Mouth Whore

This is the true story of one of my recent Friday afternoons. I have tried to relate the events as accurately as possible without embellishing any of the details. If anyone finds it interesting I might write about other Fridays and maybe tell the story of how this all began.

I came in from work and was excited to find that my girlfriend Sherry had already made it back from picking up our special friend, “Mouth Whore”. Her real name is Amber but I thought the name I picked was a more fitting one. They were sitting on the couch together watching T.V. so I sat in my recliner and exchanged some brief small talk before heading off to the shower.

I returned from my shower wearing nothing but a pair of boxer/briefs. Putting on more clothes seemed like a waste of time and the girls seem to like that look on me, though I don’t quite know why. I’m in my 40’s now and while still fairly thin and fit, I am showing a bit of a belly that I have never had before. The tight undergarments do wrap nicely around my package making my 8 inch cock look more impressive than it really it is, so maybe that’s what they like. Before I could reach my seat both girls were already making comments about my attire, or lack thereof, as the case was. I spoke up and asked aloud why I was the only one dressed for the occasion. Mouth Whore quickly took this as her cue to get into character. She stood up, dropped her eyes to the floor and began removing her clothes while saying: “I’m so sorry Daddy, I’ll get these clothes off right away. Are you going to spank me Daddy?” My original plan was to have her call me ‘Master’, but she began calling me Daddy at some point and I like it, so I let it go on that way. I never thought I would like for a woman to call me daddy but something in the way her sweet, soft voice sorta whimpered it out was really sexy.

I stopped Mouth Whore from stripping when she got down to only her thong. I wanted to take in the view of her great body for a minute. She is 27 years old and has a terrific tight figure with as nice an ass as ever I have laid eyes on, thus the reason I told her to leave the thong on for now. Her tits are small and a bit on the thin side with nipples that protrude out well over an inch when they are hard. I should also mention that she is the most submissive creature that I have ever encountered which makes her a dream come true for a natural dom such as myself.

I motioned Mouth Whore over to me and told Sherry to go get my paddle. I also suggested that maybe Sherry should change into something more fitting the occasion as well. While Sherry walked down the hallway toward the bedroom I began squeezing Mouth Whore’s tits with one hand and running my other hand over her plump ass. I told her: “yes you are going to get a spanking, don’t you think you deserve one?” She replied: “Yes I do Daddy, and I am very sorry for being a bad slut.” I moved my right hand from her boobs down her belly and between her legs, rubbing her pussy through her lacy panties I could feel the dampness already beginning, likely at the thought of getting the spanking she knew she deserved.

When Sherry returned and handed me the paddle she was now wearing a one piece, red lingerie outfit that was really low cut in the front and had plaid pattern along the bottom that gave the clothing a schoolgirl look about it. She has become rather chubby since we first got together about 8 years ago but still maintains some of her girly figure and a very pretty face at 29 years old. Her big boobs stretched the garment to the point that it looked as though they were the only thing holding it up, but I’m sure the spaghetti straps over each shoulder did most of the work.

I stood up and took the paddle from Sherry as I pulled Mouth Whore with me over to the sofa. I sat down and tugged her over my lap telling her what a bad slut she had been. I quickly gave a few swats of the leather paddle over her still pantied ass. I ran my fingers over her pussy and even thru her thong I could feel that she was now soaking wet. I moved my hand up to her mouth and had her suck on my damp fingers while telling Sherry to come over and feel how much this nasty whore loves being abused. Sherry used one hand to rub Mouth Whore’s pussy and the other to feel the warmth coming off of her now reddening ass. I placed the paddle on Mouth Whore’s back and pulled her panties down to her knees before resuming spanking her ghetto booty, now with much more f***e than before. She is all the while saying that she is “sooo sorry and she will be a good whore for me.” Sherry is now sliding a couple of fingers in and out of the slut’s cunt while I use one hand to really heat her ass up and the other to pull her hair and push her face into the couch at the same time.

