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This couldnt get much better,Moms pussy was wetter,and tighter than any pussy I had ever had. The day away from school was a good thing,But mom had to work late again. I was asl**p before she made it in. She had already left before I woke for class.So I never got any answers to the hundreds of questions I had running through my head.I walked itno the building that morning and noticed something had changed. Several of faculty Had smiled ,waved or or made some kind of contact. I never relized how many fine mature women either taught or worked in the office, at our school.And for some reason we were noticing each other that morning.I struggled through my first two classes,I was hard thinking about being able to see Mrs Mitchell. Maybe getting a few answers. about her and my moms conversation. Did she tell her she sucked my dick in the park? and what about the Kiss? Mom said that Miss Maggie as she called her,was there for her all through highschool and even when she came home from college,But the kiss was more than that.I finished the pop quiz we were taking just as the bell rang. I would be in my favorite place in just a couple minutes.
When I get to the office ,I find a freckle faced freshman in my place. Hi I'm Tommy, the principals new personal runner. which brought on a frown from me. Mrs.Mithcells door slowly opened a bit so I could see in, and still be out of Tommys line of sight. Mrs Mitchell was holding a cane along the back of her long stocking clad leg. Behind her at the desk was a female student. bent over the desk with her uniform skirt d****d up and over the middle of her back,her panties around her ankles,and red welts streaking her young little ass.and tears streaking her makeup. I'll be with you in just a minute Mr Carney. Ithought it was a bit strange that addressed in this formal manner.As she turned her atention back to the girl at the desk, I noticed the girls fingers moving at a rapid pace between her legs befor the door closed.Fifteen minutes minutes of Tommys boreing mouth, and the door finaly opens. The blond freshman comes out all fresh faced and smileing. Thank You for another chance Mrs. Mitchell. I wont let you down. I know you wont Dear ,Now back to class.
She looked over at me and said Dont look so sad Mr. Carney, I've got a new job I think your going to like even more.She wiggled her finger signaling me to come inside . Like always I locked the door behind me. How was your Birthday?she asked? It was awesome! And yesterday? did you rest? I answered her Yes Ma'am. Good. Did you enjoy fucking your mother in her stockings? Yes I did thank you for telling her I liked them. I'm sure you have alot of questions about all of this, so I'll start from the begining. Your mom was assigned to my as her guidence counslor her freshmen year. And She was with me all through highschool.Her senior year she came to me with a problem,Your Mother was afraid Her Boy friend , Your father was going to leave her because she like most girls her age in that period of time were clueless about sex. I told her I could help her if she could keep private things private she agreed,and so did your father.I began Teaching your mother how to please your father,and your father whow to make her cum like she does.Did you like that taste Teddy? Your mothers pussy cum? Yes Ma'am I did. I liked it very much. I helped get both your parents in to a good schools with full scholarships.They were together the whole way , and were married when they finished college. Then when your dad passed I was here for her again. Now then, Did you like what you peeked when I first opened the door? Yeah ? Right then Your gonna love what happens next.She took my hand and led me to the closet. the door was louvered but was missing some slats about mid way up the door. there was a stool inside, and a DVR on the shelf above me on a shelf. Wait in here and when your cocks good and hard put it out through the opening. Ok I said And she shut the door,and Called For Tommy. Send in the next student, Please Thomas. The door slowly opened, and to my surprise, It was Betty. The little rip that dumped me for a jock, and told all the other girls I had a small dick. that little bitch never got close to my cock. she always said no. whenever I tried. She closed the door behind her and slowly crossed over to the front of the desk.I was think ing to my self I cant wait to see her little ass take a caneing. To be continued.
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oh yea i want to cane the bitch