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Betty slowly closed the gap between the door and Miss Maggie's big wooden desk. Betty placed her feet at the line on the floor to the side of the desk her back to my position,Yes she was lieing little cunt but, but she did have an awesome body. One that I never got past second base with. then when she dumped me and started seeing Bily the jock the little rip told all the girls I had a litle dick. Beatrice Miss Maggie said. It's been brought to my attention that you have been spreading a rumor about A male student. Mr Carney. Teddy? Betty asked. Yes Beatrice, Thats the student. How the fuck Did she know I wondered. No mistress Mitchell I havent. So your saying that my source is a liar, And you didnt tell the other girls Mr Carney had a small penis.Yes Mistress Mitchell. Your lieing Beatrice, The person I recieved this information has been a trusted confidante and friend who has nothing to gain by telling a lie about a student.Well Then Beatrice I'll get to the bottom of this. Miss Maggie pulled berrty's shoulders forward and bent Bent Betty over the edge of the big wooden desk. She raised her skirt to the middle of her back ,just like the little freshman girl before.She then told betty to pull down her panties, Betty reached back with both hands and Slid her panties down over her beautiful ass. And exposed her perfect little slit. I was seeing it for the first time and wanted to violate it's tightness more than ever.My cock was had as steel as I watched from the closet.Now I want you to put those dirty knickers into your dirty little mouth, after all that is why your here. Your dirty little mouth. Miss Maggie walked across to the wall where her cane was and brought it back around and touched Bettys Ass with and Betty Jumped a bit. Your here because your Dirty little mouth told a lie and spread a rumor that was an absolute lie. She let the cane fall across Bettys ass Once than again. Two red streaks Were visible right off. Betty let out a muffled yelp with each stroke. What I cant understand is why would you Dump a Young man with such a good personality, and nice cock, for a little dicked jock?Before Betty could answer The cane dropped across her ass cheecks again. it whistled as it cut through the air one two than a third time. Betty Screamed Through her panties. When she had calmed a bit. Miss Maggie removed the panties so Betty could answer.I did it because I was affraid Mistress Mitchell. Affraid ? Affraid of what? asked Miss Maggie. The red streaks across Bettys ass had begun to raise up intto welts. Her legs trembling. I was afraid of Teddys Big penis. I'm a virgin and he wanted to put it in my ass so I would still be a virgin. I was afraid of it. I wanted it but was afraid and thought if I broke up with him, I could Tell the girls what I did and they wouldnt want to go out with him. Miss Maggie put the panties back in Bettys mouth, and once again without warning. The The cane cut through the air three more times. for a second I almost felt sory for her,but was reminded how much I was enjoying her punishment by my throbbing cock. And what about The Jock With the little pecker? Miss maggie asked. Betty still sobbing a little said. I dont eve like Billy. iwas only going to use his little dick to train my asshole for Teddy. I nearly came right then.Miss Maggie turned toward me a gave a wicked little grin. I hope that this teaches you that lies and rumors will not be tolerated. Now then Beatrice you have told the truth,so now I can help you repair the danmage your lie has caused.You should have come to me sooner with your problem. I am always here for student who are dealing with these sorts of things. Today I'm going to teach you that a nice big cock is nothing to be affraid of. Just like I had been told to do I stuck my hard through the open slots in the door. She led Betty by the handover to my cock.Shee Betty This is a Nice Big Cock.Nothing to be affraid of. Betty slowly reach out and touched my was pulseing. now get on your knees and taste it Dear.Betty knelt down and gave it a litle lick. Miss Maggie took her by the pony tail and pushed her head toward me and said now open wide my cock slid into her mouth and I couldnt help it I let out a load moan of my own. by now Miss Maggie was pushing her head all the way down till Betty gaged on it then pulled it backwithin minutes Betty was going at my cock on her own.She raised up on one knee and started rubbing her little virgin clit.and began to moan.Miss maggie slow unbuttoned Bettys blouse, exposed her perfect little tits.Betty rub her clit till she started to come.When she was finished Miss Maggie stood Betty up and turned her ass to my cock Bent her over and started playing with Bettys asshole First on finger then two Betty took to it right off and started backing her ass up to meet Miss maggies fingers. Then Miss Maggie pulled out her fingers and guided Betty backwards to me. she took my cock and spit on it and lined it up with Bettys virgin asshole. Betty eased back the head of it slid in and just like when she was sucking me within a couple of minutes she was slamming her ass all the way back on my cock. it only took a few minutes and I filled Bettys ass with a big gooey load.Miss Maggie told Betty, now dear.No more lieing, No more rumors. and tommorow you will be back to practice sucking and ass fucking big cock. Now you put yourself back together. Betty Got her panties and went into the rest room. miss Maggie opened the closte door, and dropped to her knees and licked my cock clean of cum.When she finished She hit the eject button on the DVR in the closet. She Said . A little something for us to watch later, With your mom. Maybe
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omg the senior year every young man dreams of