Cuckold Pays Rent

Guys, if you can’t pay the rent your young wife may have to pay it and you may have to help!

Mark and Nancy are a young couple that have been renting a house from me for a couple of years now. They are in their mid twenties and Nancy is a real beauty. Dark curly hair, nice c cup tits, a killer dark tan and a smile to die for. They are good renters and always pay on time so when they told me that Mark lost his job and they were short of the rent money one month I agreed to let them float a few weeks.

It wasn’t long before the next month’s payment was due and I still had not collected the last, so I stopped by to deliver the bad news that they would have to move on. Well, Mark pretty much broke down to begging; and when he said they loved it there and would do anything to stay, bells were ringing in my head picturing Nancy and “Anything!” In his defense it is a great place in a terrific neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. The entire neighborhood is filled with nice brick homes, mostly inhabited by older people and the rest with the more affluent of the younger generation.

After a few moments to think over his ‘anything’ comment I had assessed that if they are leaving anyway, I had nothing to lose by seeing how far ‘anything’ goes. When Nancy walked through the living room and into the kitchen in a pair of shorts that were short enough to show the bottom of her perfectly shaped buttocks, I cut my eyes over at her and asked Mark: “What did you have in mind for that anything you spoke of earlier?” He looked at her in the kitchen with her back turned to us and looked back at me with a flabbergasted look and ask what I was implying. I explained that I wasn’t implying anything and if he wasn’t interested I totally understood. We could just forget the whole thing and he could find another place to live and I would find a new renter, I told him. He blew up on me a little which drew Nancy into the room with us to investigate the commotion. He told her what I had hinted at and she said that up until that point she thought they had a few more weeks to come up with some money. I told her I was sorry to upset everyone but I could rent the house out within a couple of days so they would have to move. I told them I was a reasonable man so I would give them another week to vacate the premises. She followed me outside to tell me there were no hard feelings as I was leaving, but he was still pretty upset about the whole debacle.

A few days later I answered a call from a cell number that I didn’t recognize. A soft and nervous voice asked: “What would I have to do?” {Again with the damn bells ringing in my head!} “Nancy,” I asked, “Yes” she replied, “What would I have to do?” I stuttered and flubbed a few inaudible words before saying “Let’s get together and talk about this.” We agreed that I would come by in an hour or so and we would talk it over.

I pulled into the driveway not fully knowing what to expect, but had decided that since she called me, I would just lay it on the line, in a take it or leave type of negotiation tactic. Nancy met me at the door and offered me a seat on the sofa which I took, and something to drink, which I turned down. She was wearing another pair of really short shorts and a low blouse with no bra, I was sure of this fact by the slight case of ‘showing headlights’ that she had going on underneath the thin garment. Mark came into the room as I took my seat, looking all stressed out, which I assumed was caused mainly by my presence there. Nancy sat on the other end of the couch from me and calmly asked what I had in mind. I swallowed hard and told her that I would come over one night a week, use her anyway I choose for as long as I wanted. I thought this would sound like a steep price to them but I wanted to leave myself room to dicker later. She wanted to know exactly what I meant by ‘anyway I choose’ and I explained that I am naturally dominate and while I would never hurt her any anyway I would probably get fairly rough at times. I would want to tell her what to wear, what to do, there would be some ass spanking, hair pulling and rough type sex were some of things that I rattled off in my bewildered state of arousal.

All the while she and I are talking, Mark is chiming in “but baby this” and “please baby that.” I had heard way more than enough of his whining when finally Nancy screamed at him: “Shut up you little weasel! If I have to go back home to my mom I’m never speaking to you again! So do you want me to do this or leave your sorry ass for good?” He hung his now very red face and was at last quite, at least for the moment.

When I put my proposal on the table I was afraid that I was overplaying my hand, but the only thing she asked to be added to the deal was that the month of unpaid back rent be forgotten as well. I thought it was understood that was part of the deal anyway so I swiftly agreed. She then bluntly asked if I would like to start now. I looked over at Mark and I swear I saw tears in his eyes when I answered a smiling “Yes, Yes I would.”

