not care who was watching our outdoor scene. I love public sex. I then layed on a lounge chair and brought her face to my pussy. Being suck a lesbo slut she knew her way around a pussy and she sucked my clit and licked me till I was cumming fast.

I grabbed her head and pressed it tight to my cunt. She began sucking me as I came multi times. She would suck and lick my cum then suck more. Soon she had most of her tongue buried in my cunt. She tongue fucked my cunt for twenty minutes till I moved her hand to my ass. With a tongue in my cunt she found my ass hole and begn to finger fuck it. Now I was cumming and screaming as i pressed her head tighter to my cunt. She worked my ass and pussy over for at least an hour. This slut was a great oral whore.

I then told her to go get the coffee and we sat naked outside and shared coffee. I then pulled her to my pussy one more time before I went in to get dressed. She finished cleaning my room in the nude. She had nice tits and a perfect ass and I loved seeing her naked body.

I called down and requested her to be my personal maid for the rest of my stay. Actually I wanted her to be my personal little slut. For the next week she cleaned naked and gave me the best tongue and finger fucking I had ever had. A few times she stay all night with me. When I left the hotel, I made plans to employ her in my home. Her title is personal assistant but her job is to be my sexy slut. I found the perfect sexy nympho slut. She has great tits and a hot ass. And a tongue that works miracles.
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3 years ago
Not my cup of tea, but hot nevertheless!
3 years ago
that is a great find
3 years ago
thats so hot i came right away as i was reading