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Devon was older than me and more developed.
The first night I stayed over at his house, all he wanted to do was go streaking and get me to show him my privates.I was nervous. I wanted him to like me but I also didn't want to be known as a fag. So wrapped up in anxiety and sexual tension was I that i missed all the plain as day signs of what was going on with my new friend.
I was being skillfully seduced by an older more experienced friend. So when he playfully suggested we masturbate together that night in the carport I easily followed his lead and also pulled down my pants and faced him so he could see I wasn't faking it. My heart was pounding. This was really naughty stuff. I wondered what would happen next.
He told me to stop several times and to move my hand so he could see better. He reached over while asking me to "wait". He expertly cupped my shaft and stroked it a few times. I pulled away on reflex and my young cock popped out of his hands and thumped my stomach.
"Oh I've hurt it. Let me kiss it and make it better...".
Before I could say any kind of a protest he bent down and slurped my cock into his mouth.
It felt like an oven and I could feel his tounge tickling the sensitive underside of my shaft.
I tried to move away but he let go of his pants and dick and grabbed my hips pinning me. At the same time he took me all the way into his mouth and sucked hard.
Well. I was shocked and scared and very stimulated, I, I was cumming in surging waves. I couldn't help it.
I wasn't gay. This wasn't right. My cock just exploded in his mouth and his bobbing head on my rod just kept feeling better and better.
He let out a satisfied "Umm.." sound and looked up at me. Rubbing the head of my cock on his lips back and forth he milked my shaft.
I could see the last of my jizz dribbling into his mouth.
"I love the taste of sperm." He said. "You should try it.".
Blushing I could only nod my head and to cover my sudden shyness I shocked myself by putting my hand on the back of his head and pulling him back down on my still hard prick.
He was drooling and super slick mixture of saliva and semen started to feel to intense on my sensitive head. He sensed me figgiting and really started sucking me like a baby with a pacifier.
Finally it was too much and i wrenched myself loose from his mouth. My cock made and audible "pop" when i broke the suction.
I was crazy stimulated cherry red and not sure if i was going to cum again or just have a seizure.
"Stop. I need a minute." I gasped. He was smiling and laughed saying. "I gave you a case of the cum tickles. I'll stop but I still want to suck your balls. Stand up."
I could only obey and hang on to the end of my still throbing cock.
I stood up and he knelled in front of me pulling my shorts down to my ankles. Without wasting any time he held the base of my cock and suck my balls into his mouth. The sensation of heat and pressure made me suck in a gasp. "Oh fuck that feels good!". I said it in husky wisper that really seemed to urge Devon on.
Again my head was spinning and my heart was racing. Having your balls sucked is in-FUCKING-credible. Gone was all my fears and anxiety of getting off with another guy and maybe turning gay. This was FUCKING HOT SEX. The tickleing of my sensitive shaft was replaced by the heat of my sack and the growing urge to cum again. This was a deeper feeling in my balls that also made my asshole tingle.
As if sensing this Devon slipped a finger under me and vigorously started to rub my butthole. The sensation was over the top. Slowly I felt my load start to move from deep in my balls and ass up to the base of my cock. Nothing could stop me from cumming the hardest I ever had in my life. I grabbed Devons head and shoved my dick in his mouth. He wanted this. To make me want to do this. So i was going to give it to him right down his throat. THIS WAS IT. It was now.
"Oh FUCK DEVON... SUCK MY CUM.!" I was holding his head with one hand and jerking off into his mouth with the other. "OH FUCK YEAH MAKE ME GAY BITCH. YEAH MAKE ME GAY, YOU FUCKER....". My whole body tensed and spasmed. I shot most of my load down his throat but somehow got some on his check and in his hair (I was sort of bucking my hips I guess).

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2 years ago
I wished it would have been me sucking you off and swallowing your cum. DAMN! Great story!
2 years ago
very hot! thx
2 years ago
hot story