My Mature Obsession

It was my senior year in high school,and little did I know this would be a life changing year in school. I only had two required classes English and World history, so like I had the previous two years, I worked as a runner in the school office for Vice Principal Mitchell. This year would be different though, because Mrs Mitchell would be the School principal. She would be taking the place of her husband who had been the principal, But passed away from a heart attack just before summer. My first two classes were in the morning, so after lunch I would be her minion. My first task For the new principal was actually kind of a strange request in my opinion. Mrs. Mitchell called me into her office, as I walked through the door she asked my to shut the door behind me. She was standing beside her desk with one foot on her big chair. She always wore business like attire, mostly a Skirt blouse and jacket.She was making an adjustment to here stocking suspenders, her skirt was pulled up to the top of her shapely thigh, the sight of it gave me an instant hard on. that by the way didn't go unnoticed. So you like looking at old women's stocking ,do you? I blushed and looked down. I apologized, and she reassured me it was OK And that It turned her on to find out one of her young men noticed her. She then asked. "Would you like to feel them? my stockings that is. I jumped at the chance. She was still standing with her right foot on her big chair, I slowly started at the back of her heel and slowly followed the black seam up the back to the bend in her knee and then on to the top of her stockings.She then lifted the front of her skirt to reveal no panties, and a light patch of brightly colored Red bush. The hair on her cunt was so light and fine I could her perfectly shaped pink slit of a pussy.I was so overcome by the view I reached out to touch it, but she pushed my hand away,and said there will be a time for that but this was not that time. She handed me two notes to deliver, One for the librarian and one for the school nurse. She also handed me a hall pass and told me to think of her while I took care of my hard on in the boys room, which I did. In fact I took care of it before delivering the notes she had given me. I thought of her silky stockings rubbing on my hard cock, and within minutes I was squirting my load into to boys room toilet.This went on every morning for the first three weeks of school.
It was on the next Monday She called me into her office, and instead of the normal attire, she was wearing jeans and a blouse. She said that today was a special day, When I asked her why she said,"because it's your 18th birthday, You become a man today. I was totally blown away that she knew it was my birthday. She said Since I had been doing such a good job for her she wanted to give me the one thing she knew I wanted most. But we would have to leave the school to give it to me. So I went with her to her car and she drove to a nearby park. She rubbed my cock the whole time she drove, so by time we parked my cock was throbbing like mad. She shifted the car in to park and went for my zipper right away. I thought she would rip my pants right off so i whipped out my young cock for her. She said "you have such a nice cock, I'm going to suck it like no little high school slut could dream of. My cock was at full attention and bigger and harder than I have ever known it to be. she took me into her warm wet mouth. Slowly inch by inch till I was ball deep in her face.she methodically sucked my stiffness in and out of her mouth, getting faster and faster as she went.then as she stroked me I dumped my load. I didn't think I would ever stop cumming into her beautiful mouth. she swallowed every drop and push what overflowed back into her mouth too. She dropped me off at my house just in time to get ready to got out to dinner with my Mom for my birthday. My Mom was just getting home and that's when I found out how old Mrs. Mitchell really was. She was my Mother's freshmen guidance councilor. She was Sixty- Four years old, And looked Forty-five. this would not be the last time we would hook up. I also found out that the reason for the jeans was she was doing some work on her home and asked if I could help her after school, to earn some extra money. My Mom said it was OK and so I was given two great presents that day.
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3 years ago
very good start for a series could be a little longer
3 years ago
More pls!!
3 years ago
nice story.
3 years ago
loved the story
3 years ago
nasty old predator hehe we await the rest of this story.
3 years ago
Dam good,,,hope to read more