Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

There was going to be a marriage. No it wasn't mine, thank God. I
had already done that nine years ago. The results.... still married, no
c***dren, two careers, two separate lives. That is what probably kept us
together. He is in the oilfield business and travels a lot, we only spend
about one week a month together. If he was around all the time we would
drive each other crazy and we more than likely would have split up. I'm
sure he is getting some on the side when he is away but I don't ask and he
does not tell. Me on the other hand take those needs into my own hands,
with my collections of toys. It is not really much of a marriage but more
a arrangement of convince. We both make good money, have a nice house,
nice cars and have extra for some of the finer things in life, so I just
let it ride.

Anyways, the marriage. Kim was getting married, her second. We
both work for a large banking institution in management at the head office.
We have worked close together for a number of years now and have become
good friends. We go to some chick flicks together that the guys don't want
to see, have a drink after work, talk about our lives, etc. I don't have a
great social life and I guess I would have to say she is the closest friend
that I have. I know she does not have a lot of friends either so it was
not a surprise when she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. I, of
course, had to accept.

I was even feeling better about the whole thing when I found out
the dresses we would be wearing would not be the typical hideous, make the
bridesmaids look like fashion rejects, outfits. They were very tasteful in
a black silver color scheme. It was something I would even wear out
afterwards to a club or event.

It was Thursday evening, two days before the wedding. I was
running about 10 minutes late when I entered the church where the rehearsal
was taking place. I first noticed the bride to be, Kim, with a group of
people around her chatting. A light musical laughter reached my ears
drawing my attention away, that is when I saw her. I was captivated, not
is a sexual way but by her charisma. Her smile, it dazzled me, her flowing
red hair waved and shone, glinting in the light, the sound of her musical
voice, her bright eyes ? so alive, sparking with enthusiasm. Here was a
person that loved life and it exuded from her, washing over everyone else
around and infusing them with her vitality. I had never seem a person so

It was Kim's voice that brought me back to the situation, as she
beckoned me to join them. I made my way over to the clustered group. Kim
introduced everyone around. Mother, Grandmother, Linda, the groom's
s****r, Katie the vivacious redhead that had so captivated me and Lenard
her husband. It turned out Katie was an old friend of Kim's that had flown
in from down east to be a bridesmaid along with Linda and I.

We did not have a chance to say much more than hello before the
Pastor started shuffling us into position and giving instructions. We went
through the paces of the rehearsal in about half an hour and then decided
that we should all go out for a bite to eat and a drink.

We ended up in a little pizza and pasta joint not far away. I
ended up sitting next to Katie and for some reason this excited me. I was
just drawn to her in a way I could not explain. We started chatting and
hit it off like old friends. She was very excitable and energetic and a
number of times through the night she touched my hand while making a point,
each time the thrill of it sent goosebumps up my arm. At one point our
knees touched and I resisted the urge to pull it away, she left hers there
too, I could feel my heart beating faster and my cheeks reddening. I felt
like a young school girl on her first date. I don't know why I felt this
way about her, I had never experienced any type of sexual feelings for
another woman before. Even back in high school and college I had never
experimented, not even a kiss.

I really had to go to the bathroom. I did not want to break our
knee to knee touch but peeing myself would have been much worse. I excused
myself and headed for the ladies room. When I finished I exited the stall
to see Katie there. She was washing her hands. I stepped up beside her
and washed too.

She turned to face me. "I just wanted to thank you for being so
kind. I don't know anyone here but Kim and her Mother and you have been so

I dried my hands and faced her. "My pleasure, you are very easy to
get along and I'm having a great time."

She looked deep into my eyes and then leaned forward kissing me on
the lips. She backed up looking to see my reaction. I am sure I looked
shocked on the outside but my insides were going wild. There was just
something about Katie made me want her. I reached up and grabbed the back
of her head and pulled her to me. Our lips met, our tongues entangled.
God, lusted after her, I needed her. The sound of the outer door to the
bathroom opening shocked us apart. A moment later Kim walked in. I washed
my hands again not knowing what else to do and to keep up appearances.

