Mouth Whore 2 - Picture Day

Part Two of the Mouth Whore Series

After the girls went on a shopping trip for new clothes for Mouth Whore it inspired me to take some pics which led to some video as well. The following is what transpired that Friday afternoon.

I had given Sherry some cash to take our Mouth Whore shopping for some new clothes, so when I came in that afternoon I wasn’t surprised to find them going through their bags of goodies as cheerful as a lark. I suggested a model show would be in order so we could have a look at what they had gotten. Amber quickly stripped down to her panties {man her body looks good naked} and slipped into a new sundress she had picked out. I liked it so I told her to hang on for a moment while I got the camera. We took pics of all the new clothes she had purchased, mostly dresses and skirts with a few blouses mixed in.

I was pretty turned on after watching her get in and out her new attire several times so I said: “Let’s take some naughtier pictures now.” We started by taking some topless pics of Amber wearing only new skirts, then came some upskirt type shots and I soon went into the bedroom and came back with our box of sex toys. I chose a ball gag and thought it would look best if that was all she was wearing. Sherry snapped shots of her with me standing behind her cupping her small but firm tits and some with me running my hands over her now damp slit. I then added some nipple clamps, which she never likes very much which makes me like them that much more. LOL We also took some shots of me fingering her while she was wearing these toys.

Things really heated up for all of us when I took my small flogger from our box of deranged items and had Mouth Whore lie on her back on the sofa with her legs spread as wide as possible. I began whipping her pussy with the flogger while Sherry took pics of the small red stripes the tip of the instrument left behind. Sherry noted that this scene should be on video, so I told her to grab the camcorder and lose some of her clothes while she was at it. She stripped naked and loaded a battery into the recorder, her plump body jiggling as she moved. I laid stripes across Mouth Whore’s pussy, belly and tits with Sherry recording the entire thing. I then had the subject of my abuse bend over and use both hands to spread her butt cheeks while I struck lashes right into her asshole making her body quiver with every stroke.

I had Mouth Whore sit on the couch with her legs splayed open and chose about a 6 inch vibrator for her to fuck herself with while I reattached the nipple clamps that I had knocked off during her tit lashing. Once the tit pinchers were firmly in place I lubed the slut’s bunghole and inserted an anal bead dildo to ass fuck her with while she used one hand to cram the vibrator into her fuckhole and the other to rub her tits.

I moved Amber’s hand down to take control of the anal probe so I could go check on Sherry behind the camera knowing that she was probably overcome with arousal by now. I stood behind her and when I ran my fingers over her pussy, sure enough it was a soggy situation. I rotated between rubbing her clit and slipping a couple of fingers into her messy hole while she moaned in pleasure with every touch. I asked: “Why don’t you go over and feed her some of this sloppy pussy while she’s double fucking herself?” She handed me the camera, removed the ball gag from Amber’s mouth, stood up on the couch straddling our masturbating slut and lowered her dripping cunt onto the bitch’s face. This made for some great video that clearly showed the pussy slime running down Amber’s chin and dripping onto her tits while she lapped for all she was worth at the horny pussy pressing down on her lips.

After a few minutes of watching this my cock was so swollen it felt like it might burst open, so I declared that I was ready to fuck something. I decided we should take it to the bedroom so we all walked down the hall, me still carrying the video recorder. Sherry took a spot in the middle of the bed while I placed the camera on the dresser so it could continue recording our debauchery. I told Mouth Whore to make sure my balls had a warm wet place to land and she immediately lifted Sherry’s legs and slid her tongue into her browneye. I let her feast there a while, licking, sucking on asshole and nuzzling her nose against the wet pussy while I disrobed. I slid in beside Sherry and easily slipped my hard cock into her gushing slit in sort of a lazy man’s doggie style position. This left enough room between her spread legs for Mouth Whore to suck on her engorged clit while I sawed away at her insides. Pretty soon she was cumming hard as I whispered in her hear: “Yeah, cum all over my cock baby so I can make this no good whore lick it all up.” I did just as I had promised and had Mouth Whore clean the girl cum from my cock and balls. She choked on it, licked all around it and underneath my sack in her quest to clean me.

I asked if she would like to be fucked now and she replied: “Oh yes Daddy, please fuck this nasty slut hard!” I said she would have to get on her knees in the floor and prove she wanted it, which she did. I turned my back to her and let her rim my ass and before long Sherry joined in sucking my cock while our whore slobbered on my back hole. I snatched Amber up and threw her on the bed face up and immediately rammed my cock into her as hard as I could. I thrust into her with all my might over and over again. Soon Sherry joined in by rubbing the horny bitch’s clit with one hand and pinching her nipples with the other. I was pounding her so hard that the mattress kept sliding away from the box springs and I had to hesitate long enough to pull it back a couple of times. When her body couldn’t hold out any longer she fell into the orgasmic shivers with a loud: “AHHHHHH” while wrapping her legs around me so tight it nearly took my breath.

When she caught her breath again, she began thanking “Daddy” for fucking his nasty whore so good. I told her to show some real appreciation by sucking me off into that slut mouth of hers. Up and down she went on my cock, choking and gargling and when Sherry starting my rubbing my balls at the same time it was go time! I instructed Mouth Whore to suck on the head and Sherry to jack me off into the bitch’s mouth. After a few firm strokes my ball batter made it’s way up the length of my shaft and flooded past Amber’s sucking lips onto her flickering tongue. I pulled Sherry’s hand away and crammed my dick to the back of Amber’s throat while she convulsed, spat and sputtered with me holding firmly on the back of her head.

I propped a pillow up on the headrest of the bed and lit a cigarette while Mouth Whore used her lips and tongue to make sure there was no fuck residue left on me. When she was content with the job she had done she laid her head on my chest and thanked me for the clothing I had paid for earlier while Sherry gave me a kiss on the lips.

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