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Emma! Emma!" I shouted with other fans from behind the velvet rope. "Can I get an autograph?"

Despite our pleas, Emma Watson could only flash me a curious glare before she was ushered away by her people and unceremoniously bundled into the packed theater. I had to snicker to myself as I watched her glance over her bodyguard's shoulder one final time, trying hard to recall where she had seen me before. It had been almost three whole years since we had last seen each other in person, and although I had presumed she would remember me and the events of that evening, she apparently didn't. Of course she was in the midst of promoting her latest film and was on the red carpet dressed up to the nines. It was a far cry to the way she had looked the last time we were together. Although I knew it was going to be a little awkward talking to her again and rehashing all those memories, I decided that since I was in town it was well worth the effort. Just the mere reaction on her face would be well worth the trip out into old London town that day.

With that said, I watched her arrive to the star studded event flanked by security and all I could think about was the way she looked (and sounded) that notorious night as she was surrounded and fucked by all those guys. The lewd imagery played over and over in my head, and made me grin.

"What a difference a few years can make." I snickered to myself.

By all accounts, Emma Watson was a shy and innocent college student who dressed conservatively and mostly kept to herself. From the moment she had arrived on campus, everyone had made a huge fuss over her admittance into Brown, and it wasn't unusual to find a few paparazzi lurking around the grounds trying to land that special snap. Despite this threat, I had noted how her clothes always seemed to be a little too tight for her slender frame, such that it was a common occurrence to see her inadvertently flash her thong panties as she walked up the stairs or took a seat in front of me during our various lectures. Judging from her attire, you could almost be mistaken for thinking that she actually enjoyed teasing the photographers with her body, daring them to take that million dollar shot.

Like Emma, I too had originally hailed from Oxford in the UK and was delighted to learn that we shared a number of classes together. But as eager as I was to introduce myself to her, I soon discovered that she had a steady boyfriend who somehow managed to visit her from back home at least once or twice a month. Meanwhile, as I stood there at the film premiere reminiscing about our brief history together, I found myself wondering if Emma had ever shared the story of her night of passionate with anyone. I mean I assume it wasn't everyday that she got gangbanged at a party, especially with the knowledge that she was such a willing and eager participant. Nevertheless, as security came over and began to usher us away I took the opportunity to reminisce some more about our torrid time together.

It was a glorious spring day as I walked from class and heard someone call out my name. When I turned around I found it was Emma. I waited for her to catch up and ask me about some assignments which were due later that day.

"Oh by the way." she added. "Someone mentioned to me that you're from Oxford as well?"

"Yeah. Originally." I nodded.

"Why didn't you say something?" she smiled as she playfully slapped me on the shoulder.

"Err. I dunno." I shrugged. "I didn't want to bother you with it."

"You could never bother me silly." she replied, before we walked and talked for several more minutes getting to know each other better.

It was during this conversation that I discovered that she was apparently staying in an apartment with friends just down the street from the house where I resided. Feeling social, I then told her about a party we were hosting later that evening and invited her along, never really expecting her to accept.

"Yeah. Right." Emma scoffed. "I know all about those parties."

"No. Honest. It's not like that I swear." I insisted. "It's all above board. Just a lot of drinking. If you're interested in that sort of thing."

"Interested in drinking?" she snickered. "Are you mad! Of course I love a pint or two. Hmm. I might take you up on this party offer."

"I hope so." I replied. "Would really love to see you there."

"Is that cause you just want to get me d***k and take advantage of me?"

Shocked by her comment we both fell silent before she burst out laughing.

"I'm only k**ding." she giggled sweetly, while flashing me a knowing smile.

A few hours later the party was well underway. It was the beginning of spring break and almost everyone had plans to leave campus. So with that said everybody was in a real party mood atmosphere after class and looking forward to their break. It was there that I surveyed the crowd and eyed a few women that looked d***k and unattached but was bitterly disappointed. No one simply interested me in the way Emma did and despite the alcohol I started to feel a little depressed... until I glanced at the door and noticed the girl in question standing there. Unfortunately for me I also noticed that Watson was holding hands with some guy, and as I had feared it seemed that her boyfriend had arrived in town earlier that afternoon and accompanied her to the party. Nevertheless, I approached her at the door and was taken aback for a moment as she greeted me warmly with a friendly peck on the cheek.

"Oh! Hey James." she beamed. "Great party."

