fucked my aunt and made her pregnant

Hi to all. This is madhu from Banglore. I am here to tell you about my sex experience with my aunt named Lakshmi. We are living together in a joint f****y. Her figures are 36-30-36. The incident happened recently when I was 18 years old and she is 35. I was so crazy about her. So I decided to have her.

Once we both went to the swimming pool. Nothing happened there. On our way we went to a nearby park. The park was almost empty. Only 10-15 people were there. But it is a big park. At the end of the park, many trees are there. It is almost like a forest. So I planned to take her there. She also agreed to come. We were walking deep inside the forest. As we both were walking alone, my cock started growing.

As we had just returned from the swimming pool, I didn’t were any shorts. She too noticed the tent in my pant. I slowly rubbed my cock on her ass. She didn’t show any reaction. She neither stopped me nor enjoyed me. I didn’t proceed any further on that day. That day was over I wished I would get another chance like that.

After a few weeks I got an opportunity to sit near her in the car. I slowly rubbed her thighs. She didn’t resist me. So as she never resisted me this far, I gathered courage and moved my hand towards her boobs. The moment I touched her boobs, her hands threw away my hands from her boobs. I was shocked. I feared that she would tell about me to my parents. But she didn’t do it. But I didn’t give up. I desperately wanted to fuck her. I prayed to god to give me an opportunity to fuck her.

God finally answered my prayers. Once her husband went out of town for 5 days to attend a seminar. In our house only her room has AC. As her husband was out of town only she would be at her room alone. So I told her that I wished to sl**p in her room as I wanted AC. She agreed to it. As we were sl**ping on the same bed I had every opportunity to touch her. But I never hurried this time. I decided to proceed gradually. First I touched her hand.

She suddenly held my 6 inch long cock. I was surprised. I didn’t talk anything but I immediately started kissing her lips. We were French kissing for around 5 minutes. Then we undressed and we were in our inner garments only. I started pressing her boobs. She started moaning lightly. She was pressing my cock which was inside my boxer. Then we became nude and she sucked my cock. After 10 minutes I came in her mouth. She drank my juice without wasting a single drop.

Then I started licking her pussy. I fucked her pussy with my tongue for 7-8 minutes. She came in my mouth. I drank her juice. Then she took out a pack of condom her table. I was excited on seeing it. She told me that she had bought it specially for me. Without wasting any time I wore it and made her lie on the bed and spread her legs and inserted my tool inside her pussy. I started fucking her and within 15 minutes she had come twice. She was moaning loudly in pleasure. After 20 minutes of fucking, I came. We both were exhausted and I laid on her for 5 minutes.

Then I got up and took out the condom and wore a new condom. This time I laid on my back on the bed and I brought her above me and inserted my cock in her pussy. She was on top of me and riding my cock. We both came at the same time. Then we took bath and slept nude hugging each other. The next day no one was at home except me and my aunt. So I decided to bunk my college and stay at home and enjoy with her.

I woke up very late in the morning. My aunt woke me up by pouring water on my face. So I too poured water all over her body. She was not wearing a bra. So her nipples became visible. On seeing it I got a hard on. I went near her to kiss her on her lips. But she told me that I should first brush my teeth. I obeyed her and went brush my teeth. When I came back I saw her that she was preparing breakfast in the kitchen. I went behind her and held her ass. I was massaging it softly. She was letting out light moans. She turned towards me started massaging my cock which was inside my shorts. Then we undressed ourselves. I was fully nude while she was in her panties. I started sucking her boobs. I drank the milk from both her boobs.

Then she started sucking my cock. I came inside her mouth. Then we went inside the bedroom and I removed her panties. I started sucking her pussy. Within 10 minutes she came inside my mouth. Then she slept on the bed with her ass facing upwards. I started licking her asshole. Then she turned her face upwards and we were French kissing for about 5 minutes. I rubbed my cock on her pussy while kissing her.

Then she told me to fuck her without a condom. I obeyed her and started inserting my tool inside her pussy. But I didn’t come in her pussy. I told her that I wanted to fuck her ass. She agreed to it and I made her stand on the floor. I kissed her from behind and was fingering her pussy for 10 minutes. Then she bent to doggy position and I slowly inserted my cock into her ass. She already started screaming. I fucked her in slow motion initially and later fucked her a bit faster. After 15 minutes of fucking I came inside her ass. She asked me to fuck her pussy once again.

When I asked what would happen when I come inside her pussy she replied me that she and her husband have already planned for a second c***d and even if she bears my c***d it doesn’t matter for her. So I got excited and started fucking her pussy immediately. We both came after 10 minutes. We had sex 3 more times that day but only pussy fucking. Then for the next three days till her husband came we were enjoying our nights only by fucking. I fucked only her pussy that too without a condom.

I was desperate to give birth to my c***d through her. I fucked only her pussy but in different positions. I never fucked her ass. And last month She told tat she's pregnant

Nowadays we have sex in the terrace, bathroom etc. once in a while but not regularly. We have sex whenever we get an opportunity.

If any matures,aunts,moms,girls need help pls mail me id: ilovematures69@gmail.com

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very nice I love fucking my aunt
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Very nice, please tell us more!
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good shit