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[Story] Stuffing the Holiday Virgin

Stuffing the Holiday Virgin
By Macy Alexander
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I was really looking forward to going home for Christmas – I didn’t want to admit it, but I was a little homesick my freshman year at University. So, I was shocked when my mom called and told me that she and my dad were going on a cruise this year instead of hosting the holidays like they’d done every year of my life! Mom said that they had been planning this for 2 years, but didn’t have the heart to tell me until 2 weeks before winter break. I was ... Continue»
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[Story] Eva Diary 2: Our first time “swinging”

I had always kept my little secrets, well, secret. I didn’t share my past or current fantasies with my husband. I never told him about my past experiences. Finally one night about two years ago, a young guy began flirting with me and I just went for it! I didn’t even warn Todd or talk about what I was thinking, I just did what my body was aching to do.

Todd and I were at a little Italian place. As we waited near the bar, I noticed a hot, young college guy checking me out. I flirted with him and he bought me a drink. Todd was still at the bar, sheepishly waiting for his turn to order drinks... Continue»
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[Story] Macy's Blog: Hot New Friends

Well, I’ve found some southern friends. Two friends (separate) that I plan to continue to fool around with while I’m down here for another month. I meet Troy last night for dinner, then followed him back to his house… way out in the country! He lives a bit far and smokes, but has a nice big cock so it’s worth the drive at least a couple more times.

We were at the bar in the restaurant and I had an extra pair of black lacy panties in my purse. I told Troy to go to the bathroom and put them on – I was wearing a matching pair. He came back to his chair very happy with my panties stretching ov... Continue»
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[Story] Eva Diary: Masturbating to home video

Eva Diary 10: Masturbating to home video

I continue to court my hot mom, Cathy. She and her husband and son came over this past weekend and our k**s get along great. We all did. Her husband is very handsome, GQ looks, (though I get a feel that he has a small penis) and it took all my strength to behave! But I am being the good girl… for now. This morning, Cathy and I walked to the coffee shop a few blocks from the school and chatted about k**s, husbands, typical mom stuff. I flirted a little and even had the opportunity to briefly hold her hand as I pulled her away from a big crack in the ... Continue»
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[Story] Pregnant & Milking It

I have been nursing my son for nearly a year; I am starting to wean him... BUT I just can't seem to wean my husband, Chris. When I first learned I was pregnant, I shared my fantasy about breast milk with Chris. At first, he wasn't sure he would like it; but as my breasts grew larger during the pregnancy, he became obsessed by them. A few weeks before giving birth to my son, my breasts started producing a lot of milk. One night at the dinner table, Chris just got this wild grin on his face. I looked at him, asking what he was thinking. He just stared at my huge, swelling breasts. I looked down ... Continue»
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