Meanwhile as she spoke I was still a little dazed by the kiss, as it was the first time she had ever shown any form of affection towards me and from the way she was smiling and carrying on you would assume we were long lost friends. Inside the music was loud enough that I could hardly hear her introduce her boyfriend, Jim or Jay or something along those lines. All the same, I shook his hand briefly and smirked to myself as I could see the look of disapproval in his eyes as he surveyed the scene. There on the sofa sat several people who were passing around a large bong while a thick blue haze hung over the entire room. Others were chugging down beers and spirits and taking hits off various liquor bottles that others had smuggled into the party.

I asked Emma if she wanted anything to drink before I headed off to hunt down a couple of beers. When I returned the actress pouted and whispered thanks in my ear but explained that she had to leave since they were apparently flying off to Mexico in the morning - for a romantic getaway entirely paid for by her, mind you. The look of disappointment on my face must have been evident because she immediately sulked.

"Aw." she quipped. "Don't be like that. I promise to invite you and the guys along next year."

"Yeah. Right." I replied, before we both chuckled.

As Emma started to leave I walked them out to the front yard and without thinking my eyes happened to fall to the back of her butt. There I checked out her panty line which immediately informed me that as per usual she was clad in a sexy little thong number. The mere notion alone gave me instant wood as I admired her impossibly tight jeans, but then to my chagrin Emma happened to glance over her shoulder and caught me leering directly at her derriere red handed.

"Fuck." I thought. "Busted."

I was mortified to say the least and impulsively reacted by flashing Emma a complimentary wink. Fortunately for me the sexy starlet did not say anything and simply smiled behind her boyfriends back before they both said their goodbyes by the letterbox outside. Shaking my head of any lewd thoughts, I quickly returned to the party (and drinking) albeit a little shocked and disappointed with myself.

"Why the hell did I do that?" I chastised myself, recalling the way I had let her catch me checking her out.

A few hours later I was fairly d***k and enjoying my high when something in the corner of my eye caught my attention. At first I thought I was hallucinating when I thought I saw Emma across the room clutching a beer. But when I realized it was in fact her I went over and tapped her on the shoulder to say hi.

"Err. Hello stranger." I smirked. "You look familiar."

Once again Emma laughed and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek before she went on to explain how her boyfriend had dropped her off home and she couldn't sl**p as she was too riled up about their vacation in the morning and decided to come back for a drink.

"Besides." she added. "I wanted to see for myself if this party really is as wild as everyone keeps telling me."

With that said we toasted to her curiosity and enjoyed each other's company. Ultimately, Watson and I finished our beers and wandered around the party and found ourselves in the kitchen where there I got us another round of drinks. It was also there that I offered her a hit off a joint. Emma shook her head nervously as she admitted that she had never smoked pot before, but in saying that she was apparently eager to try it and experiment a little. Thrilled, I quickly rolled a fresh blunt and we found a private area by the laundry where we could smoke out of the way of prying eyes. To my amusement Emma soon coughed out her lungs but not before taking in a considerable hit. The pot itself was impressively strong so her pretty brown eyes glazed over fairly quickly.

"Ha!" I laughed. "You look so fucking smashed right now."

"Nah. You do!" she replied c***dishly which only proved my point.

We soon spaced out and discussed various subjects before the topic of conversation turned towards sex and her private life, where she candidly explained that it had already been arranged for her to get engaged and ultimately married off to her boyfriend Jay. Unfortunately for them it appeared that her career and studies had prevented them from taking the final plunge earlier, which naturally shocked me.

"Wait. What?" she finally gasped. "Aren't you like eighteen or something?"

"So." Emma replied. "That doesn't matter. Jay really loves me. You saw the way he was giving you the evil eye earlier. He's really protective of me like that."

"Well shit Emma." I scoffed. "I know tons of guys who love you. Hell. Who absolutely worship you. You're fucking famous remember?"

Emma simply shrugged her shoulders before downing some more of her drink. At this point we were both well wasted.

"I mean. Why would you get hitched so young?" I maintained. "You know it probably wouldn't work out in the long run right?"

"Well." she argued. "Look at Jamie-Lynn Spears. She just had a baby and she's just a teenager."

"Wow. That's your example?" I laughed. "My god! You are stoned?"

We both laughed again as I couldn't help but note just how incredibly adorable she was. Emma and I shared a few more hits from the joint as I soon began to notice a change in her demeanor. She suddenly seemed to be a lot more animated and increasingly affectionate, constantly touching my arm and leaning on me as she laughed, and she laughed a lot.

