My Mature Obsession

I left miss Maggie's office with an ear to ear grin, and a dvd so fresh it felt warm in my pocket. Seeing Betty pay for her lies was nice, the thick red welts crossing over her beautiful virgin cunt really got me going. I only wish it was me dishing it out. I wish Miss Maggie would have made her look me in as she f***ed Betty's head down on my cock. I wish I could have had a fist full of her hair as I pounded her tight ass. I couldn't help but wonder how she had known about Betty's lies. Maybe she would tell me this afternoon, But right at this moment I had to report to the school nurse, for what reason I had no idea, Miss Maggie Said to go so I went.
I got to the little room and that's when I noticed the time. I had been in that closet nearly two hours, yet it only felt like minutes. The nurses office was brightly lit it had two cots, and an exam table separated by the hospital type curtains for privacy. When I walked in Mrs. Walker had her back to me reading what looked like a medical chart. Have a seat please. she said. I had a call from your mother today, she said that she lost her insurance and she wouldn't be able to pay for your annual physical. I had no idea Ma'am. I replied. I told her it was no problem, and that I could perform the physical at no cost. That is if you were comfortable with that arrangement. Yes Ma'am I answered I'm cool with that. She then walked over and pulled the door shut and locked it. She handed me a gown and pulled the curtain shut. I stripped down to my socks and put the gown on. I sat on the examination table and called to Mrs Walker that I was ready. When The curtain opened, Mrs. Walker had been doing a bit of changing herself. The normal frumpy long skirt and blouse with the white coat had been replaced with a tight white uniform that buttoned up the front. It was so short I could see the tops of her white stay up stockings. the top was unbuttoned low enough that I could see the little white bow which seemed to be holding the thing together in the front. She moved to my side and started the physical First a look in my ears, Then a little follow the flashlight with the eyes thing, then the tongue depressor to check down my throat. I'm going to have to give you something for your throat. It seems a little red to me. next came the pulse, BP,the whole time I'm checking out her cleavage. My dick was starting to grow with every touch. She pulled out her stethoscope, gave it a sexy little blow to warm it up and moved behind me to listen to my breathing, I'm glad she did, because my cock was rock hard and I took this advantage to readjust and crossed my arms on my lap in a vain effort to conceal my excitement. She reached around me from behind and moved the stethoscope to my heart. She was so close I could feel her breath on the back of my neck. It's beating a bit fast there Mr. Carney. And It was. I could feel it pounding in my head and in my cock as well. No way to hide it now, It was at full attention as she made her way back to take a position in front of me between my parted knees. Well I see your mother was right. You have grown to be a big man. She lifted the gown to reveal my swollen member. Looks like one more thing for me to treat. She took me in her hand and slowly stroked it up and down. She started to un do the buttons of her uniform with her free hand. My f****y doctor never did that for an examination. I said. trying to be cute. Which she replied with, " Were going to do a lot more detailed exam since it will be the last one till you mother has her insurance back again" It felt so good and She was the boss. Now stand up for me please. I stood up, She took the gown off me,and threw it to to side. She cupped my balls in her left hand and continued stroking me with her right. Now then, turn your head to to left and cough, So that's what I did. Again. she said. I complied. That's good. Yes good and full she said. After striking my knees with the little rubber. She said, Well that's it, perfect in every way. Now I'm going to treat that irritated throat of yours. She let the uniform hit the floor and revealed two sweet breast. they were very firm and real, just like my own moms. The bra and panties she was wearing were very sheer, and I could see her big pink nipples and her little ginger bush. She removed the rest of her under garments, all but the white lace topped stockings. she pushed me back into a lying position.and straddled my face. Now take your medicine, lick my dripping old slit. I did as I was told, and guided my tongue in to the fold of her womanhood. The taste was electrifying. the musky scent was pushing me closer and closer.She lowered her mouth