When her ass was as red as the ripest cherry you will ever see I asked if she had attended to her mistresses feet today. She responded that the mouth whore had not but she will do a good job of it when Daddy is finished punishing his nasty slut. I was satisfied with the answer so I told her to get her horny ass up and get to it. When Mouth Whore stood up to walk over to the end table to retrieve a bottle of lotion I slid over and allowed Sherry to sit on the sofa beside me. Mouth Whore kneeled on the floor in front of her opening the lotion bottle while telling her mistress how sexy her feet and toes were. Rubbing the lotion in good between her hands she began rubbing Sherry’s left foot and leg as far up as she could reach, before repeating the process on her right side. After 10 minutes or so of this she asked; “Am I doing a good job mistress?” When Sherry confirmed that she was she then asked “may I put your beautiful toes in my nasty mouth mistress?” Sherry told her she could and Mouth Whore began sucking each toe into her mouth one at a time, sucking and nibbling on each for a couple of minutes before moving to the next. I decided to make the walk to the bedroom to retrieve my small flogger; it’s only about a foot long or so with soft leather straps but the tips do deliver a bit of sting if popped correctly. When I returned Mouth Whore was sucking on Sherry’s heel and rubbing her leg up past her knee. I quickly snapped the flogger across the sub’s back and asked: “Don’t you enjoy tasting your mistresses’ feet?” She knew exactly what I meant and apologized and began moaning in a humming noise as she pleasured the feet in her mouth. I told her that was better and not to forget again to make it sound like she was thankful to please us; popping her back once again for a reminder.

I settled in on the sofa beside Sherry and began rubbing her soaked pussy. She gets wetter than any woman I have ever known in my life and now was no exception. I said: “Damn baby, I think you are ready for some mouth sex from this nasty slut, huh.” She responded with a lust filled gaze and head nod before pulling me into her for a tongue filled kiss. I suggested that we make Mouth Whore earn the right to eat her pretty pussy by eating her ass real good first. Sherry shivered with delight at this; she absolutely loves having her ass rimmed, especially by a woman. I brought the flogger down on Amber’s back again and told her to get busy on that asshole if she wanted to taste that delicious pussy. Sherry slid her ass to the edge of the couch cushion and raised her legs high with knees bent toward her chest while Amber buried her face between her legs. I was still rubbing Sherry’s pussy and had a perfect view of Amber’s tongue sliding in and out of her asshole. As my fingers became soaked with Sherry’s juices I would rub my fingers over the Mouth Whore’s nose and cram them in her mouth to be sucked clean. After a few minutes of this Sherry's clit was as big as it gets so I asked if she was ready to have her pussy sucked. She of course said she was more than ready, so I told Mouth Whore to get that clit in her mouth and do the only thing she was good for. With her face already glistening with pussy juice Mouth Whore greedily sucked Sherry’s entire pussy into her mouth. The slurping and moaning sounds coming from between my girlfriends legs had my cock so hard it felt like it my burst.

I had taken my hand away from Sherry’s pussy to allow our pussy munching friend to do her work and was now making out with Sherry and playing with her tits. She loves to have her big boobs squeezed and her nipples pinched and tugged at. When I felt her start to quiver all over I knew she was getting really close. I asked if she was ready to get off while getting fucked. She responded that she was ready and that it was not going to take long at all. I grabbed Mouth Whore by her hair pulling her back from Sherry and told her to get her nasty mouth off of my beautiful pussy. The pussy slime had now covered the lower part of her face and was actually dripping from her chin in rather large strands. I stood up and told Mouth Whore to get my cock ready to fuck her mistress. The truth was that my dick could not possibly get any harder than it already was, but I still wanted to choke my slave with before fucking my girl. She reached her hands out to lower my briefs when I slapped her in the face hard enough to sting but not hard enough to turn her head around; ‘Use your slimy mouth dumb bitch.” She took a couple of hops on her knees and began tugging at the waste band of my undies with her teeth and mouth. My erect dong was stretching the material tight so it made it difficult for her to get them past the northward pointing pole. She finally got them down close to my knees and I told her to get my cock lubed for that sweet pussy. She began sucking my cock but after a few seconds I pulled her away and slapped her face again, telling her to give me the slobber of her whore throat. She then took me as deep as she could, gagging and blubbering as she went. She could swallow almost all of it without totally choking so I usually let her stop before the puking point; though not always. LOL

After pushing my slut away from my cock, I grabbed Sherry’s legs and turned her so she lying back on the sofa and slowly slid my raging hard on into her soaked pussy. It was so wet you could easily hear the squishing noises as I slid into her. At my direction Mouth Whore came over and began sucking and chewing on Sherry’s tits while rubbing her clit with her fingers. I pounded away at her for a bit and then began to grid really slowly on her g-spot. I know exactly where her buttons are and when I rub the head of my dick on her spot it doesn’t take long at all for her to have a body quivering orgasm. I asked Sherry if she wanted to cum right into this nasty slut’s mouth and she cried out “Yeeesss and I’m ready now!” I continued to grind away at the pulsing pussy while taking a hold of Amber’s hair telling her to get on her knees and shove her tongue into the pussy as far as it would go and push it as far upwards as possible while Sherry came in her face. With that I eased my cock out and let a female mouth take it’s place; meanwhile Sherry is now rubbing her clit furiously. Sherry begins cumming as I told Amber when she pushed her head away that I wanted her to start licking her asshole long, slow and deep until she was told to stop.