"So how do you like it?" I asked her.

"Meh. I'm easy." she replied without thinking. "It all depends on whatever mood I'm in. Fast and hard I guess."


"Wait. What was the question?" she said in confusion.

"I mean the pot." I clarified. "How do you like being high?"

"Oh. Oh! Right." she began to laugh hysterically. "Yeah right. That's what you meant. Of course. Yeah. Um. I really like it a lot."

Her laugh was contagious and realizing her slip-up we both laughed so hard and for so long that we could hardly breath.

"So you're easy huh." I remarked a few minutes later which caused her to blush. "Hard and fast eh. You sound like my type of girl."

Emma simply grinned as I dropped the subject and we talked about something else, even though we both knew I was more than willing to discuss sex with her some more. In the meanwhile it was during this time as we attempted to finish the joint together that she whined about taking the very last drag, and as we briefly tussled with one another she inadvertently placed her hand over my leg and rubbed her hand very close to my crotch. This naturally caught my attention right away and my hands instinctively slipped around her slender waist and I pulled her in tight, holding her close before blowing the excess smoke shotgun-style into her open mouth. Emma happily pursed her lips and we both laughed amongst ourselves as we then proceeded to take turns taking deep tokes from the spliff and blowing the excess smoke into each other's mouths. At one point her lips were so damn close to mine I would practically taste her.

Caught up in the moment and our high, I suddenly and without warning leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers, and to my delight Emma did not resist. In fact she reciprocated. In an instant she allowed me to slip my tongue into her mouth and the two of us proceeded to make out fervently. I soon moved my hands down her body and across her ass, and pulled her harder against me - grinding her denim clad crotch against my leg. I was almost certain she could feel my erection as I pressed it against her hip. Nonetheless the actress didn't seem to hesitate and eagerly responded. The "Harry Potter" star moaned softly into my mouth and I figured that if I could get her to a more private and comfortable area like a bedroom she would go all the way. With that said I abruptly grabbed her by the hand and led her through the party and up the stairs in search of a spare room. But unfortunately for us the room I had intended on was already in use. Standing by the door we could hear a couple moaning excessively from inside and it made us laugh.

"Wow. Someone's getting lucky in there." Emma snickered, before we proceeded to look for another room.

It was during this time that Emma and I stopped every now and then to make out and grope one another right there in the dimply lit hallway. I couldn't believe how aroused she was, which in turn only excited me further. We just couldn't get enough of each other and the more we kissed the more frustrated we grew. In fact she soon began to play games with her lips and tongue and now proceeded to suck on my tongue and bite my bottom lip urgently.

"We really need to find a room." she whispered to me in her sweet English accent. "I'm really randy right now."

She was definitely in a playful mood and horny as hell (as was I). With her urging I mimicked her actions and happily sucked on her wet tongue, which seemed to really excite her. Emma happily offered me her mouth as I reached down and fumbled with the buttons on her jeans. Finally after several attempts it opened and I unfastened her pants. Despite standing in the middle of the hallway Emma did not object or withdraw as I plunged my hand down the front of her pants and inside her panties and proceeded to finger her. In next to no time my fingers brushed across her lush pubic mound, and dipped between the hot wet velvet folds.

"Oh." she whimpered softly as she instinctively raised a knee and parted her legs to accommodate my exploring hand.

Running my fingers along the span of her slippery minge, I smeared her wetness across her tiny clit and proceeded to tease her, reveling in the scent of her overheated cunt. My finger worked her clit and she caught her breath before I took her breath away all together and dipped them even lower and reached for her opening. She moaned into my mouth incessantly, kissing me urgently on the lips as I entered her cunt.

"Oh. Shit." she let out as I quickly discovered just how wet she in fact was.

Emma was clearly ready to get fucked, and as I contemplated this I smirked slyly to myself as I felt her reach down between our bodies and stroke my hard-on through my pants. She wanted cock, and she wanted it now! I responded by slipping two fingers deep inside her teen cookie as she grabbed me around the neck urging me on.

"Ugh. Yes." she purred hotly. "Fuck me. Fuck me with your fingers James. Get me off right here right now!"

