My mom the whore

Mom was a whore. She fucked a lot of men for money. She didn't walk the street they came to our apartment. Mom was good looking and she loved sex. She wore little clothing around the home. I loved seeing her naked. She was very sexy. Some times when she had a man in her room i would push the door open and watch them. It was exciting to see the men licking mom's cunt and sucking her tits and I loved when she sucked the cocks. Of course them fucking made my tummy tingle. I was amazed at the different positions they could fuck in. I liked when mom sat on him with her back to him and rode his cock. Her tits would bounce as she bounced on his cock.

At tweleve i started to grow little tits. I could hardly wait till they got big like moms and a man would suck them and pay me to do so. I wanted to be a fancy whore and make the men pay lots for my body. By the age of f******n I had perfect C tits. I hardly ever wore a bra and loved a tight tank top. My ass was round and firm.

One day mom took me to her room and stripped my clothes off. She stood me infront of the mirror and cupped my tits and told me "You are growing nice tits. Men will love them." Then she turned me to look at my ass. "You have a nice round ass also." she then spread my legs and looked at my pussy. "Your cunt is too hairy. You have to keep it bald and smooth. I am going to shave it for you and help you learn to keep it shaved." she took me to the bathroom and set me on the counter and lathered my pussy and shaved me bald. Then she rubbed a lotion on it. "Now keep it like this and if you have trouble I will help you."

I felt very sexy and loved the look of the shaved pussy. About six months later mom had a man in her room who really eyed me when he came in. I had my tight tank top on and short shorts and liked him looking at my tits. Mom left her door open that night and I listened to them sucking and fucking. Then they began to talk quiet and mom came out to get me. She told me "tonight you are going to have your first taste of sex. I will be right there and I want to be sure you learn to fuck and please a man the right way." She removed my clothes and took me to her room.

The man was sitting on mom's bed naked. He stood when I came in and I saw his big cock. Mom told me to lay down and they would get me ready to accept his cock. They spread my legs and mom held them apart as the man took his finger and rubbed my pussy. He played with my clit and I loved the feel. He found my fuck hole and ran his finger around it. He then took his mouth and kissed my pussy all over. Next he spit on my hole and lubed me up with his finger. He poked a finger in me a little way and looked at my mom and said "she is a virgin?" Mom told him "Yes i want her to get fucked now and get used to it." He then pushed his finger deep in me causing much pain. I later learned he popped my cherry with his finger. He then began to fuck my hole with two fingers letting me get used to the stretching.

As I was able to take his fingers he then aimed his cock at my cunt. He pushed in inch by inch in my tight hole as mom held my legs apart. It hurt but felt very good too. Mom told him six inches was enough the first time. He then pushed in and out fucking me slow but steady and i had my first orgasm. After a few minutes he filled my hole with cum. Mom then told him that when he was ready she wanted him to fuck me again and more cock each time. That night he fucked me four times and finally had all his cock in me balls deep. He also sucked my tits and told mom I had great tits and a great ass. Mom told him to come back the next night as she wanted me to learn to suck cock. Mom was going to train me to be a whore like her. Men loved to fuck young girls.

When the man came the next night i was already naked and waiting. He removed his clothes and sat on the bed with his legs spread and I could see his cock and balls. Mom put me on my knees and held his cock and told me to lick it. I did just that. I loved the feel of the smooth skin. I licked him all over that cock. Then I was told to suck the tip. As my mouth went on the tip I tasted a different flavor and knew it was cum. I had known that women swallow the cum they suck from a man's cock. I sucked the tip then mom pushed my head down further. She told me suck as much of his cock as you can. "Suck hard" By now I had several inches in my mouth and I was sucking so hard the man pushed my head down to get more cock in me. Soon he was cock fucking my mouth and filled me with cum. "Swallow all the cum" my mom instructed me. I then swallowed the big gob in my mouth. The man told my mom "She is a fast learner and will be a hot little cocksucker." I was pleased.

The man came back for over a week and every night I learned more sexual favors for the man. In three months I could suck all his cock. Lick his nipples and lick his ass. I loved oral sex especially when he ate my pussy. He fucked me in many different positions. Then it was time to get my ass fucked. He greased my ass and his cock and put me on my hands and knees with my ass in the air. He got behind me and started to push that cock into my ass. I was tight for his hard cock but I really wanted to be ass fucked. He would go in an inch and stop then another inch and stop till he got his cock in my ass. He then very slowly began to fuck me till I was stretched open for him. This felt wonderful and I yelled "Fuck me harder. Ram that cock in me hard." And he grabbed my hips and began to fuck my ass not holding back any at all. I loved the ass fucking he was giving me. I also loved to feel the cum squirt in me.

He came back and fucked me every day. He told my mom I was a great fucking slut. He loved getting his cock sucked and then fucking me. When i was s*******n I went with him and became his whore. I turned tricks five nights a week and two nights I fucked him. Men wanted me and they loved my youth and that I was a great fuck. They could not get enough of my cunt and ass. It was also known what a great cock sucker I was too. I fucked a different man every three hours. They paid for an hour then I cleaned up and rested and waited for the next man. I loved being a paid whore and loved the sex. I had regulars that would come to me three times a week. and some would bring their virgin teen age boys for their first fuck from me.

After two years I married the man who taught me every thing. He loved that I was a whore and he fucked me every chance he got. Many times I would suck his cock between clients. Life is good and so is the sex.
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11 months ago
slut training
3 years ago
Good story.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
i hope she gets pregnant she will be a good mommy
3 years ago
Great story. You make a perfect mom.
3 years ago
that was a great story but to short
3 years ago
Great Story
3 years ago
Good for you, make full use of your cunt to amas a fortune then retire
3 years ago
How much for a suck and a fuck, bitch?
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
I would have used my cock to pop your cherry
3 years ago
I would fuck you, if you were here. Good story. Thanks.
3 years ago
It is good to earn yoyr role in life early!