The Sweet Taste of Brandy # 3

I awoke to find my wife had already left for work, and just like the past three days Brandy had taken her place in our bed. Brandy told me I have a condom Daddy, can you please fuck my pussy today? She knew what my answer would be. I told her Yes Baby Daddy will fuck your sweet pussy for you, but it will have to wait. I had to go to the lumber yard to pick up materials for my wifes cabanna project, which she just had to have me build on my vacation time. Brandy was eager to relieve my morning hard on, and I really wanted it too ,but I had to go.
I was headed home from my errands, when I got the call from Brandy. Stacy and another friend from school want to help me fuck you. she said. I asked who the other friend was and she said the girls name was Tammy. Is she trustworthy to keep our secret? Yes she said. I caught her eating the vollyball coaches cunt. Now she owes me. Your gonna like her too, she's got red hair and huge store bought tits. My hard on had returned as I rushed home to claim the teenage prize my Step daugther had scored for me. I was met at the door by my teen harem. All three girls were totally naked. Tammy was more beautiful than I could have imagined. My eyes locked on her huge fake tits. Daddy bought them for my 18 th birthday. I figured he must be a dirty Fuck just like me, to buy his k** a tit job. Her long red hair and little red bush were just gorgous. They led me up the stairs, past the younests room I looked in on him, and closed the door so he wouldnt be woke from his nap. We reached Brandys room and they began their assult, I was stripped naked in seconds. Tammy 's jaw hit the floor when she saw my stiff pole sticking up at full mast. Damn it's the biggest one I've seen, My dads isnt near as fat as your dads. My suspicions about Her Father were confirmed. The three of them started sucking my swolen tool. When Tammy had her turn She put my cock between her huge tits. I slowly stroked between them. Her pink nipples sticking out over a inch. She licked the tip as it got near her willing mouth. I was enjoying the feeling, when Brandy said I'm first. I laid down on my back and and Brandy rolled the condom down the length of my shaft. It was so tight on my cock I feared it might rupture. Brandy lowered herself down to my cock and Just like the first time I had her little asshole My cock was folding over from the pressure It popped in and Brandy screamed but continued. How does my cherry feel Daddy? I never dreamed she was a virgin, but the bl**d on my dick told me she wasnt lieing. Holy Fuck Baby It feels so fucking good! She started rideing me slow up and down she went. Tammy came and sat on my face. Now its your turn to do the licking Mr C. Her pussy was pink as fuck. I licked the folds and made my way to her clit. Stacy took up a spot in front of Tammy and told her Shut up cunt and start licking. Brandys stoks had gotten faster, and the sounds of discomfort had turned to moans of pleasure. It felt good to know that she had given me her cherry. and she was loving the ride she was taken. Oh Fuck Daddy I want to do this every day. I want you to fuck my pussy every day. I will Baby every time we get a chance OOOOOH I"M CUMMING DADDY!! and she began to grind her tight little pussy against my pelvic bone. I'm Next said Tammy as Brandy fell over into a exausted heap next to me. Stacy quiclky moved over my mouth and rode my face like a crazy women. Fuck Mr.C, you sure know how to eat pussy. I licked it like a hound dog on his nuts. Tammy was riding me as hard as possible I wanted to cum, but held back. I had to have my cock in all three of these little rips. the comdem was helping though. I'm sure I would have lost it as soon as Brandys hymen tore. around the fattness of my dick. Tammy was soon cumming and Stacy took her place. She was super wet and slid it right in. like a pro she began to ride my fuck stick. She must have been really turned on because it only took her a couple minutes and she started to cum. All three girls had ridden my cock and now it was my turn to come. I put all three girls on their hands and knees and fucked them all from behind. I went back to Brandy pushed into the tightness, and it got to feeling real good. I hammered her hard, till I blew my load. Then the reason it was feeling so good was aparent. The condom had broken inside her little pussy. OH FUCK DADDY YOU CAME INSIDE ME WERE FUCKED IF I GET PREGNANT! Her friends started sucking my seed out of Brandys cunt and she loved it. I was a lucky fuck that day. I hadnt knocked up my wifes c***d. and fucked three of the tightest cunts I ever had the pleaure of fucking. I decided then and there That Brandy was getting on birth control. Even if I had to take her myself and hide it from her mom.
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3 years ago
mmmm so hot, loved it as much as the others. where next mmmm