My girlfriends first fully nude flash.

Back when my girlfriend and I were still in our apartment I was contacted by a good friend of mine, He was moving out of his apartment and into a new one, but there was a week and a half difference between when he had to leave his current apartment and when he could move into the new one. Since he and I have been very good friends since jr. high school I offered for him to stay with us and sl**p on our couch (after clearing it with my girlfriend). He graciously accepted and moved in shortly after. My Girlfriend actually asked me if I would prefer that she didn't "show off" for him since we were such good friends. I told her absolutely not and she should feel free to wear whatever she wants around him.

She started off slowly by wearing little shorts and tight shirts around him, but she quickly progressed to wearing less and less clothing. She stopped wearing a bra under the tight shirts so her tits were bouncing and swinging around as she walked. One evening she wore just her thong with a tight tank top that was just barley long enough to cover her ass. She started wearing nothing but a towel when she left the shower and instead of going straight to our bedroom she would quickly come over to see what we were doing. It was fun watching him try and sneak peeks and quick glances at her when he thought we weren't looking. There were a couple times I think he was even trying to hide an erection with a pillow or blanket.

One day after work he and I decided to go to a local bar for a few drinks. Of course a few drinks turned into a few more, and a few more after that. We were both buzzing pretty good and he started talking about how much he liked his girlfriend but was kinda getting bored with her. They had started dating early in high school and were still together. He was saying how he sees beautiful girls everywhere and would give anything to see a girl other than his girlfriend naked. He said that his girlfriend has a great body (and she does) but after seeing her for so many years he needed a little variety. He looked at me and said "Don't take this the wrong way but it's been nice seeing your girlfriend the last few days in all those skimpy outfits." He even apologized to me for saying it, but I told him not to worry about it and that she likes showing off her body. After that we finished our drinks and went back to the apartment.

The next day I told my girlfriend about our conversation and how he's been enjoying her sexy displays. I also told her about how he's a little bored with his girlfriend and is dying to see a different girl naked. She understood where I was going with this and decided it would be fun to try and flash him her body. She tried leaving the bedroom door open a couple times when she was changing hoping he would walk buy and see her, but it didn't work. I told her that we might have to set something up, so we came up with a fairly simple plan that we could do that weekend.

When saturday evening rolled around I convinced him to go out to the bar again for a few hours to drink and play pool. I called my girlfriend who was on her way home from work and let her know that we were going out and that the plan was in motion. After about an hour at the bar I told my friend that I wasn't feeling very well and we should head back to the apartment. I quickly texted my girlfriend without him knowing and told her that we would be back in about 15 minutes. When we walked in the apartment we could hear the shower running and I mentioned to him that my girlfriend must be home from work. We both sat down in the living room to watch tv and I discretely texted her a smily face (which we had agreed upon previously would be the signal) to let her know we were in position. I heard the shower shut off and a couple minutes later I heard the bathroom door open. She walked down the hallway and turned into the living room where we were both sitting. She was completely nude except for a towel wrapped around her head! It was like it all happened in slow motion. Her boobs were bouncing as she turned the corner, and her pussy was freshly shaved so it was easy to see her soft, smooth lips. When she saw us she did a great job of acting startled, she paused for a moment as if she were shocked to see us. She didn't even try to cover herself! All she did was say "Oh my god! I wasn't expecting you guys back this early!". Then she turned and we watched her ass bounce up and down as she walked away. I looked at my friend and he had a look on his face like a k** at Christmas! I said to him "well that was a nice surprise", he said "Fuck yeah! That was an awesome surprise!".

She came out a few minutes later and made up a story about how she didn't know we were home, and how she was so embarrassed, and so on. I really don't think he was listening to anything she was saying because she was wearing these sexy little booty shorts and a very tight tank top with no bra. The top was so tight and thin that at certain angles it becomes see through. After seeing her naked and realizing that it didn't bother me or her at all that he did, he didn't even try to hide when he was checking her out anymore, at one point he even made a comment about her nipples poking out of her shirt. A little bit later he disappeared into the bathroom and we both knew what he was doing in there.

When it was time for him to leave he told us how he was upset that he had to go and even joked about how he was going to miss her and her little clothing, or lack of clothing the most. We laughed and made similar comments then parted ways.

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6 months ago
That's what I call doing a friend a "solid".