to my throbbing pole,and licked the tip, tongue fucking my piss hole. She ground her box down on my face, I was drowning in her wetness. OHHHHH! YES!! That's it now suck my clit!! I sucked it as hard as I possibly could. All of a sudden she pulled her cunt from my mouth and started convulsing, and took the entire length of my cock into her throat. Her juices were flowing like a broken beaver dam, and I gathered as much of it in my mouth as I could. When the orgasm subsided she turned to face me. Now we need to treat this erection. She straddled my cock and slowly sat on it. She was so wet it went right in but it felt like five minutes had passed before her ass met my lap. OHHH FUCK !!!!MY PUSSY HASNT BEEN STRECHED LIKE THIS SINCE MY SCHOOL DAYS!!!! I started fucking her. our pace getting faster with each stroke. Her tits swung back and forth over my hungry mouth. I took them into my mouth and sucked her big pink nipples, lightly biting them. First one then the other. Oh yeah! Suck Em Baby!! Bite them!! Oh your cocks going to make me cum again.!!! I would hear her say this several more times in the next few minutes. I was at my end ,and couldn't wait to let my load go. Mrs Walker must have sensed it too, because she rose off my cock, looked me in the eyes and said Now give me a little sample please. She reached down and while sucking me started to rub my asshole. I jumped when she did it. Just relax young man, I forgot something during the exam that must be checked. I was a bit uncomfortable but didn't protest out of fear that I would never get another chance at her hot MILF fuck hole if I did. She took her time and finally had her finger in my virgin asshole. She stroked slowly in and out for a couple of minutes. I was surprised that I hadn't gone soft with the intrusion. Instead my cock was like concrete. Then she started rubbing a place inside of me. Holy Shit !!! What the Fuck!! Damn it was feeling incredible. It's your prostrate. She said and began sucking harder and rubbing the spot faster. I clenched my asshole every time she poked the finger deeper. My balls were full and had to be released. I shot my hot goo into her hungry mouth. She pulled her mouth off me and took two more huge blasts on her face.
I laid there exhausted, and watched Mrs Walker walk to a cabinet. She removed a sample cup, and came back to me and emptied the contents of her mouth into the cup and put a lid on the cup, labeled it with my name. She pushed the remainder of seed into her mouth, and swallowed it. MMMMMMMMMM! That's so good! I love young cum. I'll save this for later, and put the cup into a fridge in the corner of the room. When she opened the door I noticed she had a large collection of young semen. with several different names on the cups. Well that's it. She said. Now then get dressed. She pulled the curtain closed and Said Well have a follow up in a few days so can have a look at your throat again. When I had finished dressing I pulled Back the curtain, and there stood Miss Maggie. She had that devilish grin on her face and said " Two nuts in one day, That's good, but We'll see what you've really got this afternoon when you come to work in the yard for me. I'll be expecting you there by five. that gives you two hours for your homework assignments. I told her I'll be there, and on time. she left the room and I went to the library to start my World History paper. It was difficult keeping on task, with the thought of the days events, and what was to come later this afternoon. I hoped Miss Maggie would let me taste her and fuck her mature holes. Guess I'll just have to wait to find out.
I couldn't get my home work done fast enough. I finished it faster than ever. When I got to Miss Maggie's she met me at the door wearing a leather get up, Thigh high boots with spiked heels. Black fishnet stockings leather suspenders and a leather bustier. Her long lean legs met her perfect ass. I watched it swing back and forth as she led me down the hallway to a darkened room . It reminded me of a scary movie set . Whips, canes, leather straps and paddles covered one wall. There were four asses bent over a long padded pole in the middle of the room. I could tell from the view that they were female, because their cunts were all visible. Their wrists were bound with leather straps to their ankles. I want you to help me discipline these four little sluts. Have they been bad I asked. Oh Very naughty indeed. I couldn't help but smile. Miss Maggie had awoken something inside of me that afternoon when she caned Betty's sweet ass. I said I'll teach em a lesson or two. Miss Maggie smiled and said Careful, You may just be the one to learn something today.