Sherry’s breathing finally slowed and I could see that relaxed look that comes after a powerful orgasm, so I sat on the couch beside her and told Mouth Whore to come over and clean the pussy cum from my cock. Her face was a total mess at this point, bright red with slobber and Sherry’s juices covering most of her horny mug. She began licking my cock up and down like a melting ice cream cone. I told her to swallow it and get is cleaned up, which she eagerly did. I reminded her not to forget about my balls and as she sucking my sack between her lips I said that it had dripped into my ass as well. I love the feeling of her tongue darting in and out of my asshole.

After a good while of Mouth Whore sucking and rimming me I ask if she felt that she had done enough to deserve to be fucked. She answered “Oh yes Daddy please fuck this horny whore, I’ll do anything you ask if you will fuck me and make me cum.” I asked what position she would like today and she said that she liked to be fucked like a horny dog, so I told her to bend over the arm of the couch so she could face her mistress while she was getting fucked. I moved behind her bent over the arm of the sofa and slapped her ass with my open hand about as hard as I could making yelp with pain. I asked if she forgot to thank her mistress for cumming in her slut face. She apologized and immediately began thanking her mistress for using her nasty mouth to cum into. After a couple more sharp swats on her ass I spread her cheeks roughly with both hands and aimed my throbbing cock at her drenched pussy hole. When I slid into her I could feel her body shake from her back down through her legs and I watched her toes curl a little. Sherry was laid back on the other end of the couch watching so I told Amber to kiss her mistresses feet and thank her for letting her man fuck such a nasty whore. As I pounded away at Amber’s pussy she was sucking on Sherry’s toes and thanking her for this fuck at the same time. I told Sherry to use the toes on her other foot to pinch the bitch’s nipples that wearing dangling in mid air below her body. I could tell Amber was getting close as her pussy felt as though it was tightening and pulling at my cock. I love it when she says “oh yes, stretch my little pussy Daddy!” All the while I am still slapping her ass at random times as I am pounding her for all I’ve got and soon she begins to beg me to allow her to cum. I finally relent, mainly because I’m afraid I’m going to blow if she doesn’t hurry up. The moment I gave the o.k. she starts screaming in an orgasmic bliss and I ram my dick into her as far as it will go and use her hips to jerk her from side to side on it.
I let her calm down before pulling my pulsing cock from her pussy, then announced that it was my turn to get off now. Sherry sat up on the couch and I sat beside her and motioned Mouth Whore between my legs. Sherry was stroking my dick as Amber began licking my asshole and over my balls up to the base of my schlong. I pulled Sherry’s head down to my lap and she began deep throating me right away. It didn’t take much of this, as you might imagine and when I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer I told Sherry that she should let our nasty whore take the cumshot since that’s all she was good for. Soon after Amber began sucking as hard as she possibly could, I told her I was about to cum and for her not to stop sucking until I pushed her off, “I want you to get it all you filthy whore.” When I exploded in her mouth my entire body tingled like I was cumming from every pore of my skin. When I finally was able to squeeze one eye open enough to look at my Mouth Whore I could see the cum running down my cock from her overflowed mouth as she continuing slurping at me. When I knew I could cum no more, I told her to clean me up and she licked the remainder of the jizz from my still hard cock and balls.

When I was able to walk again, I stumbled over to the end table to light a smoke. I sat back as I lit it and asked what time the girls had to be at work. Sherry said they needed to be there in a little over an hour and they both needed a shower and a good freshening up before heading out, so that had better get to it. I blew a big puff of smoke from my lungs and smiled as they headed down the hall together toward the ladies master bath.

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10 months ago
very hot!
10 months ago
Thanks throatbud4u, I may write about another experience with her involving another lady. I don't have many likes on this story but maybe the few that did enjoy it will enjoy reading about my favorite day spent with Mouth Whore as well.
10 months ago
Very well written! Love your mouth whore character since I aspire to be a bit of a mouth whore myself!