Gemma's spa experience day part 3

I slipped to the floor, my cock relieved at the break avoiding imminent explosion

Gemma parted her knees a little wider and slipped down the tiled bench further offering her body for exploration by my tongue. Josh looked momentarily unemployed, enjoying the view but with an expression that he was unsure what to do next

mmmm and I need to lick that cock Josh, so stand up ‘pleeeze...’ came the direction he needed

He stood dick upright in front of and slightly to one side of her I pushed my head between her legs and began to lick the outside of her smooth pussy lips, tasting her sweet juices

She groaned...mmm I love to be licked

Glancing upward I could see her take his balls in one hand, squeezing and uttering how full they were. I watched her pressing the skin between his
balls and ass and he groaned in response

She offered a flickering tongue as she moved her head forward toward his cock. Moving the rest of the distance she teased the engorged end of his cock, her other hand lightly teasing his shaft. Then her mouth completely enveloped his fat cock, stretching her lips around his girth

I took this as my cue to slip my fingers further into her wetness whilst pushing my mouth harder in to her to lick and suck her hot pussy

Josh was groaning now as her head bobbed back and forth showing off her blow job talents. The thrill of watching her mouth stretched to envelope his cock was massive and I enjoyed the sight beyond my wildest expectation

She stopped, withdrawing her mouth and pulling my head by the hair

I want Josh to lick me now she said through gritted teeth of ecstasy. Swap places boys she panted

We reversed roles, my dick only needed to watch Josh exploring her pussy with his mouth to make my cock rock solid again after my recent respite

After a few moments of pleasuring from her mouth and fingers teasing the entrance to my arse, my cock beginning to pulse near to explosion, she paused again expertly to prolong the delight

Do you know what I would like to do because I am such a naughty girl?

We waited in anticipation, slightly relieved at the opportunity to quell our orgasm

Suck you both off at once until you explode in my mouth she panted...stand up she said in a domineering way

Her slaves obeyed and we both perched one knee on the bench and one foot on the floor to flank her

Get closer to each other was her instruction. We moved but she demanded more telling us to move closer so our cocks touch and hold them for me

No one would disobey that invitation and we complied with the commands from our mistress

With our grips in place she slipped a hand under each of our swollen ball sacks and pressed against the skin between our balls and ass again. We both watched as her head moved forward, licking first one helmet, then the other, and then licking her lips

Is that good? She said in a hushed tone. Simultaneous groans of approval followed

What about this?

I watched her jaw stretch wider as she slowly encircled my helmet and I felt her tongue run its way around the full circumference of my dome, finished off by a flicking of the joint of the foreskin that started a pulsation that was moments from ejaculation

Don’t cum she barked and I gripped my shaft as hard as I could and deeply breathed to hold back

As I desperately slowed my urge to explode I looked down to see her moving to give Josh a similar experience, like me he quivered and I could see his
body was beginning to pulse in the early stages of explosion

Expertly giving just enough recovery time for us to withhold our orgasm, the whole sequence was repeated but this time her shiny painted black fingernails
teased the entrance to my anus with circling movements and even a slight push into the entrance of my ass. Cock throbbing she moved her attention again to Josh and once more brought him to the brink too

Deciding she needed to try something else she wrestled our grip away from us and held both cocks close to her mouth, bringing them together whispering Gemma likes to play before trying to fit both into her mouth at once and laughing as she failed to control the throbbing cocks

Now I have showed you how to suck Paul, I want to see you suck Josh

The look on my face must have given away my surprise and I hesitated for a moment

She rescinded slightly then with a slightly angry expression told me to remember the deal we struck then offered help by telling me that we would do it together for now and I would need to follow her example. Just do as I do but make sure you let me watch you was the final guidance

Following her command Josh now sat down on the bench. I felt sick with excitement because it was so unexpected and secretly I wondered what it may be like to suck cock. Gemma and I knelt on the floor either side of Josh. He sat looking down, cock bolt upright.

She went first, licking the length of his shaft and finishing with a long lick across the top of his wet helmet. I followed my teacher and out of the corner of my eye watched her excited look.

Next she opened her mouth wide and dropped down on his hard cock as far as she could, bobbing her head again whilst he held her hair and looked into my eyes with a look of excitement and disbelief. I followed, nearly hitting the back of my throat as I mistimed my virgin movement

Then it was my turn, my cock could not stand much more of this thrilling movement and my nervousness of another man practicing his blow job on me was lost in the pleasure and sensation as well as Gemma’s obvious excited expression

I need to suck you again she said ending Josh's blow job practice

We moved without hesitation back to our positions standing either side of her, partly on the bench and with one foot on the floor.

