Gang Bang In Forest

Hey guys and I’m Natasha Singh and I am 23 years old sexy chick. I studied in Delhi. Now I am doing engineering in Maharashtra. My figure is 35 25 34. I get a lot of complements on my figure and I am proud of that. I started feeling horny when I was 18 when I got 19.

I got gorgeous breasts people used to stare at me and there were many times and I went to market without my bra on and I love the thrill and attention got there. I had lots of boyfriends by I never got intimate right now I am telling you how I got fucked by my friends.

We were five of us friends, three guys and two girls. I and Reshma and we went to forest to camp by road and we reached there by evening and all of us were tired boys put up five tents, one for each and we sang songs and cooked food that evening.

I wore off my bra because it was irritating me now and we all had fun that night the boys were looking at my boobs as they were bouncing when I was laughing. I am sure they got hard on by that and we completed our games and then decided to go sl**p as we had to early for trecking.

We all slept in our tents and around 1:30 am in the dark I suddenly woke up. I wanted to pee and I opened the tents zip and looked out. The fire was out and all my friends were asl**p. I had small torch so I decided to go far from tent and pee there. I got up and walked to dark forest.

I was still sl**py and I walked for 5 minutes and then all of a sudden my torches light got off. I cursed the torch and threw it away and bent down to pee. I was feeling nice as cool breeze was hitting my pussy and the sounds of creatures were sexy that’s when one hand came with hanky and next thing.

I remember was I was struggling with lot of hands and there were 3 men and I could see their faces in moon light and they were tall strong and with dark complex. I got afraid and started to scream. All of a sudden tallest of them shut my mouth and hold my hands from behind. Now my hands were cuffed by rope.

I was in dark with 3 strong men around me. I started to pray to leave me but they were in no mood and they were laughing loudly. One of them came near me and sniffed and said this bitch smells great and they started pressing my boobs.

I moaned slowly aah and I was getting hot by their talks and the cold breeze was playing its part. My nipples got erect one guy came closer to my face he had disgusting smell from his mouth. He held my hair and pulled toward his mouth.

I opened my mouth by pain he put his tongue inside my mouth and started kissing me violently ammmm while second one tore my top apart and took a look of my firm boobs and he started caressing them ah mmm uhh I was now losing myself to them. Third guy noticed it and loosened my cuff.

Now my hands were free the second man was pinching my nipples and I was getting out of control by that. I hold his head and pressed on my boobs he started sucking my boobs. ummm He started biting my nipples it pained a lot but I was enjoying it.

He slowly moved his hands down my thighs and I shivered as his hands were cold and he touched my panty and said oh yeah she's wet and first man who was kissing me said then what are we waiting for lets dig our poles. All third men were now stripping me off within a minute.

I was completely nude and two guys continued kissing and sucking my breasts and third guy moved to my pussy and stared licking it. My whole body shivered. I knew what was going to happen and but I was not in my own control after sucking and licking for another 5 minutes.

There leader said enough now and let’s make it large. Two men hold my hands and I tried to get lose and now he came to me and sucked my tongue while rubbing his dick on pussy. I upper my head and I was shocked, his member was 9 inch long. I said fuck I am gone. I said hey please, don't do this yours too big for me.

He said don't worry we will tear your pussy down hahah! I saw no option but to stay quiet and he bent and entered his dick it only went half, he took it out and entered again ahhh and within next stroke his cock was elongating my vaginal walls Aiiii you'll kill me aahhh don’t its hurting ahh ahhhh.

He was not listening to me he increased his pace and was fucking my pussy violently aaaaahhh one guy came and started to bite my nipple roughly Aiiiiiiii and I cried, just as I opened my mouth third man put his dick in my mouth it was 8 inches.

I choked but he wasn't letting me go gulgg aggg he started mouth fucking me and he reached my throat and stayed there for next 10 seconds, I was choking badly, he repeated this for next few minutes and said bitch suck it.

Now I was moving my tongue on his dickhead. He was moaning ahh go on bitch suck it right then I felt my fucker dickhead getting big and he cum inside me and I felt like stream of sperms inside me. It was great feeling ummm.

He rolled aside and said to third man go on she's yours now. He took my legs in air and slapped tightly on my thighs and said 'do it like a bitch you slut and I understood what he meant and he held my hairs and pulled it hard now and I was in doggy position.

He licked my ass crack and put one finger in my pussy and he was finger fucking me aahhh umm I wad liking it ahhhhh and the one giving me dick in my mouth held my face as I didn't want him to cum in my mouth. He entered his dick long down my throat

And cum that right moment guy on my back enters my ass aaahhh I was choking so I swallowed all his cum. He then slapped me twice and French kissed me. He tasted his cum by putting his tongue in my mouth. By now I was screaming ahhhhhhh not my assss ahhh and he kept on hitting my ass.

He leaned forward and pressed my breast hard and pinched my nipples By now my nipples were red and my ass too was red he kept on fucking my ass. I was biting my lip umm and now guy who fucked me first came and said by slapping me clean my penis.

I took it in my mouth and started to suck it. I thought if I would give him good blowjob he would cum early and let me go, so I sucked passionately. he moaned loudly and said 'looks like bitch is in heat' he held me up while with a dick in my ass and got below me he French kissed me and put his three fingers in my pussy.

Ahhh please after some fingering he entered his dick in my pussy maaa it was hurting like hell, they held me tight and kept on fucking me fast my pussy wall was not at it max thirst man came and put his penis in my mouth and all my friends were sl**ping calmly but I was having three dicks in my three holes but I was enjoying it too.

After some fucking I started saying fuck me hard ahhh fuck you mother fucker ahhhh they all fucked me even more harshly and kept on slapping my ass and pinching my nipples. They continued to fuck and I cu for like 5 to 6 times and I was so hot even then and I was tired, now my head was resting on my fucker.

Man who was fucking my ass cum in my ass after 15 minutes, he came to me and gave his dick in my mouth and I was licking it and they exchanged places and now other guy entered my ass after another 30 minutes of hell fucking they both screamed and I am cuming and they started slapping.

My ass like hell and fucked me like a fucking whore ahhhh they both cum they all filled there sperms in my womb and now I was laying on forest ground exhausted after 1 hour they again fucked me for 2 hours and this time and I cooperated fully and enjoyed it after fucking it was now 5 am.

I dressed up, they all kissed me and sucked my breasts they took my phone and noted my phone no. I came to know it later and after I reached to tent my friend saw and asked where you have been. I said I went to pee and quickly went to bath in river side. I was fresh now buti skipped trekking as it was a tiring session. Loved it!
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