Alice the dirty whore part 2

Alice The Dirty Whore

By Mad Jack69

Chapter Two “Alice Serves Up Her Messy Holes”

Alice leaned back against the lamppost and put her hand down between her legs to rub her well fucked cunt. She smiled to herself, it had been a long day and she would never forget the fucking she got from Monkey. She wondered if she lived to seventy if she would ever get to be fucked by a cock as big as that again. She desperately hoped so.

The London sky was now cloudless and the havens filled with bright stars more numerous than the parasites nesting in her groin. And the cool night air giving her hot over used snatch some welcome relief.

She could hear the distant sound of footsteps and the melee of d***ken men coming her way.
Her cunt itched, as they got closer. She recognised one of the voices. A small time spiv who she had fucked many, many times, and was actually one of her first paying customers.

As they got closer she could hear the banter more clearly.
“Hey Jack, you aint going to fuck that filthy slag again are you? Why don’t you just marry the dirty whore and be done with it? It would save you a lot of money!”

They all laughed including Jack.
As they got to where Alice stood Jack stopped and lit a cigarette as the other men said their goodbyes and walked on into the darkness.

Taking a long drag on his cigarette and blowing smoke into Alice’s face he lent his head forward slightly to her ear whispering.

“Been working hard today Alice?”
Looking into Jack’s handsome if not just a little bit effeminate face Alice confessed that she had.
She knew it turned him on to be told that she had been fucked by a number of men before him. And that her cunt was dripping from a hard nights work.

“I’ve been out all day Jack, I owe a weeks back rent and this weeks is due tomorrow. My little pussy has taken a lot of cock, it has been fucked and stretched out real good”

“Take it in the arse today?”
“Yes a far bit but they weren’t big like you Jack”

Jack was well hung with a good eight and a half inches maybe nine and thick. It wasn’t the biggest cock she’d taken up the arse, but she always made out it was and told him it hurt, even though she loved it. And it hadn’t caused her any real pain or discomfort for years.

“You going to let me have a crack at it? I will give you an extra shilling”
“You don’t have to pay extra for my ass tonight Jack. My cunt is so loose and battered even your big cock you would struggle to touch the sides”

Jack’s cock was now bursting to get free from his pants, the little slag was the best looking and the most well used whore this side of tower bridge. Prostitutes twice her age hadn’t seen the volume of traffic between their legs like Alice had. And for Jack this was the real kick.

It was not five minutes since the two sailors had cum up her arse.
She knew the cum already dripping from her arse and the vigorous fucking she had received from the black men would ease Jack’s entry no end. In fact it would make it a walk in the park, a very pleasant walk in the park.

Jack’s cock was rock hard in his pants, a bit of dirty talking with Alice always turned him on and he was extra horny tonight with a pain in his groin. His crouch itched and his penis was showing signs of blistering, and a discharge was dripping from his piss hole.

He knew the filthy whore Alice was to blame as she was the only woman he had been with in a very long time. Jack took a perverse pleasure by keeping faithful to this cheep slag.

Handing Alice ten bob they made their way to the darkened ally.
In the ally, Alice squatted down as she always did and pulled Jacks dick free and started to suck on the putrid dripping cock.

Jack was soon rock hard and Alice stood up and pulled up the front of her skirt, tucking the hem into her waistband exposing her young thighs and dripping sex.

“Fuck my pussy for a bit first Jack, My cunts so fucking loose, you got to try it”

She wanted to see if she could feel Jacks nice big cock in her stretched out and well fucked cunt.
With no more encouragement required Jack dipped his body down and grabbed Alice’s arse cheeks, as Alice took hold of his cock guiding it in the general direction of her baggy whore hole. Jack’s cock slipped almost unhindered into her yielding filthy cunt.

As thick as his cock was its progress was swift, a little bit like if he had stuck his cock in a large jar of warm Vaseline. As he slipped inside her, some of the slime from her previous fucks oozed out of her sex, dripping down over the base of Jack’s cock and balls, as he ground his pelvic bone into hers.

The feeling was wonderful as her slimy pussy sucked him in. As his thick cock filled Alice’s abused hole Jack sighed with pleasure with the feeling of goo running out of her and coating his balls, “fuck you are loose tonight, I’ve never known your cunt to be this fucking stretched out, you been fucking a horse”
“Something like that Jack” Alice replied.

“Tell me Alice”

“I got gang fucked by some black sailors Jack”

Alice and Jack both let out sighs of pleasure as Jack worked his cock scratching his itch and hers, sloshing his cock around inside her baggy hole.