I want to watch you stroke your cocks again while you watch me playing she commanded

Laying back slightly she began again to finger herself slowly. With one hand parting her pussy lips she slipped the ends of a couple of her fingers into herself. At one point she finger fucked herself with some speed and groaning in response to her own movements. I couldn’t resist stroking my shaft and getting a huge thrill watching Josh do the same to his thick cock. As I stroked she changed to teasing her clit, leaning to my side and taking my cock into her mouth but letting me control my swollen dick this time

I moved my throbbing cock in small jerks as it began to pump its final crescendo and I started to tell the room I was going to cum. That only triggered Gemma to grab my balls, leaving her battered pussy for a moment

My balls emptied hot streams of cum into her mouth and then she deliberately pulled away so some jets of spunk splashed across her gorgeous tits that looked even more tantalising in the half light and wet from the steam

As I slumped forward from my release she demanded I kiss her and I tasted the acrid fluid that had just left my swollen balls and coated her chin.
Now kiss me Josh she barked out. Obeying he leant forward and kissed her, he too enjoying the taste

Leaving me for a moment she turned across to Josh and invitingly opened her mouth her tongue offered seductively. His response was instantaneous,
And he increased the grip on his cock and guided it toward the begging mouth and tongue. As he stroked I found my self stroking my limp cock, trying to
Encourage some life back into my dick to continue this experience

I could tell Josh was about to cum by the look on his face and then the groans he ushered forth

As before Gemma took some of his hot jizz into her mouth and I watched her cheeks swell slightly as the first part of his load emptied into her receptive
mouth. She then opened her mouth wide and the fluid dribbled onto her chin. She deliberately flicked her tongue to allow some globules and juice to drip
down on to her chin and breasts. She made a point of licking her lips, savouring the taste and her throat flexed as she swallowed the remaining
hot liquid

She beckoned us to sit and we once again flanked her on the bench

I want to feel those cocks again she said in a hushed tone dropping her hand downward to search out the flaccid cocks as we both drooped from our exertion. She held both cocks in her hands and gently ran her thumb across the helmets, working in the juices and thick blobs of spunk

Kiss me, in turns, kiss me she sighed

We did as we were told and enjoyed the mixed taste of our cum and her flickering tongue

Play with my tits she gasped arching her back. Suck the cum off my nipples she panted. We followed her instructions. Her breasts always excited me because of the wonderful shape and roundness of her full cup. I could see Josh enjoyed the feel of her breasts too, slippery through the steam coating and the semen that we had burst across her moments before. Despite the heat of the room her nipples were hard from the attention and movement and she squirmed with excitement

I need to play more she uttered. Help me get these hard again she requested glancing down with disappointment at our semi hard pricks


I dropped my hand away from her breast and grasped my semi limp cock. Josh saw my movement and did the same

She slipped her hand down and squeezed the base of my shaft searching to pump bl**d back into my cock. As she did I slowly continued to play with my cock using my movement to urge a response that was slowly beginning to emerge. I desperately wanted to regain my full erection as I wondered what lay in wait

Josh followed our example and his cock began to visibly harden

Gemma quickly noticed his cock beginning to engorge and started to tease it expertly with her hand. She invited him to stand and as he did so once again grabbed his balls, steadied the shaft, that she occasionally pumped and stroked him back to full life with her free hand accompanied from time to time by a suck of the helmet. He looked in ecstasy

As I watched I furiously wanked my cock and it was beginning to show signs of semi hard recovery.

Gemma dropped to her knees in front of me and pushed my knees apart. Before grabbing my cock she wiped it against her breast to collect some fluid and then slowly rubbed the length of my shaft as it once again stiffened.

I need fucking from behind Josh she stated, pushing her pelvis upwards to offer him access. I need cock she demanded. The arch in her back, the curve of her waist and buttocks was incredibly sensual making my cock ache again

I watched in absolute ecstasy as Josh kneeled behind her. I always liked watching Gemma cum when she masturbated but surprised myself in my reaction and excitement at the prospect of her being fucked by someone else with me present. As he stepped behind her before lowering himself to the floor

Josh continued to wank his cock as it now impressively stood firm and solid. He bent down and Gemma relaxed her grip on me for a moment

I watched her reach back and guide the tip of his cock toward her expectant pussy. I saw his pelvis tilt as he began to push his cock into her and she groaned again in excitement as he filled her from behind. His hands placed on her hips he began to slowly rock so his hot dick pumped in and out rhythmically. Gemma groaned more strongly.

I had no need to further stimulate my cock as it now stood to attention from the playfulness but mostly the sight of Gemma getting fucked from behind.

She had one hand on my dick and the other trying to steady her as we both wanked my cock together to the rhythm of her pulsating thrusts from behind.

I looked in awe as she reached back and tried to finger her button as she was repeatedly shafted by his thick dick. He changed position and keeping one hand on her hip bent forward to cup her breast with the other hand. She began to moan as the pounding took effect. I watched his hand grasping her full tit, sloppy from the room and our spunk covering and his fingers trying to roll her hard nipple, as it swelled from the stimulation of the hard cock inside her and his accelerating movement.

