My best friend

Jane and i have been friends for years. We started playing with each other sexually at twelve and have never stopped. We like men but love each other the most. When she comes over at least once a week i undress her then strip naked and suck her tits which are heavy with milk from her last c***d. She keeps the milk for me as it has been nine years since she gave birth. I love her milk which I drink before we fuck. Her husband caught us and left her as he could not take her licking my pussy. so now it is she and i to fuck each other. We may move in together when her k** is older. I would love to lick her daughter pussy so i hope she will join us some day too.

As i nurse Jane she has four fingers up my cunt and is fingering me hard making me cum. I am biting and sucking her huge tits and fill my mouth with her milk and then go down to her pussy and let the milk cover her clit and run into her fuck hole. Then I lick the milk off her. I suck her clit and taste her cum with the milk. As my tongue is licking every inch of her pussy I push two finger in her ass and hear her scream. She loves her ass fucked so I am rapidly finger fucking her as I eat pussy. Now that she is so wet and cumming hard I then push my fist deep in her cunt. She loves my fist in her cunt and my fingers in her ass as she cums multi times.

She pushes me back on the bed and begins to suck my tits and bite them. I love her teeth covering my large tits and nipples. Then she spread my legs and begins to finger fuck my cunt. As she adds more fingers I want more and soon she has her fist in me fucking me so hard i may pass out. She is covered with my cum and as she pulls her fist out she rubs the cum over my tits.

She then shoves me to my hands and knees and spreads my ass open. She spanks my ass and slaps my pussy before she begins to finger fuck my hole. I love my ass fingered and i am so enjoying it. Then she straps on the extra large dildo and greases it up and shoves it in my ass. I think my ass is splitting open but I do want to be fucked hard. She shows no mercy and fucks me hard and deep with every inch of that monster dildo. I love being fucked with a strap on. As Jane makes me cum she then grabs the wood paddle and whips my ass. The paddle is thick and made for pain. She gives me about twenty whacks till my ass is red and bruised. I am not happy till I have my ass hole raw and my ass cheeks with bruises. To finish me off she gives my ass cheeks six bite marks showing her teeth in my already bruised ass.

I then tell her fuck my cunt with that huge dildo. She wastes no time plunging in my fuck hole and really fucking me hard. She hears me cum and then adds a bite to each tit. i love her teeth marks and she knows it. She will bite my ass my tits my stomach and even my pussy. I love the pain I feel the next day from her abuse. But then I nurse her and get her milk. i love to fist her cunt. I can get my hand in up past my wrist and I can also get three fingers from my other hand in her stretched cunt too.

It is time for her to leave but she will be back in a couple days with her full tits and ready tofuck for hours.
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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
thls ls the bizz lots more please
3 years ago
3 years ago
Fucking hot. More please darling.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Sweet please write more!