“Yes, you take on groups of men a lot you dirty slut, but your cunt is so fucking loose”

“One of the men had a big dick Jack, twice as thick as yours and a good six inches longer; he fucked the shit out of me”

Jack did not reply, but in his mind’s eye he pictured his sweet little Alice getting a right royal fuck. He just wished he could have seen it. His dick twitched inside her pussy at the thought of being there to watch her cunt getting hammered by the huge black cock.

After a few minutes he pulled out of Alice’s slop bucket, and not having to be told Alice turned around hitched up the back of her dress offering Jack her arse, pulling her cheeks apart.

Jack wasted no time in lining up his cock and started to f***e his way into her. Though little f***e was really required, if Alice hadn’t used her arse muscles to try and tighten his entry.
Alice whimpered a little for show but also a little out of pleasure as Jack’s cock head made its way past her anal ring and into her arse.
Even with the two sailors taking turns, and the three black men she had earlier it was still tight for Jack’s cock.

Alice thought back to when Jack had first fucked her shit hole. She was desperate for some money and painfully hungry. But when Jack had finished battering her arse with his thick cock she promised herself that, that was the first and last time.
Well it was until the next time and the time after that.
Now she looked forward to a bit of pain, in her cunt, arse or a bit of rough treatment to her tits and nipples. It spiced the constant sex up a bit and made her horney for more cock.

Like peoples taste in wine and food changes over the years Alice’s sexual desires also had changed and as time went on she was edging further into the darkness, and her fantasies more and more extreme.

Tonight with the previous punters cum deposited in her bowels the fucking Jack was giving her the pleasure sensations in her back passage was starting to feel like heaven. And she felt like she could take it for hours.

Jack worked his cock in until he was fully sheathed in her arse and started to pump her bowels full on. He pawed at her generous breasts through the thin material of her bra with one hand and he cupped her slimy well fucked sex with the other.

Alice put her hands over the one between her legs cupping his hand and pushing his palm against her clit as his fingers slid unopposed into her loose sloppy cunt.
“Please make me cum Jack...... Please” Alice begged.
“Fuck me harder, take my arse, make it hurt, go on fucking do it, give it to me”
Out of her mouth Alice poured obscenities begging for the hardest fucking Jack could give her. Pleading for a brutal anal battering, and Jack responded twisting and grinding his cock into her as hard as he could, until Alice announced she was going to cum.

Jack was almost ready to cum himself, his aching balls ready to deliver his pent up seed but he paused; I will make you cum you filthy fucking whore with my diseased cock up your diseased arse and my fingers in your diseased cunt. He almost spat the words at her as Alice shivered and held her breath for what seemed like an eternity, until Jack spoke again.

How do you think my dick got in such a mess Alice, he hissed in her ear, you are the only girl I have been with in almost four years?
Alice remained silent and just whimpered as Jack started to hammer into her arse and aggressively maul her cunt with one hand as he attacked her right nipple that was jutting out asking for abuse, and abuse it got with a hard pinch and painful twist through the fabric of her bra.

Alice’s gasped and her body spasmed in orgasm as her discharge sprayed from her cunt into Jack’s palm. The griping of her arse muscles on Jack’s cock was too much for him and he sprayed the insides of her bowels with his own diseased goo.

Jack let out a wail as the sperm ejecting through his cock burned like he was passing molten lead.

Holding Alice tight, still griping her cunt and tit as he waited for the pain in his cock and balls to subside.
After a minute or two and with Jacks cock softening but still firmly lodged up her arse Alice spoke softly with a simple “I’m sorry Jack”

Jack tenderly kissed her neck and now gently fondled and caressed her young firm breasts.

“What am I going to do Jack, I have lost almost all my regulars and it won’t be long before no one will want to fuck me”
Alice’s eyes moistened and her body trembled against Jack’s.
“I can always get some passing trade but word gets around when a whore is fucked up as badly as I am. And it won’t be long before some guy comes looking for me because I gave him a dose, and takes it out on me. You’re not going to hurt me are you Jack” Alice started to gently sob.

“No Alice, I’m not going to hurt you. Far from it, I love you Alice”
“Move in with me. Come home with me now! Tonight! I will take care of you”

Alice was shocked at this offer, and her mind flipped back to what Jack’s mates had said in jest about him marrying her, to save him money.

