Testicle Love

His screams of pleasure and pain only made her more aroused as she rode Ryan's cock while maintaining a firm grasp on his testicles. Ryan was helpless beneath her, yet his cock was a rigid female pleasing instrument, and Connie was enjoying it wholeheartedly. Another scream escaped Ryan, this time louder than the last. Connie leaned in close and squeezed his balls tighter, "Shhh, someone might here you," with that said she resumed her pattern of movement and squeezes. The male locker room was empty save for the fucking couple and Ryan's screams were echoing inside the empty space. Ryan’s body was laced with sweat as he trembled and pulsed in response to the waves of pleasure and sweeps of pain that racked his body; he could feel his penis being tightly held by the throbbing walls of Connie’s vagina. Every so often, however, he would feel Connie’s hand clamp down around his sensitive balls and squeeze. Connie also felt something; the surging sensation of an approaching orgasm, which made her tighten her grip on Ryan’s balls. Ryan opened his mouth to scream but Connie quickly leaned in and kissed him, shoving her tongue onto his to prevent him from making a sound. Connie was almost there, she could feel it building, coming closer and closer. Suddenly Connie broke away from the kiss and let out a scream herself, her head thrown back and her hand still tightening on Ryan’s unprotected testicles. Connie and Ryan both passed out, one from exhaustion the other from pain.
When Ryan woke up his balls were throbbing and a bit swollen, but he was immediately drawn to Connie lying next to him on the locker room floor. Her naked body in full view, he soaked in every detail; her soft, smooth skin, her shiny black hair, her perfect lips, her small round breasts, the subtle curves of her vulva between her legs. This last site he took in until he noticed that his penis was once again erect, despite his protesting testicles, and he made the decision to capitalize on the opportunity that he thought was laid out for him. He slowly rose and positioned himself over Connie’s sl**ping figure and carefully tried to slip his penis into her tight pussy. No sooner had he entered her did Connie awaken and took in the scene. “Trying to steal a fuck are we?” She quickly placed her right hand on his back and pulled him toward her while she simultaneously shot her left hand down to grab hold of his exposed genitals. Ryan soon realized that he was trapped. “I’m gonna squeeze them for dear life now Ryan,” Connie smiled seductively, “and the only way I’m gonna stop is if you come.” Ryan’s eyes widened in both fear and anticipation as Connie tightened her grip and said “Think you can make it before you pass out?”
Ryan didn’t waste any time; his balls were at stake and he was determined not to take too much more punishment. Abandoning any subtle techniques he had ever bothered to learn, Ryan started ramming his erect shaft as deep into Connie as was possible and as fast as possible as well. Connie had her breath taken away by the sudden influx of pleasure as Ryan’s average sized penis seemed to get a little bigger than normal. She tightened her grip around his balls and Ryan let out a high pitched squeal and started humping her even faster and harder, this in turn caused Connie to squeeze harder. This went on for about twenty minutes or so until Connie squeezed so hard that Ryan could only manage one last thrust. As he drove his cock into Connie’s pussy he felt an orgasm sweep over him, from his balls all over his body. The momentary pleasure he felt was soon replaced by pain as Connie released his testicles. Ryan could barely move but Connie could feel his cock throbbing inside her. She decided that she could let him rest a bit before she did anything else. She reached down and gently caressed Ryans aching testicles and whispered in his ear “Well done.”
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