"Glad to see you two getting along so well" Kim said. "Sorry Katie
but there is so much to do for the wedding I have not got to spend all the
time with you that I would like."

"That's ok," said Katie, "Brenda here is keeping me company, we
will catch up later."

"Thanks for being so understanding."

Kim headed into a stall and Katie gave me one last quick, silent,
kiss on the lips before leaving to go back to her seat. I just stood there
for a moment a million feelings boiling through out my body, my mind racing
in circles. I made my way back to my seat on shaky legs.

We hung around for another twenty minutes or so. At one point
Katie had removed her shoe and ran her stockened foot up and down my bare
leg. It felt so good and I was so horny I was afraid I was going to leave
a wet spot on the back of my dress. It was with disappointment that I said
goodbye to her as she left with her husband.

All through my drive home I squirmed in my seat. Oh I needed to
cum. It was getting late and when I got home the lights were out. I went
to the bedroom intent on making my husband give me lots of orgasms. I
looked in and saw him sl**ping there. I realized then that he was not what
I wanted anyways. I made my way to the basement f****y room. I undressed
myself and laid down on the couch. One hand on my breast and one on my
pussy I relived the nights events. In my fantasy Katie pulled me into a
bathroom stall, fucking me right there in the restaurant. I pinched my
nipple imaging it to be her lips. I flicked my finger over my clit imaging
it to be her tongue. I then finger fucked myself crooking my fingers and
rubbing my G spot, cumming over and over as I thought and lusted about
Katie. Finally satisfied I went to bed. My husband did not even move as I
climbed in beside him. I had trouble going to sl**p as my mind would not
stop thinking about Katie and what I wanted to do to her.

The next day at work was hell, I could not concentrate. Somehow I
made it through the day without screwing anything up. I had a restless
sl**p that night, half dreaming, half fantasizing. The next morning I got
up early and headed over to Kim's to help her get ready for the big day.

When I arrived Katie was there too. When I saw her a thrill went
through my body and it was all I could do not to grab her and kiss her
right there. We all went up to Kim's bedroom and started getting Kim
ready, hair, makeup, dress.

Just as we were finishing the doorbell rang, "I'll get it," Kim
said, "It should be Linda"

The moment Kim left the room, without a word, Katie grabbed me and
dragged me in to the en suite. Our tongues met in a furious kiss. Our
hand roamed across each others bodies. Oh it was so good, I was in such
lust. It was only when we heard the footsteps coming up the stairs that we
pulled ourselves apart. Just like at the restaurant it was so frustrating
having to stop.

With Kim ready to go the rest of us started to get ready. At one
point I looked over and Katie was in her bra and panties getting ready to
put on her dress. I am sure my tongue lulled out of my mouth as I took in
her sensuous sexy body. The swell of her breasts, the little bumps of her
nipples showing through the bra. The flair of her hips, her long lean
legs. I wanted to touch it all, kiss it all, lick it all. Fuck I needed
to cum and I wanted to cum with her tongue in my pussy. Two days ago I had
never even thought about being with another woman and now that was all I
could think about.

Once we were all done we headed down to the vehicles and over to
the church. Somehow I made it through the ceremony without tackling Katie
and ripping her clothes off.

When it was all done we had a little bit of time before the
reception would be starting, in the hall attached to the Church. I looked
over to Katie and she gave me a come hither look and turned and headed out.
I knew she was heading for the bathroom and I quickly followed. As soon as
the door the the bathroom closed we were in each others arms. Our tongues
danced, her hand grabbed my breast and I moaned into her mouth, and then it
happened. FUCK! Someone was coming in. We ripped ourselves apart just as
two little old ladies came around the corner. I could not believe for a
third time that this had happened.

"What a beautiful wedding, you girls looked lovely up there," said
one of the women.

"Yes, I just love weddings," the other responded.

"Me too I said," smiling, but on the inside I was cursing their

Katie grabbed my hand and said, "We should go."

I followed her out saying bye to the two ladies.

"Enough of this bathroom shit," said Katie, "lets find somewhere

Just then a voice called out. "Oh there you are, great, we are
ready to do photos, come on."

