Dad spanks

My dad was strict and I was very wild. I loved to have sex and loved the boys and a lot of older men. I had been fucking since I was f******n years old. The first man I fucked was my dads best friend. He drove me home and began to rub my leg then he reached under my shirt to feel my small tits. I loved how it felt and never stopped him so he drove into a back pasture and removed my shirt and began to kiss my tits. He undid his pants and pulled his cock out and I had never seen a real cock so I was fascinated. I liked how it got hard and stood up in the air. It looked enormous to me. He put my hand on his cock as he played with my tits then he undid my pants and asked me to take them off. He told me he wanted to see my pussy and touch it. When I had my pants off he spread my legs and looked at my pus and told me I had a great cunt. He rubbed a finger all over my pussy and then laid me back and began to lick me. I loved his tongue licking my clit and then my fuck hole. When he started to suck my clit I screamed as it felt so good. I then had my first big cum right there on his tongue.

He then told me to take hold of his cock and stroke it and he showed me what to do. I loved the feel of how big it was and stroked it quite a while. He then told me to kiss his cock that I would love how it felt on my lips. I kissed the big cock and I did love the feel of it and as I kissed the tip the slit covered my lips with cum. It tasted good to me. When he saw I did not mind the cum he told me to open my mouth and let his cock inside and to suck it. As i sucked his cock he moved in and out of my mouth and told me to suck harder. It did not take him long to fill my mouth with his cum and I swallowed all of it. He told me i was a hot little slut and he wanted to teach me to be the best cock sucker and fuck c***d for him. I knew then that I would always love sex and want more and often.

He played with my pussy more that day before he took me home. We met every day for the next few months. He started by finger fucking my cunt before he was able to get his big cock in me. I loved his fingers making me cum and he loved how good I got at sucking his cock. By now we were meeting at his house so we now had a bed to fuck in. When he finally got his big cock in my pussy I knew then that I wanted more cock and as often as I could get it. He put me on birth control pills so he could fuck me with his bare cock and fill my hole with his cum. I got so I could suck every inch of his cock down my throat and I loved his cum. I loved being his slut to fuck hard and ride his cock. He ate my pussy and made me cum so often that I was so wet all the time.

The best day was when he fucked my ass. That day he laid me over the back of his chair and spread my legs far apart and began to finger my ass. It felt good feeling his finger go deep up my ass. As he finger fucked my ass he also swatted my ass cheeks and that was also a turn on. He then filled my ass hole with a gel and then began to slip his cock in me. At first I thought he was ripping my ass in two but soon as he got in me it felt so good and then he began to fuck my ass hard. I loved when he shot me full of cum. He told me men love to fuck an ass. It is tight and feels so good. From then on when I got to his house he always fucked my ass and my cunt and I loved it. He taught me to lick and finger his ass and when I pushed a finger in his ass as he would cum he screamed so loud. He loved me to finger fuck his ass.

Soon the boys began to notice me as I dressed sexy after I left my house. I began to give blow jobs behind the curtain in the gym. I found which boys had the big cocks and later fucked them behind a tree. I had a lot of guys so i did not waste time with the small cocks. My best day was when three foot ball players met me and banged me hard. I was getting my ass and pussy fucked at the same time as I sucked the one jocks big cock. Then they would trade places and for over two hours we fucked and I sucked their cocks. One had a ten inch cock and I wanted him daily. I loved his big cock deep in my ass or pussy and he loved to fuck me too. He loved to push his cock down my throat as I sucked him so hard till he came. Then in ten minutes he would fuck my pussy and make me scream.

I loved being the slut for the guys. I loved to fuck and suck cock. My tits ahd grown to a nice full size and I loved having them sucked as the guys loved to suck them. I never wore a bra so the guys could see my nipples and know what they could have any time they wanted it. If I went to a dance I usually ended up in a car fucking any one who came out there.

One day in the barn my dads farm hand who was a young guy kept looking at my tits so I took him in the loft and pulled down his pants and stroked his cock before i began to give him the best blow job he ever had. He soon filled my mouth with delicious cum and as soon as he was hard again, i rode his cock till he filled my cunt hole. He love sucking my tits and also my pussy. We met in the barn all summer and fucked for hours. He had a big thick cock and no one had ever been able to suck it and he was impressed when I sucked him deep and made him cum.

Then one day dad caught me naked in the loft and he d**g me to the house to give me hard spanking. Since I was already naked he pulled me over his lap and whipped my bare ass till it almost bled. Then he reached in a drawer and brought out a huge glass penis. He told me he was going to ram it in me till he hurt me to teach me a lesson. Only when he spread my legs and rammed it in me it only made me cum. I loved that huge fake cock. My dad then kept fucking my cunt with the fake cock and watching me cum. Soon he pushed it in my ass and I also loved that too. Dad then pulled the cock out and began to slap my pussy with his bare hand. I could hear it slosh as my pussy was so wet from the glass penis. His hand was now very wet and he rubbed my cum over my tits before he surprised me and began to play with my clit. he rubed it between two fingers making me cum more. Then he rammed three finger in my cunt hole and began to to finger fuck me which was something I loved.

My dad then pushed me to my feet and pulled his pants down and sat me back down on his hard cock. I was amazed that dad had a nice big thick cock. Dad then began to fuck me hard and rough as he grabbed my tits and squeezed them. Dad had his way with me most of the afternoon fucking and spanking and fingering every hole. He also grabbed me by the hair and shoved his big cock down my throat and slapped my face and told me to suck him till he came. His cock was the biggest I had ever sucked and I did love the size of it. It was long and thick and stayed hard for a long long time. During the afternoon, dad fucked me on his bed, on the kitchen table, in my bed, in the shower and on the sofa in the living room. I also sucked his cock several times.

All summer my dad fucked me every day many times. He kept me naked and also spanked my ass daily. But he loved fucking me in every hole and he really loved me sucking that king size cock of his. My mom was dead for several years so he was loving all the sex. Soon I just moved into his bed at night. I loved to tease my dad by sitting and spreading my pussy lips apart for him to see my cunt and he would get hard and I would either suck his cock of he would fuck me for hours. I loved being dads slut.
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3 years ago
great story wish I had a daddy
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Good story
3 years ago
Excellent, lets have more
3 years ago
Came half way through :-)
3 years ago
He should have pimped you out and made a few bucks on the side.
3 years ago
Great post, had me hard
3 years ago
good story, had me hard and stroking
3 years ago
awsome experience