The Sweet Taste of Brandy

It was a hot summer morning. My wife was at work and I was at home with the k**s. My step daughter who was 15 at the time asked me if she and her friend Stacy could hang out around the pool if they minded her little b*****r. I thought hell yeah! I can hide in the man cave, drink a few beers and catch up on some porn. It was the first day of a week long vacation, and couldn't think of a better way to start it off. After a few beers under my belt, i needed to piss. I went to the restroom upstairs because it overlooked the pool and i thought I could kill two birds with one stone. I could piss and check on the k**s at the same time. so I'm pissing and look out the window and Brandy's friend Stacy was pulling herself up the ladder to get out of pool. she was tall 5'10 or so 120 soaking wet blond hair blue eyes. B cup tits pert and perky. super long legs and a nice ass. As her top began to appear, I noticed her young little wernt in her top but out in plain view. My flow had stopped, and i didn't even realize it. I stood there staring at her young breasts with my cock in my hand getting harder by the second she slowly made it to the top of the ladder ,turned her back toward the window and bent over at the waist and began putting her little tits back in her top. I could see the thong fitted snugly in the crack of her ass. My cock was as hard as steel and dripping pre cum like and old Harley drips oil on your driveway. She stood straight up and turned to face me so fast it startled me. We made eye contact. and I tried to hide behind the curtain, But she didn't freak out at all like I thought she would. Instead she looked up at me and smiled a cheeky little grin. Then slowly and very erotically removed the bikini top all together. she looked back over her shoulder at me as she walked to the lounges on the other side of the pool. She sat down and picked up the bottle of tanning oil and started rubbing it on her lightly tanned tits. I spit on my cock for a bit of lube myself and continued jacking. Stacy never broke eye contact once, that is till Brandy sat up on the lounge next to her. Stacy leaned over and untied Brandis bikini top, and began rubbing oil one her tits . Brandy's tits were beautiful. a cup size bigger and she a and perfectly shaped ass. The Native American bl**dline in her gave her beautiful dark hair and dark skin to match. Much nicer than Stacy who was two years older. they rubbed each others tits slowly and leaned into one another and began kissing. softly at first but within a couple seconds I could see their tounges battling it out. Then all of the sudden they just stopped and both kicked back in their lounges. I thought Fuck Me !!! The shows over and I'm still hard as a rock.Just as the thought ran through my mind they both raised their ass and removed their bikini bottoms, and started rubbing the oil from their tits down to their bare pussies. I could see the dark pink folds of Brandys young little slit. I couldn't help but think how tight that little thing had to be. Both girls were rubbing their pussies faster, and I jacked my cock to match their pace. I was thinking I was about to come while watching Brandy wanking and she hasn't even noticed me in the window. Just then brandy took off her sunglasses and was looking me dead in the eye. She gave a little smooch my way and drove a finger into into the pinkness. both girls were rubbing it like they were trying to start a fire. Stacy came first. She began to tremble and convulse with her orgasm, I thought the sight was going to cause me to lose it, but I fought off the feeling . I wanted to come with Brandy. Brandy started to tense up and let out a little scream. She started squirting like a faucet. and I shot at least ten good squirts myself. I shot so hard it got up on the window. I couldn't believe I just wanked off with my step daughter. The girls got up and dressed. So I cleaned my mess off the window and headed back to the basement.
An hour or so had passed and I thought I better check in on the little one feed him lunch and put him down for a nap. After he goes to sl**p ,I'll find out whats going on with those two little jack off buddies of mine. To my surprise the the girls had already taken care of it. So I went straight up to Brandy's room, they were engaged in some serious sixty nining when I came into the room. Brandy was on the bottom, both of them were sucking and licking like it was their last meal. I said Damn I'm jealous Stacy. You get to lick my Brandy's sweet little Honeypot and I cant even have a taste. Brandy chimed in "Oh Yes you can, And I can and will taste your big dick. I know my Mom isn't sucking or fucking you. As true as it was I told Brandy Well that may be so one day, but right now you are only fifteen and The age of consent is s*******n in this state and I'm not risking prison, even though I do want you more than anything. I have an idea, said Brandy. If Stacy eats my pussy, then you can kiss Stacy, and taste my pussy. Then Stacy sucks your fat cock, and kisses me and we all get what we want. I don't know Brandy...Jacking off with your step dad is one thing ,bu....Oh come on !! You know I would do it for you Stacy Brandy protested. I thought it was the best idea she had had in her young life. Oh OK! Stacy said. so I put the girls back into the sixty nine. With Brandy on top this time. I got a chair and sat where I could get a good view of Brandy's sweet slit. It was so fucking pink. and I stroked my cock with every lick Stacy gave it. It didn't take long and brandy was squirting again, I thought Stacy was going to drown in Brandy's cum. When Brandy finished .I pulled Stacy's face close and began licking The cum off her face and neck then kissed her till I could taste Brandy. I stood up and Stacy sat down on Brandy's face. Stacy took my pulsating cock in her hand and stroked it a few times. Its heavier than I thought it would be, And I don't think it will fit in my mouth. Oh it Will fit I said, And pushed my cock head past her lips. It only took a couple of thrusts and she was sucking like a pro. Brandy was sucking Stacy's pussy and fingering her own cunt when we all began to come. And like before It was Stacy first, then Brandy and I came Together once again. I shot so much Stacy couldn't keep it all in her mouth. but she was threatened by Brandy to not lose a drop. they embraced in a long passionate kiss. They passed my cum between themselves for a few minutes. We finished in perfect Time. The youngest had just woke from his nap. That day was the beginning of a relationship with my stepdaughter. It continues today. We all got what we wanted They had their first experience with a Man and not just a boy And I learned of the sweet taste of Brandy.
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i am so hard
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really good
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mmm hot story, got me going to mmmm more please