as I moved closer I found that I recognized two of the bound ladies asses. One was my Sweet mothers, and the other I had seen earlier that afternoon. It was Betty! the other two I couldn't quite make out. Miss Maggie took a riding crop from its place on the wall. She let it fall on the first and biggest ass. I expected to hear a scream, but instead i heard a muffled grunt. the woman strained against the restraints and raised her head. she and the rest of the women were wearing leather hoods with silver zippers over their eyes and mouths. I couldn't wait to have my turn. Miss Maggie continued down the line. One ass after the other receiving a good sting with the crop. Get your fucking clothes off now you handsome little mother fucker. I started to get undressed as she continued to whip their asses. Muffled groans and grunts filled the room. Now your job is to feed these bitches each others shit. I never heard talk like this but it was apparent I liked it by the way my cock was growing again. How am I supposed to do that I asked. Well it's quite simple she said. As she walk around to the front of the bound women. I'm going to unzip these sluts mouth holes, and your going to start at the right and fuck the first sluts ass, Then when I feel she's put enough shit on your cock, you'll move to the front and stick your shitty cock in the next whores mouth hole till I feel shes eaten enough shit. Then you will repeat the process until I feel they have had enough. easy enough I though. I moved up to the first ass it was big round and unfamiliar too me. I spit into my hand and reached to lube the puckered starfish, But Miss Maggie stopped me. These cunts dont deserve any lubrication Mr. Carney. They deserve a good hard reaming with out it. Who was I to argue. I took my stiff member in hand and put it to the first asshole. The unknown woman let out a groan as I pushed forward not giving a bit of acknowledgement to her pain. All the way with one push, I fucked her till she became accustomed to the size of my tool buried in her big ass and began to fuck back. Miss Maggie continued down the line cropping their asses good. When she reached the end of the line she went to the front and unzipped the mouth hole of the next woman in the line and told me to come around to the front. When I got around the front I could see all four women's tits. The first set were big and wrinkled with huge brown nipples. which almost looked like a cows udders. The next pair I recognized right off by the big pink nipples. I had sucked and chewed on them not more than two hours before. The belonged to Nurse Walker, and looked good hanging there in front of me. I thought it was funny I didn't recognize her ass after licking it like I had. The others belonged to Mom and Betty. I stuck my cock Into her mouth till she gagged on it. Her saliva mixed with the shit from the first asshole. All the way in till she gagged and all the way back to just the swollen head remained. Miss Maggie had switched to a buggy whip looking thing and was standing back a bit, delivering sting after sting as she went down the line. I wanted to blow my wad in the warm wet mouth I was fucking, But was told I couldn't cum till I was given permission from the Mistress. So I fought it with all my strength. I didn't want to disappoint anyone. Miss Maggie came around took a look at my clean spit covered cock and directed me to my mothers ass next. I thought I would take it easy on Mom's ass, but the mistress in charge reminded me they all get the same treatment, and threw me a towel to wipe my cock dry. Moms ass was ready and willing for it. As soon as the tip touched her asshole pucker open a bit and it closed again. I felt like it was sucking me into it like some kind of vacuum. I held her hips and drove it in and began to pound moms ass good. Once again I reminded not to cum with out being told to do so. I locked down and there was a little ball of shit on the tip of my cock when she motioned to me to fuck Betty's youthful mouth. I held Betty's head in Both hands and pushed the shit ball past her lips. Betty gagged so hard she puked on my cock I tried to wipe it off because it smelled bad but Mistress Maggie protested. You put that big cock back in her mouth till she has it clean. That was all I needed. I fucked Betty's face hard and deep. Her constant gagging had me covered in saliva and puke, But I never slowed a bit, till the mistress directed to do so. She told Betty how lucky she was to be the last in line, because she would still have the taste of my shitty puke covered cock while she had her tight little ass pounded. I moved behind Betty, Wiped the wetness off and drove right in to the hilt. She let out a loud grunt as it hit bottom. this was the grudge fuck I had wanted soo bad. I held her head