God, what does a girl have to do to get off. We followed the
photographer and spend the next half hour posing. It was then time for the
reception line, followed by dinner, speeches, cake cutting, first dances.
Would it never end.

Finally the dance was in full f***e. I felt a touch on my arm and
turned to see Katie.

"Follow me," she commanded. I obeyed.

We slipped out of the hall leaving the Bride, Groom, our husbands
and the party behind. We headed down a hallway, it turned, leading into
another darkened hallway. Numerous doors lined both sides, they appeared
to be classrooms. Katie pulled me into one shutting the door behind us.
The only light was from a between the edges of the almost closed blinds.
It was not much but it was enough to look into Katie's eyes and see the
desire in her eyes that mirrored my own.

This time we knew we would not be disturbed and came together
slowly. Instead of the fast, furious kisses of before our lips came
together tenderly, our tongues gently touched. We just kissed and held
each other for what must have been five heavenly minutes. I then felt her
fingers slid down the zipper on the back of my dress. It fell from my
shoulders. Her hands unclasped my bra and she helped me slid it down and
off. The feel of her hands on my naked breasts was better than I
anticipated and when she bent down and sucked one into her mouth. I almost
came right then. Katie made love to my breasts and I just reveled in the
feeling. Finally I could wait no longer. I felt for the zipper in her
dress and she helped me slip it off along with her bra. There she was, the
object of my lust for the last two days standing before me in just panties
and stocking. I have never wanted anything or anybody so bad. I started
at her ear and started kissing, down her neck, back up and across her lips,
down the other side. When I got to her breasts I paused a moment admiring
them. The perfect size, wine glass shaped, light pinkish nipples. I felt
her hand on the back of my head pulling me forward. She wanted it as much
as I did. I slipped her nipple between my lips, causing a moan to escape
her lips. That moan was like music to my ears as continued my concerto
upon her breasts. But I wanted more, I had to taste her. I kissed down
her belly and when I reached the top of her panties I used my teeth and
hands to slid them off.

"My legs are giving out," Katie said as sank down to the floor,
laying back and spreading her legs.

I started on one knee, kissing my way up. When I got to her upper
thigh I moved to her other knee and started kissing.

"Oh don't tease me! I need to cum so bad. I need to feel you
now." Her hand wrapped up in my hair pulling me towards her.

When I got to her most intimate part I darted my tongue out,
tasting another woman for the first time. I was overwhelmed by the look,
the smell, the taste as they invaded my senses. I flicked my tongue over
her clit invoking a shiver in Katie. She thrust her hips forward and I
went wild. I licked and sucked, tasted and enjoyed as she quickly built up
to an orgasm. She was very wet and my face was covered in her juices. I
continued relishing my first experience of making another woman orgasm. It
did not take long to to bring her to climax again.

She grabbed my head and pulled me up. Our lips met and we shared
her juices, our tongues entangled.

"I need to taste you now," she stated as she pushed me back. She
pulled my dress the rest of the way off and ripped off my panties.

I was so ready for it, I had nothing else on my mind since I first
met Katie two days ago. I was not disappointed, the moment her tongue
touched me every nerve in my body jumped for joy. It was only moments
before I was cumming all over her face. She continued to explore, kiss and
lick me as I was lost in the heavenly sensations of her mouth. I reveled
in her touch.

Eventually she moved up and we tenderly kissed. Her soft moist lips felt
so good against mine. We spend the next half hour exploring each other.
At one point we even scissored each other, our pussy's rubbing together,
our juices mixing.

Finally exhausted we shared one last kiss and got dressed.

We headed back to the party. I met up with my husband and in a angry voice
he asked, "Where have you been, I have been looking for you everywhere!"

"Sorry, Katie was not feeling well and I needed to take care of her."

"Hummmph," was all he replied.

Later that evening as we passed Katie my husband said to her, "I hope your
feeling better."

She smiled as she said, "Much better, thanks to your wife."

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4 years ago
very good 7*
4 years ago
great story!! i loved it and cant wait to read more
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Amazing story! Loved it!
4 years ago
I enjoyed your story, it was well written, hope to see more