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with mom getting closer and closer to the point of cumming,on the sofa in the reverse cowgirl position.I went deeper and deeper with each push.That's it son make your mothers pussy cum. She reached to rub her clit with one hand and started cumming hard as soon as she started,She began violently convulsing. Yes son that's it make Mommy Squirt. I was soaked with My mothers lady cum. When she calmed down she stood up and faced me and said Now Mommy's going to ride your cock like a two dollar government mule. She straddled me and slowly slid her dripping wet cunt down till her ass met my lap, she took just a couple of seconds to adjust herself,Slowly took a couple strokes the full length me leaving just tip inside. Then she just started slamming her self down,over and over, her beautiful tits bouncing in my face were easy prey for my hungry mouth.
Squeeze them Baby, and suck Mommy's hard nipples.she started to squeal again and began to grind her clit. Mommas gonna squirt on your cock again baby,and two more times she came. I was ready to get rid of my load too, I told her I'm close to cumming Mom, She then stood up and said, I'm Sorry Son but you cant cum in Mommy's Pussy I could get pregnant, and we don't want that.So when you fuck me you have to put your seed here.She got down on all fours and raised her ass reached back and slid two fingers into the wet folds of her swollen slit then slid those two wet fingers into her tight little hole I moved up behind her, Lick my asshole baby get it nice and wet! I licked around the fingers and spit in it once or twice,got up on one knee behind her and started pushing where her fingers had just been.The head of my cock slid in and the muscles of snapped tightly around my shaft as if she had put a cock ring on it.OOOOH! YES!!She backed up on it and once again was slamming herself hard on her sons cock,I've never done this!Never have I ass fucked a girl, And now My cock is buried in an ass. But not just any ass. I was fucking moms ass.And she was giving it back as hard as I could give it.Now give Me your juice son. Cum with me, she was rubbing her clit as I pounded into her asshole. She started to cum and her ass squeezed like a vice.we both stared felt like we came forever together.The last thing I remember was mom licking my cum from my cock and balls.And saying This is going to be the best year of your life in school. Enjoy every minute of it.
I woke up the next morning hoping to take care of the wood I had, But mom was gone. She left a note that said. I let you sl**p ,and Called Miss Maggie.She wont be expecting you at school.I also left you something in the DVD player to help you through the day till I get home.I found the remote and hit play,and on comes a video of my Mom and Mrs Mitchell fucking each other.This had been the best birthday an eighteen year old could possibly have.I spent the rest of the day wanking my cock, thinking of fucking my mother and the school principal at the same time. It would happen sooner than I could imagine.
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3 years ago
wow & omg i just can dream now as mom is gone , but my princilple was an old man & not some hottie
3 years ago
Nice one, keep fucking.