“What would you expect of me if I moved in with you, you know I can’t and won’t stop whoring, I can’t cook or sow”

“I know you started whoring and fucking anyone with some spare change out of necessity, and I know you love it. If you had all the money in the world you would still be a slag. And I don’t mind, it turns me on Alice, I wouldn’t want you any other way”

“You want me to stay on with you like a mistress or a wife, but sill let me whore myself out, and fuck other men just for fun when I feel like it”

“That’s the idea, let’s just see how it goes but I do hope to make you my wife one day Alice”
“Look we will get ourselves down the clap doctors and cleaned up and then you can start whoring again”

“O Jack your cocks up my arse my cunt is so loose you can’t touch the sides and you are asking to marry you. This is not how I expected to be proposed too”

They both giggled and Jack nuzzled into her neck kissing her as Alice wiggled her arse back into his groin and hung her head back onto his shoulder.

“Your mates are going to find out sooner or later that you’re shacked up with me, they might even want to pay and fuck me and I would let them, can you cope with that”

“Yes Alice I will cope with it”

“So all you would want from me is to fuck my sloppy cunt and arse after I’ve finished a night’s work, you know it will only be a matter of time before I give you the clap again”

“Yes I know, and it turns me on a bit knowing that you probably will”

In fact it turned Jack on a lot, every time he took a piss the excruciating pain reminded him of her filthy cunt and his cock would get hard just thinking about her well used whore holes. He wondered just how much cock and cum she had taken. He figured a good few thousand men and enough cum to fill a bath.

“Yes Jack Id love too, but can we stop of at my place so I can grab my things, I don’t have much and we can be in and out in no time. Besides I can skip without paying that fat old cow of a landlady the rent”

Having picked up Alice’s meagre possessions and posted the key back through the landlady’s letterbox they hailed a cab and made their way back to Jack’s.

The cab pulled up outside Jack’s house and before he could reach for his wallet Alice had her money out.
“I’ll get this Jack” she said as she leant over smiling at the cabby. She offered him a ten bob note in one hand and then lent even closer so she was inches from his face.
“Do you want the money honey or your dick sucked?”

The old cabby almost had a heat attach and looked at Jack who was half out of the cab.

Don’t worry about me mate, take the blowjob it’s worth it I promise”
With that and the meter still running Alice got in the front and went for the cabby’s crutch tugging at his flies releasing his wrinkled old dick that stank of stale piss and sweat.

As Alice gobbled up the old man’s cock Jack let himself into his house carrying Alice’s carpet bag full of her worldly positions into his house, leaving the door ajar he went to the kitchen where he kept a bottle of whiskey. His throat was dry and he was a little shaky. He poured himself a large shot and necked it back. This did little to ail his parched mouth but it helped a little with his nerves.

He had fantasized and dreamt more times than he could remember what it would be like to have Alice in his bed, and all the debased sexual acts they would do together. Just to think about some of his darkest desires made him tremble and now wonder if they could actually come true.

It didn’t take Alice long to suck the spunk out of the old man’s cock and follow Jack into his house closing the door behind her.

Jack was standing in the kitchen smoking a cigarette as he heard the front door close his mind still churning over all the things he would like to do with Alice, and a little scared that if he suggested them, any of them, it would disgust her and push her away and out of his life. He fortified himself mentally before stubbing his cigarette out in the ashtray above the sink, turned and went to meet her at the bottom of the stairs.

Alice had a cheeky grin on her face, and as Jack reached her she offered up her puckered lips to kiss.
Jack lent down and kissed her tasting the old man’s cum on her lips.

Alice broke the kiss and smiled.
“Let’s start how we mean to go on Jack; do you want to fuck me again? I could do with cleaning myself up a bit”

Jack gave Alice an evil looking grin, what’s the point Alice, frightened I might catch something? I want to fuck you as you are. It’s going to be a while before I get the opportunity of enjoying your sloppy cum filled holes”

Alice giggled. “You are silly Jack; I was not offering to clean myself up so you can fuck me. I was going to clean myself up if you didn’t”

Jack gave out a nervous laugh and took Alice’s hand not knowing how to reply and lead her upstairs.

Getting into the master bedroom Jack pulled across the heavy d****s at the big bay window. Like all houses Jack had thick heavy blackout curtains and d****s that allowed no light to escape. Alice had already discarded her coat and was removing her bra, as Jack started to strip himself.

Jack gazed at Alice’s perfectly formed and fully naked young body for the first time in all its glory. He marvelled at her large breasts, tiny waist and flaring hips. She was almost a pornographic cartoon depiction of a woman’s body that was built for sex. But the cartoonist may have omitted the bruising to her inner thighs and bite marks to her breasts.