I could feel her sweet cunt muscles contracting around my delving digits as I proceeded to spear them in and out, watching her hips sway back and forth as I eagerly fucked her with my hand and ultimately brought forth her first orgasm of the night. As soon as she finished climaxing I started pushing her pants further down her legs, leaving her to stand there completely exposed from the waist down. Emma wriggled against me as I hauled her pants down to her knees and grabbed at her tee and pulled it up, revealing her pert chest. To my delight I quickly discovered that she was not wearing a bra, and I immediately devoured her beautiful pear-shaped breasts with my mouth. The starlet closed her eyes and flicked her head back while a moan escaped her lips. I in the meanwhile gave her succulent tits a good tongue lashing and bathed her erect brown nipples in saliva. As incredible as these sudden turned of events were, nothing could prepare me for what happened next.

Just then, Emma suddenly dropped to her knees and started unzipping my jeans. For a moment I thought I had died and gone to heaven - or worst still was dreaming the entire encounter - as I watched the Harry Potter alumni grin up at me and insist I take out my cock.

"Pull it out." she insisted. "Please. Take it out before I lose my fucking mind."

I peered up and down the empty hallway before I helped her pull my pants down to my ankles and released my shlong. My cock sprang out at full attention, almost striking her in the face. Without wasting anytime Emma swiftly wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and enveloped my stiff prick with both hands. Her mouth felt like strawberry velvet as I watched the English sexpot lick and slurp her tongue across my bell-head.

"Jesus. Fuck me." I gasped, as she hungrily devoured my meat stick and in the process made lewd gurgling sounds as she worked me over.

Gripping the side of her head, I then thrust my hips and briefly fucked her mouth before I finally pulled her up to her feet and finished removing her pants entirely.

"Fuck it. Come 'ere!" I growled down at her. "I want to fuck you so bad right now."

"Yeah?" she teased back. "Are you James. Are you gonna fuck me?"

Emma now stood there completely naked except for a pair of white thong panties which stretched around her parted knees. Without warning I dropped to my knees before her and started kissing the flat of her belly and abdomen, and using my hands I pivoted her hips and directed her to turn around so I could admire and kiss her cute little butt.

"Mm. I've wanted to kiss this arse for the longest time." I told her before laying several butterfly kisses across her skin.

Emma giggled sweetly to this but quickly lost her sense of humor as I gently pressed the small of her back and directed her to bend forward for me. There she braced herself against the opposite wall with both hands as I gently pried her taut buttocks apart and exposed her teenage slit to me. Without thinking I immediately swiped the flat of my tongue along her gleaming wet slot, causing her to moan out loud and trembled violently before I quickly straighten up and pressed the head of my cock at her slippery opening, and pushed in.

"James... Ugh!" she objected for a moment, before she began to moan involuntarily.

To my delight the naked sex kitten was incredibly tight, but also so wet that I had little trouble breaching her inner sanctum and buried my cock to the hilt in just a few short thrusts. In an instant I proceeded to ram my length in and out of her tight young cunt and she responded to each thrust bu moaning my name and wiggling her hips enticingly every time I slammed home from behind her.

"Ugh. James." she moaned. "Fuck yeah. Harder!"

A moment later I felt the contractions as she experienced her second orgasm of the evening and I reluctantly pulled out and dropped to my knees and proceeded to eat her glistening cunt enthusiastically - making sure to stick my tongue in her ass too - which she seemed to enjoy.

"Oh. Yes." she pined against the wall as her hands snaked around to shove my face even deeper between her soft cheeks. "Mm. Eat my arse James. Yes."

Finally after several moments of this I was taken aback to feel her cum again. She was absolutely insatiable and utterly on fire. I suspect this was mainly due to the combination of weed and alcohol and our current location - both of us standing in the middle of the dimply lit hallway essentially naked. Suddenly, Emma grabbed me by the shirt and directed me to sit against the wall as she stepped over and proceeded to straddle me. In a matter of moments she lowered herself down and impaled herself, and immediately began to hump my cock like a woman possessed. Despite her attempts to keep it down, she made so much noise in the hallway that a few people in the adjacent rooms came out to investigate - including a hot d***k blonde who peered out from the door, and finding us fucking there cheered us on.

"Oh yeah." she encouraged us. "You go for it girl. Ride that stallion. That looks so fucking hot right now."

Realizing the growing audience we had I found I couldn't hold off any longer so I grabbed her firmly by the ass and jammed my cock as deep inside her as humanly possible, filling her clam with hot gooey spunk. Both Emma and I grunted aloud, just as several onlookers routed for us to keep going.

"Oh. God." she blushed with shame, as I watched one of the guys from one of the rooms boldly stand directly over her and grin.

"Great fucking show." he said before chugging his beer. "Fuck the shit out of this little slut."

