She loved rough sex and pain and her husband was not into it like she was so she started finding horny men and meeting them for a fuck fest. she loved it the rougher the better. She let them fuck her any way they wanted as she loved all sex, even kinky and wild. She loved threesomes and even lesbian sex. One couple she met a lot seemed to thrill her the most. she loved pussy and nice tits. She also liked a girl licking her pussy. The couple liked to watch as each fucked her hard and rough. They were into pain with sex and she was learning that it made her cum hard when she was hurt first. when she left them her cunt had been fucked and licked till it was raw. Her nipples were on fire from the sucking and biting.

Today she was meeting the couple and they had a surprise for her. She arrived at the hotel room and the couple was already naked and they quickly stripped her. The girl began to suck her tits as the guy began eating her pussy. Soon he had his cock fucking her hard and slapping her ass. He loved to spank her ass as he fucked her. The ass spanking was a big turn on to her also. Today he even began to bite her ass leaving his bite marks across her buns. She was loving the pain with the sex. She loved being bit, spanked and slapped during a fucking session. When he slapped her pussy several times it made her cum so hard when he did fuck her. He loved that she liked the pain as he loved biting and slapping her till she was on fire. Last time he bit her pussy lips and he could still see his teeth marks. She was a bitch and he used her like a slut.

They started tieing her to the bed. Her legs were tied so she was spread wide open and her cunt was vulnerable to any thing they wanted to do to her. Her arms were then tied above her head. After she was strapped down he began spanking her pussy. It did not take long for her cunt to be soaking wet. He then began to suck her clit and grab it and pull it with his teeth. She was ready to be fucked for as long as they wanted.

Then the door opened and a man walked in. "I see she is ready for me" he told them. He then got undressed and he had the biggest cock she had ever seen. He was hung like a donkey. He told her "I am going to fuck all your holes and when I fuck your mouth you will gag on my monster cock." As he got to her cunt he told the couple to begin fucking her face. He wanted her to suck cock and eat pussy as he pushed his cock deep in her cunt. The man pushed his cock all the way in her mouth and she began sucking. She then felt the big cock enter her pussy. It was thick and felt like a pop can was being inserted in her hole. He showed no mercy as he was used to harming girls with his donkey size cock. He pushed in deeper and deeper with the monster cock. She had never felt such pain and he kept pushing in her. Soon he began to fuck her. He was rough and ramming her hard with his big cock. After thirty minutes of hard fucking he filled her cunt with his cum.

He then told the couple to pull her legs to her head so he could fuck her ass. They held her legs up as he pushed his cock to her ass. She knew if he pushed that cock in her ass she may never walk away. But he did just that. As the cock went in she felt like she was being ripped in two. He then began to fuck her ass. The pain was so bad the had to gag her. They slapped her face telling her to not scream. He did not fuck her ass so long as he wanted to fuck her mouth.

He then removed the gag and and started to ram his cock into her mouth. She did gag on the huge rod and he held it there and told her to suck till he came and filled her mouth. He watched as she swallowed every drop. When he pulled his cock out he then went to her tits and began to suck the big globes. "You have nice big tits for me to suck" he told her. He sucked and kissed the tits loving how big and firm they were. He told her "I am going to fuck you once a week and keep that pussy stretched for my big cock. It will get easier the more I fuck you. I want to try many different positions and get every inch inside that cunt of yours." He turned to the couple and told them "I need you to fist her often and keep that cunt stretched for my donkey cock."

When he left the girl went home also as she felt like she had been fucked by a horse today. But she decided that she really liked his big cock and hoped she would get used to it. The pain was a big turn on to her.
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