Alice silently went and laid down on the bed and spread her thighs for him to get between and she held her hand out to Jack as he went to her.
Jack laid between her legs and kissed her with passion tasting the bitter residue of the cabby’s sperm.
He then kissed her neck moving down to her heavenly breasts and stiff thick nipples. He lingered to suck in the stiff buds one by one and massage the generous mounds of firm flesh on her chest.

He continued his journey down her body kissing and caressing her as he went. The further down he went both Alice’s and Jacks breathing quickened.
Jack knew what he wanted to do, what he longed to do but he stopped as his tongue and lips got to her pelvic region and her lice infested blond pubes.

Looking up into her eyes, his own eyes pleading with her for approval and for her to tell him to go on he asked her how many men she had been with that day.
She quickly had a count up in her head; it was twenty before the five black men and the two sailors that was twenty-seven. Twenty-seven she replied with a shy smile adding that some of them went twice.

“Are you going to, you know kiss my pussy?”
God he wanted to lick her over worked cunt out, and was searching her face for any sign of her approval or disgust but saw nothing.
“Would you like that?”

A very broad smile broke out across her face leaving Jack in no doubt that yes that is what she wanted.

“Yes! Oh yes id love it, that’s so fucking nasty, no one has ever done that for me, please do it Jack”

Jack couldn’t believe his luck, far from disgusting Alice with his desire to feed on her slutty cunt, she wanted him too, and it was turning her on.
It was also turning Jack on and he desired more than just her willingness to allow him to feast on her sex.

“Then tell me what to do Alice, tell me to kiss your used, cum filled whore hole, tell me and I will do it”

Alice couldn’t believe it at first, her heart was pounding in her chest as she raised her hips of the bed moving her pelvis provocatively trying to entice Jack into her filthy gash.

Alice was getting excited, men normally told her what they wanted her to do for them. Whether it was to guide their cocks into her cunt or arse, suck on their cocks, or even stick her tongue up their arse cracks. Now for the first time she had a man at her disposal to do nasty things she liked.

“Kiss my sloppy cunt, fucking do it, I want to feel your lips on my sore and battered fuck hole”

Jack started working his way round Alice’s well fucked and battered twat gently sucking and liking at her swollen thick and abused cunt lips, occasionally nipping and suckling her red and swollen clit. All the time Alice was encouraging him, now with her eyes closed and grinding her sex into Jacks face, lips and tongue.

“That’s it baby, don’t hold back on me, lick my dirty cunt clean, Get your tongue inside my over fucked and cum filled hole. Oh yes work that cum out of my cunt”

Alice could feel her orgasm rising and it was going to be a big one, she swung her legs up and over Jack’s head clamping him between her thighs. She grabbed hold of the back Jacks head and pulled him even tighter into her boiling sex as she bucked her pelvis mashing her pussy into Jack’s face as hard as she could, as her pussy almost exploded with passion as she came.

A great jet of cum gushed from her sex into Jacks mouth and her convulsing cunt discharged much of the cum that had been trapped and stored up in the depths of her over worked cunt.

A good few slugs of sex fluid filled Jack’s mouth.
Jack swallowed the lot before he could talk himself out of it; he knew that was what he wanted to do. And he had passed the point of no return.

It was what he had wanted to do for a long time but never had the guts to ask her, for fear of her being disgusted and the shame of wanting to do it.

Alice almost blacked out with the pleasure ripping through her body like she had never known it. She thought back to a few hours ago and how well Monkey had fucked her and now the shear excitement of having her lover, yes her lover devouring her infected and used cunt was almost too erotic for her to comprehend. But she knew she loved it and she knew so did Jack, and she also knew that he was going to do this for her again and again. Pandora’s Box was open for business and it was not going to be closed again, not in her lifetime.

Jack was still working away lovingly between her legs as she slowly came back down to earth, releasing her grip on him and letting him breath more easily.

Alice stroked Jack’s hair and purred. “You like my slutty cunt don’t you Jack”
“Yes Alice I love your sloppy pussy, especially when it’s been well used and full of cum. You know that don’t you. That’s why I always try and find you late into the evening. Knowing that by then you would have been fucked a number of times and be carrying round a nights worth of takings in your dirty cunt”

Alice smiled and stroked Jacks hair. “You know something Jack that really turns me on. I have to ask this Jack, I’ll say sorry upfront if you think it’s disgusting. And yes it is but”
Alice paused not quite shore if she should go on but the cum oozing from her arse made her mind up.