As he pumped his cock into her she was jerked back and forward, her breasts bouncing in time to his motion. Her nipples massively extended more than
I had ever seen before through her excitement

I could see her hand moving furiously as she tried to rub her clit at the same time as the thick cock slid in and out of her wetness. Josh changed his hand position so he could pay attention to her other breast, her chunky nipple enjoying the slippery grasping and rolling of his fingers. Gemma let out another groan, almost a growl, as she gritted her teeth in pleasure and we made eye contact

Harder, fuck me harder she demanded

He obliged, leaning back away from her and thrusting hard so the slap of his skin on her arse could be heard above the latest rush of steam into the room

I was almost at the point of explosion myself and watching this was an unbelievable sight. Gemma was lost in the throes of excitement both hands dropping to the floor to steady her self and grunting more loudly in time with each thrust. I always loved to see her turned on and this was just superb, watching her being pounded from behind after our earlier play and watching her getting immersed in the eroticism was stunning

Gemma shouted that she was going to cum and that only served to spurt Josh on to pound her more quickly. With violent grunts she slumped forward and Josh let out a loud groan that signalled he had unloaded his latest load of hot spunk into her eager pussy. As she slumped forward onto my lap, he pulled back and I watched his cum and pussy juice coated cock drop from her opening, like a withdrawn sword, dropping back to being a slightly soft erection again with blobs of spunk dripping from the swollen, unshielded helmet.

I still need cock she exclaimed and I glanced at the offer of my hard cock in my hand

Almost possessed now she turned her back to me and began to move downward toward my waiting cock that I held to help guide home. Reaching back I felt her guiding her pussy toward my swollen member. She began to drop down onto my hardness and with the lubrication from Josh and her own wetness I felt her slide quickly down me with the hot sticky fluid squelching into my pubic hair. She began to bounce in my lap and I could feel my helmet at times hitting something hard inside her as she took my full length. Now the slapping that could be heard was her lovely ass on my thighs accompanied by a grunt each time she descended onto the arrow I plunged inside her

It was my turn to reach around her and grasp at her slippery tits as they bounced teasingly in time with her movement. I loved these tits and they looked swollen from excitement. They felt delightful as they slipped in my palms from the sticky slither of juice that coated them. I was pleased that there was so much sticky mess surrounding my dick as it delayed my inevitable orgasm

Not to ignore her other partner in seduction she rasped at Josh to stroke his cock, don’t let it go down and come closer to us she demanded

He obeyed, and took a step so he was close to both of us, stroking his erection furiously to try and maintain his stiffness. Josh uttered that watching her fuck me was an amazing sight and he loved her tits

In response and in the rapture of the moment she began an almost heated exchanged with him, fuelled by her passion

You like my tits?
You like my tits?
I want you to cum on my tits

At each rebuke Josh stroked harder and now it was impressively clear that his full hardness was back. I was envious of his young man ability to recover
from his orgasm as quickly as he did. Her throw away comment, that I had hung onto, about her having the ability to take two people on was proving to be more than true and I was grateful he had youth on his side to keep his performance for our spa experience

She reached out and whilst bouncing a little more slowly on my pulsating prick took his cock in her hand again butting up against her full right breast as she
jerked it quiet violently against her nipple and then paused both her hand and her movement on me. You ok honey she said. Oh yes I replied, very close
to cumming though

Not yet, not yet she whispered, collecting her dirty thoughts

Josh, I want to peel back your foreskin skin so when it squirts it goes further she told him. He nodded without a pause. She gave a gentle pull and his
substantial dome of a helmet became fully exposed. After massaging the length for a moment she asked me to take his cock in my hand and help him cum.

The bouncing resumed and I knew I was close to a volcanic eruption. So did Gemma as she bounced up and down and groaned more loudly at each thrust. It didn’t take me long to realise by the position of her arm and the look on Josh's face that she was fingering him whilst I gripped his cock and used
the grip I would use to stimulate my own cock when masturbating.

I pushed my pelvis up and let out a huge gasp of air as I ejaculated into her warmness. It only served for Gemma to bounce harder for a few moments and then slowly sit down and stop her movement, like a pendulum coming slowly to rest. My orgasm had paused my attention on Josh but after a second or two, when I though I was going to pass out, as I nuzzled Gemma's neck and she reminded me and I began to move my hand rhythmically again.

Josh had the same instinct as me to grab for her tits when close to ejaculation and he bent forward and cupped her left breast along with my hand. I wasn't sure whether my movement caused the latest eruption or whether it was her skilled penetration with those manicured fingernails but together we helped him orgasm again. I felt the penis swell, just like mine would, then convulse as he spurted hot, but much less, semen onto her chest with the first spurt even reaching her neck and mine. I kept pumping the cock in my hand as it fired the last drops and began to relax

Dropping my hand away from Josh's cock I massaged her breast, feeling her nipples and full cup slip across the palm of my hand as my cock started to
shrink from its latest efforts and slowly slide from within her. Josh sat again on side of her, retaining his grip on her other breast and intrigued by the shape and form of her beautiful tit teased patterns around her nipple with his fingers

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