She stood up and asked: Alright then what would you like to me to do Mister Dom Man.” I didn’t care much for her sassy attitude to start with. I like to be in complete control of my lovers; “she would have to learn this one way or the other” I thought to myself. To her I said: “You can start by peeling that shirt off and letting me see the rest of those headlights that have been peeking at me since I got here.” She did just that so I motioned her over in front of me where I filled each of my hands with each of her tits. The sight of those beautiful melons pointing east to west perched just north of that flat belly gave me a hard on as colossal as any this old country boy can ever remember having. She noticed this fact right away and asked coyly: “See something you like there Mister Rough and Tumble?” I knew then that this little bitch had never been tamed at all and honestly I wasn’t sure how this would all turn out, but I did know that she was going to get at least a good effort from me to feed her some humble pie before this all ended.

Poor ole Mark is still sitting in his chair watching all of this quietly with a face so red by now that I’m afraid the bl**d pressure may blow the top of his skull across the room. I told Nancy that yeah, I did like it and wanted to see more as I spun her around by her arm and pulled her shorts down to her knees. I saw Mark jerk in his chair as I did this but he didn’t offer to get up so I grabbed me a handful of the most gorgeous ass I could remember ever seeing and squeezed it until the flesh flowed between my fingers. I slipped a finger past her bunghole and across her heaven hole to find that she was very wet, too wet to be just a coincidence. “Oh so you like it too huh, Miss Mouthy” I said with a smirk. She snobbishly replied that I shouldn’t flatter myself. My response to that was to slide my bird finger inside her and wiggle it around before smearing the slime across her lips while saying: “Explain this then honey.” I took a quick glance at Mark who was now completely pale instead of red and I believe was as near death from stress as a living human being can be, when I heard Nancy say that she was always wet. I wasn’t sure if that remark was for Mark’s sake or if she was still trying to exert what control she could over the situation, either way she and I both knew it was a lie and in all likelihood Mark was probably pondering the same questions that I was.

I twisted her back around to face me as her shorts fell to the floor and she kicked out of them, she was now standing totally nude directly in front of me. The thought racing through my mind was that I had been with a lot of women in my life and a lot of them were very sexy but I don’t know that ever I laid eyes on anything as appealing as this seemingly perfect body only inches away from me. Her smoothly shaved slit glistened with the moisture that I already knew was there but she had no visible pussy lips. Just a smooth, wet slit with only the slightest indenture for a hole at the bottom of the crevice as she stood before me.

I ran my hands over her body in every direction, wanting to touch it all at once and asked if that spicy little mouth of hers knew how to suck a dick or if all it was good for was to crack wise. She frowned at this statement, reaffirming my belief that she was going to be a tough bronco to tame, but she fell to her knees and began tugging at the button on my jeans. I stood up to give her a fighting chance and she quickly had them unzipped and pulled down to my ankles. I told her to take my shoes off so she could remove my pants the rest of the way, which she did. I should send a shout out here to the makers of those Hanes Men’s Underwear because they withstood the pressure that my absolutely raging hard on was putting on them at this point and didn’t tear, so they have to be a quality garment. Before this moment I have never given any thought to the brand of drawers I wear, but hey, I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

I remained standing while she pulled my boxers off when she declared: “Oh yeah, thank God.” I asked what that was all about and she said that it is just nice to see a bigger one for a change. I retorted that I knew was about average at 8 inches, so it couldn’t be that much difference between mine and any other’s that she had come across in her life. I am saying this while she is gobbling down my cock, bobbing her head about half way down the shaft and back up again. She pulled her now slobbery lips from my throbbing member to say that I didn’t understand and abruptly told Mark to get over here and take his pants off. I looked over and this bastard had turned back red all over again, face, arms, everything that was visible was glowing crimson. He whimpered something about just leaving him out of this when she snapped at him to stop crying like a little bitch about everything and get over here and do as she says. He got up and walked over closer to us shaking so hard that I thought one of his ears might fall off or something. He stopped within a couple feet of us and she scowled at him: “Drop your pants you sissy!” He shakily lowered his pants and underwear and I saw a shriveled little goober curving on top of his balls but not long enough to reach the bottom of his sack. I said that he was soft and obviously distraught so that didn’t mean anything. She said: “No watch this” and moved over to him stroking his little man and then put it in her mouth. Soon enough it was pointing straight out when she pulled away and told me: See what I mean?” What I saw was about a four inch hard pecker on a grown man. I could hardly believe my eyes, but it all started to make sense to me now. The reason she wasn’t put off by my rent solution was that she had been with this guy for a few years now and she was ready to get fucked, pure and simple.