“How about my arse Jack, that’s starting to take a lot more traffic, do you think you could love that to?”
“I want you to dump another load in there, and then give my arse the same treatment that you gave my pussy when you’re done. Please Jack do it for me. I have an itch deep inside my shit hole and only your dick can reach it, please Jack. Give my arse a good fucking and then lick the shitty hole clean when you’re done”

“I’ve had nine loads up there today Jack not counting the load you shot in me” She said with a mischievous grin as if this was the deal clincher, and it was.

Jack knelt up and his rock hard cock stuck straight out with discharge dripping from his pee hole.

Alice wasted no time spinning herself round kneeling up wiggling her arse at Jack.
Jack wiped the head of his dick up and down the crack of Alice’s arse that was slick with a milky brown slime. He placed his cock at the entrance to her back door and applying some pressure, he quickly popped the head of is cock past her sphincter as Alice moaned. He slowly carried on pumping his cock deeper until he was fully in her now tight butt hole. His hands wandered over her flanks and belly until they cupped her heavy breasts.

Jack sawed his cock in and out slowly at first enjoying the relief that the pressure of her arse walls gave to his itching dick. Then he built up speed. His hands mauled her breasts and cunt. Jack nuzzled his head into Alice’s neck as he pumped away in her tight but sloppy arse.

“Oh your arse feels so good on my cock Alice”

“Just fuck my arse, fuck it good and hard Jack. My arse is going to get a lot more cock from now on. So you better get used to the taste of shit flavoured spunk because this is one hole that is going to need a lot of your special love and attention”

Listening to Alice’s words turned Jack on and he doubled his efforts and was soon dumped his burning load into her bowels. He held Alice tight, his throbbing cock still buried in her.

Jacks breathing retuned to normal after his exertion, his cock softening but still inside Alice.
After a few minutes Alice broke the embrace and lent forward nestling her head on a pillow with her arse left high in the air. The movement made Jacks cock slip out of her. He looked down at the red puckered arse hole that was not entirely closed, and the light brown slime running down her arse crack to her cunt.

“What are you waiting for Jack, an invitation?”

With nothing more said Jack lowered his face to her perfectly formed arse cheeks and gently kissed each one lovingly before running his tongue up from her cunt to her oozing shit hole tasting the filth that had leaked out of her arse.
The crack of her arse clean he put his lips over her hole and gently kissed it, then again with a little more f***e.

Alice pushed her arse up to try and get his tongue into her itching hole but Jack was taking his time.
“Stop teasing me, get you’re fucking tongue in my arse” Alice hissed. Jack was shocked into action by her f***eful instruction and pulled her arse cheeks apart and with his mouth clamped over her anus he probed her filthy hole, swirling his tongue around the not so tight anal ring, tasting the slop therein.

Alice was almost purring into the pillow with her fingers playing with her over sensitive and blistered clit.

“Ooww yes, that’s it, suck that cum out of me, lick the shit out of my arse. Fuck yes that feels good”
“I hope you like this Jack because when I go back to work I will expect you to do this for me every time I bring home another man’s cum in my arse”

Alice was working herself up to another orgasm with the help of Jacks tongue mining her shit hole, but she didn’t want to come on her hand, not when Jack’s mouth was available.
“I’m going to come, let me sit on your face”

Jack took his mouth away from her hole and laid down on the bed as Alice got into a sixty nine position facing his quickly rejuvenated and throbbing cock.

Jack grabbed her arse checks and pulled her sex towards him as Alice observed his filthy cock twitch madly as he worked her cunt.

Within seconds Alice was grinding her snatch into Jacks face, her hot hole spilling more of its filthy contents into his eager mouth. Alice now had her lips around Jack’s putrid cock and his hips bucked up fucking Alice’s face as their bodies writhed with obscene lust. To spur him on she probed his arse with her fingers until she had had first one then two inserted in his anal passage.

Alice was the first to come, keeping her lips around Jacks cock as her loins shuddered and her fluids spurted forth into Jacks face.
Jack carried on thrusting upwards clenching and unclenching his arse muscles on her fingers that were now fucking his bum hole, while licking and slurping at the seemingly never ending supply of cum and fuck juice making its way dribbling out of Alice’s open cunt.

When Jack came Alice swallowed until there was nothing left, slipping her fingers out of his arse she let his cock go soft keeping it in her mouth like a c***d’s dummy as she nestled her head in his groin and Jack as if in a dream continued to kiss and moan into her loose cunt.

They eventually untwined their body’s and hugged each other exchanging gentle kisses. Before sl**p took them Alice broke the silence.
“You wont cheat on me will you Jack”
“Never Alice, I will never cheat on you”
“You better not”

To be continued............

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