"Hey. I'm next." another one bragged before Emma turned and acknowledged them directly.

"Hmm. What. You think you could handle me?" she teased. "What about you?"

Suddenly, two more jocks appeared and snatched her by the arm and pulled her up to her feet and pushed her into a nearby bedroom. Truth be told I was so d***k, stoned, and exhausted at that precise moment in time that I simply lay there catching my breath as I watched them casually man handle her. The entire event happened so fast I actually thought I had imagined it, and as shocked as I was by it I was equally if not more than surprised to see that Emma did not resist in the least, and in fact spurred them on. There I watched as they playfully pushed her onto the bed and instructed her to spread her legs. Noting this I finally stood and proceeded to do up my pants while I watched as one of the boys swiftly dove between her parted legs and proceeded to fuck her on the bed.

"What the fuck." I gasped inwardly as I watched her willing take on a new lover.

For a moment I was confused, even angered by her infidelity but that emotion was quickly replaced with sheer lust as I watched her get fucked by yet another guy. It was during this time that I happened to glance at the floor and quickly pocketed her discarded panties as a souvenir before I pushed my way through the crowd that had formed by the door to watch the free sex show. Inside her legs were spread wide and we could actually hear the squishing sound emanating between her legs as the second guy drove in and out of Emma's sopping wet cunt.

"Oh yeah." one of the boys snickered. "She's so fucking tight too."

"You like that?" another blared down at her. "You like getting fucked hard you little slut?"

While I still tried to make sense of it all one of the boys grabbed her by the hips and flipped her over into the doggy-style position where he began to fuck her hard from behind. To our surprise this position more than any other really seemed to turn her on and we all gasped with delight as we heard her officially consent to the situation and moan for more.

"Yeah. Fuck me!" Emma grunted aloud. "C'mon. Fuck me hard you bastards!"

The bystanders all cheered her on as her lover drove into her one final time and without warning deposited another pulpous load deep inside her from behind. Emma groaned and shook violently in bliss as I actually began to wonder just how stoned she in fact was. Nevertheless by this stage several other guys now began to unzip and proceeded to form a line around the bed, waiting their turn and readying to fuck the sexy starlet. I watched as they impatiently approached her on the mattress and rolled her over into several positions of their choosing. At this point I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched one guy straddle her face as a second guy impaled her cunt once again. Even so, as d***k and stoned as Emma was she still seemed to know exactly what she was doing and thoroughly enjoyed herself. It was only now that I noticed that the guy that had been face-fucking her had a huge black cock and his balls slapped loudly against her chin, as he tried to f***e his throbbing member further down her narrow throat.

"Oh yeah baby." he blared. "Deep throat that black cock bitch. I want to see you choke on it."

She struggled as it slid deeper and deeper inside her mouth, before the guy pulled out and let her catch her breath before he jammed it right in again, making her gag. Pretty soon he had a rhythm going and Emma was doing her best to keep up. She was totally consumed by lust as I wondered what her boyfriend and future fiancé would think if he could see her now, getting fucked for all to see like a two dollar whore. Ultimately when the guy finally unloaded in Emma's throat she started swallowing as fast as she could but to no avail. Instead his load seeped from the sides of her lips and dribbled down her neck. When he finally withdrew her mouth fell open, inadvertently inviting another guy to slip his manhood into the unused space.

I don't know how many cocks she had sucked before that evening but the sexy little tramp was now getting quite the workout. I watched in wonder as she took on at least another three more guys that night. Everybody in that room fucked her mouth and cunt at least once, and some guys were fortunate enough have her three times before they ultimately came, and left. When everybody was finished having their way with her, I finally stepped forward and handed Emma her wallet and clothes.

"Here," I grinned. "I think you may have dropped something earlier."

Emma was too ashamed to look at me much less respond, and realizing her shame I quickly reassured her that I for one was not shocked or offended by her wanton behavior which seemed to at least comfort her.

"Where are my pants?" she slurred, as I passed her shirt.

"Wait. Where are my panties?" she added with a dull grin, still high and clearly out of it.

"I have no idea." I lied as I pushed them further inside my pocket.

Instead I took this opportunity to take a seat next to her on the bed.

"So did you have a good time tonight?"

"Sure." she smiled dumbly before she doubled over and proceeded to throw up on the other side of the bed.

Wiping her mouth she grinned. "Assuming I remember anything tomorrow."

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Detailed and unpredictable, I liked it. Wish it were fact
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Very good writing.