back fish hooking the first two fingers of both hands in the corners of her open mouth. Mistress Maggie had taken a huge dick off the wall and began to fuck the others. It was twice the size of my nine and a half incher, and had a head at both ends. She had one end stuffed in her hairy snatch, and was fucking them with the other end. She must have known how badly I wanted to pound Betty's ass because she allowed me to hammer it twice as long as the others. When she motioned back to my mothers mouth, mom was ready. She sucked my shit covered dick in and held it in her neck for a good while. I was impressed with moms cock sucking skills. She was truly a master cock sucker. On down the line i went till all four had clean shit off my cock. Then I got the surprise of my life. She walked back to Betty who had no idea what so ever that it was me that had just crammed a shitty cock in her mouth and pounded her tight asshole. Mistress Maggie reached to to back of the hood, unzipped it and pulled it off her head. She grabbed a fist full of Betty's hair and pulled her head back so Betty could look me straight in the eyes. See how nice you could have been treated by this young cocks men. Yes Mistress she answered. Now I think you owe him something special. Don't You? Yes Mistress. What are you gonna give him you naughty little slut! Before Betty could react Mistress Maggie told her she was going to give me. Your gonna give up your sweet little virgin pussy. Aren't you? Betty looked and sounded a bit unsure of her willingness to give it up, Aren't you!! Mistress Maggie yelled. and smacked the holy fuck out of Betty's jaw with the big rubber cock. Yes Mistressss!!! she sobbed. I no longer needed any direction. I was going to shove my cock n her virgin pussy and fuck it like it had always been mine to fuck. I guided my throbbing and slowly pushed in till I met the resistance of her hymen. Then it popped. I pushed past it, and when my balls were touching her clit I ground my didck even deeper. When I withdrew her bl**d covered my cock. I slammed it back in. ech push brought another cry of pain. I was high. My head was swimming and as I fucked her I called her a little cum bucket. I tried everything I could to be as degradeing as possible. This was my chance to punish her little lieing ass. But I fucked up. I had forgotten what the mistress told me, and as Betty started to have the first cock induced orgasim of her young life. I let go and shot my load. OH FUCK YEAH!!! and I covered her beautifull litle ass with my seed. I came so hard I nearly collasped. When my head cleared I looked up to find the others had been released and un masked. All of them were smiling with the exception of Mistress Maggie. How easily you forget Young Mr. Carney. I told you you were not allowed to ejaculate untill I had given you permission. I smirked a little and said yeah well I just couldnt help it. The the three Women grabbed ahold of me. I didnt even struggle, I thought it was all part of the game. Untill they had me bound in the same position they had just been released from. Mistress released Betty and directed all four of the women to pick a tool of pain from the wall. She came to the front of me, The huge rubber dick looking me in the face. Then came the first blow I let out a yelp like a scalded hound dog. It was quickly silenced by the big rubber dick that was f***ed in my mouth . all of the women were taking turns at my helpless bare ass. the pain was incredible. incredibly wonderfull that is. I could taste the different tastes of the women she had just fucked with it. this went on and on my cock was hard and they began to take turns sucking and pulling on it. i had had enought and begged Mistress Maggie to let me cum, but she refused my pleas.when she felt I had enough, and had paid for my mistake. she moved beneeth me and took my cock and said now fuck mt mouth and give me your cum, and you better have enough to satisfy me you little fuck!! I did as I was told and filled her mouth to the top. Mistress Maggie stood in front of me and asked You goona foolw directions in the future? Yes mistress I replied. I was released from the bindings and my mom took me home.
This would continue through out my college years. I got to where I liked the punishment and would break the rules whenever it suited me. Betty and I are married now ,But We still meet with the others, And my mom has shared out home and our bed from the start. Niether Betty nor I would have it any other way. Yes Betty is obsessed with mature women just as much as I am.

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1 year ago
Awesome story, made cum several times reading it!
3 years ago
Would have loved to be one of those shit eating sluts.
3 years ago
This is the conclusion to this short series