I leaned back on the couch and told her to forget about him and show us what she wanted to do with a real cock. She went back to shining my knob right away and I told her to lick my balls as well. She sucked at my sack while stroking my dong up and down before I told her that we should go to the bedroom. The main reason I didn’t bend her over the coffee table right there was that I needed a few minutes to calm down so I wouldn’t cum right then and there.We got about halfway down the hall when she yelled back at Mark to come along as well telling him she wanted him to see this.

Mark entered the room as I was sliding into her doggie style. She let out a moan that came from somewhere deep inside her, I suspected that moan had grown from a few years of screwing a tiny penis. That warm wet pussy was every bit as tight as it looked when she was standing naked in front of me, it gave me the feeling that I was destroying that little thing and it made me feel like a man! I stood upright on my knees as I pounded her so I could smack her ass at the same time. The harder I slapped her butt cheeks the more she fucked me back. When I grabbed her hair and growled into her ear that when I walked in this house she belonged to me and would do each and everything I ordered, she came like she was having a seizure. I continued ramming at her until she fell face first on the bed in a heap, asking me if she could have a minute. I gently rolled her over and easily slipped back into her missionary style telling her that I would go easy but I can’t stand to not be inside her at this moment. I pumped ever so softly in her as we kissed and felt each other’s bodies as far as we both could reach. I gradually picked up the rhythm of my thrusts as I felt fresh moisture coming from her pleasure den and soon I was sawing away at her with a steady but f***eful pace. When she whispered in my ear: “ I want you to cum inside me” I felt my cock throb to what felt like twice it’s original size. I said we were not trying to make babies here, but she said that it was OK, she was on birth control and she wanted to make Mark eat my cum out of her pussy. Well, there are those damn bells again! Only this time they are ringing throughout my entire body and it’s a few seconds before I realize that I am unloading every drop of cum in my body straight into her body. She has both her arms and legs wrapped around me so tightly that I couldn’t move from that position if I wanted to, not that that crossed my mind at the time, it was just amazing feeling her clamp onto me and letting her body almost pull the cum from my body the way she did.

When I rolled off of the best piece of pussy I could ever remember having I saw Mark still standing there; a thoroughly defeated man, but his humiliation was not over yet. He had not heard what Nancy had whispered in my ear only moment earlier but he was about to hear of it now. She slid to the edge of the bed and told him that she wanted him to go down on her. He said: “Are you crazy? He just g-g-g-g got off in you!” She yelled at him: “Yes he did and I’m not going to pay all the rent by myself so you get down here and clean that mess out of my pussy you son of a bitch or I’ll kick your ass out and fuck him by myself to pay the rent. Well, ole Mark got on his knees and licked away at her sloppy pussy while she yelled at him and told him to suck at it since that was the only way to get all the cum out.

She finally let him stop, I think because she came again, but I don’t know that for sure. She crawled back over to me, laid her head on my chest and told me that a nice house like this would probably require two visits per week to pay the rent. Two years later now and I am still making my visits to collect the rent, sometimes once a week, sometimes five times per week. I come and go as I please because I finally did tame that little smart mouth bitch. Ole Mark on the other hand, I don’t think he will ever get used to me dropping by.

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1 month ago
I need a place to rent! ;)
2 months ago
perfect way to tame the willful pussy and Dominat them both
7 months ago
good one
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Great story, got me shooting off
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