Hitching a Ride

Hitching a Ride
I had been sitting in the hot afternoon sun, at the Interstate on ramp for hours. Just me, my back pack, and a sign that said Memphis. I was just thinking I should find some shade when a red mini-van pulled over. I gathered my things as quickly as I could, when I reached the passenger side door, I was suprised to find the driver was an older lady. I would of guessed she was in her late 40s to mid 50s. Now days its tough to get a ride period, but being picked up by a woman is almost unheard of. As I stood there dumbfounded, She asked," well you comming or not"? I got in the van and introduced myself, and asked how far south she was headed. She replied, All The Way. My name is Kathy, but everyone just calls me Snooks. She said she was going near Memphis to see her newest Great Grand c***d. And she could get me wherever I need to be.
We made small talk for the first hour or so. Snooks asked why I was headed south, and I told her about the job I had lined up in Memphis. The job market in Indiana had all but dried up, and most of the big Corperations had closed thier doors and moved offshore. I couldnt help myself, and Told her I could hardly believe she was a great grandmother. She said well thank you, But I'm a Sexy Senior ! 69 years and counting. you sure are a sexy lady, I said. How old are you she asked. 46 I said. She laughed and said Aww your just a baby, I have k**s older than you. That may have been so, but at that moment I was thinking about what her firm body looked like without clothes. My gaze was stuck on her tits, She was wearing a pink tank top with no bra. Her tits sagged a bit but her nipples were getting bigger by the second,and so was my cock. Snooks noticed the buldge in my shorts, and said " If that gets too uncomfortable for you I wont mind If you undo you your pants too make yourself comfortable." I nearly tore the button off my shorts trying to free my hard on. She looked over and said Oh My!! I havent seen one of those in years. A Nice hard cock! Can I hold it? you know what my answer was. Hell Yes you can!! Snooks reached over and took my hardness in her trembling fingers and gave it a squeeze. MMmmm! so nice and fat! I bet it tastes good too. She pulled over to the shoulder, put the van in park and began sucking my cock like a newborn calf on it's mammas teats. Well it had been months since I had a good fuck and it only took a minute or two of her experienced attention for me to shoot my thick goo into her lovely mouth. God I needed that she said. I was more than happy to give it to her too. I'm gonna need more of that soon. I was glad because my cock was still hard as a rock. Snooks licked every drop up and then said we should get going before a cop pulled up to see if we needed help. We got going again but I was still ready for a little fun. I slid my hand up the little top she was wearing and began pinching and tweekin her nipples, I leaned over and licked and sucked them till they were hard as diamonds. I undid her shorts and slid my hand into them to find a freshly shaved pussy. She was soaking wet and her clit was swollen even more than her beautifull nipples. Put two of your fingers in, please. I didnt hesitate, and they slid right in. OH MY FUCKING GOD!! Fuck my pussy with those big fat fingers of yours!! Once again we had to pull over. It only took a couple of minutes for her to start comming. Her old pussy started squirting so much I thought we were gonna need a mop. We need to stop and get a room she said, I'm not gonna be able to go any farther without having that big young cock of yours now!!
A few miles up the interstate and we did just that.The place was owned and operated by an Indian f****y, as most are these days. The lobby smelled of cooked cabbage or something, But the smell of Snooks sweetness on my fingers overpowered the cabbage. We got to the room and before I could get the chain fastened on the door Snooks was stripped down to nothing and on her knees waiting for my cock. Snooks was on it quick. My limp dick was hard in the first couple of licks. Snooks took her sweet time and savored the taste like it was a fine wine. I couldnt believe what great shape her body was in. She looked up at me and said My face needs a real good fucking! I want you to make me take it all. I wrapped my fingers in her salt and pepper colored locks, and fucked my shaft all the way down her throat. She gagged it all down. I didnt want to drop my load there though. I wanted to fill her horny twat with it instead. I pulled her to her feet by her hair kissed her hard on the mouth. Our tounges wrestled like two cats in a burlap sack. I pushed her back onto the bed and spread her legs as wide as I could get them and started sucking and licking the sweet juices that were flowing from her old but beautiful fuck hole. Man what a sight! Your gonna make me cum baby dont stop sucking. Dont you dare stop till I cum in your mouth!!! A minute later she cut loose a gushing squirting orgasim that seemed to last for several minutes. I was completely drenched. My entire head was soaking wet with her cum. Never in my life had I known a good pussy licking to get a woman off so good. I was ready to see how a good pussy pounding would effect her old pussy. I moved up her body slowly licking and sucking every inch. My cock slid right in with little effort. Her pelvis moved up to meet my thrusts. I fucked Snooks like a machine. And she gave my access to every hole. Why the hell havent I been fucking these Sexy Seniors before now I thought to myself. Snooks came over and over, everytime I would think I was about lose my load she would start to squirt. At one point it seemed as though she was having one long continuous orgasim. I had gotten her up on all fours and was balls deep in her tight asshole when I finaly dupmed my load, and collasped next to her on the bed. I slept better than I had in years. The next morning I woke to Snooks riding my pole like a jockey on crack! I'm gonna get as much of this as I can, cause it might be a while before more cums along. We fucked like a****ls for an hour or more, then took a long shower before hitting the road. As we pulled back on the interstate I told Snooks, This has been the best hitching experience I have ever had. She turned and smiled at me and said. " Me too Son! But the next trip Mom wants to be the hitcher! Anything you say Mom. Anything !!!
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2 years ago
Good story. Maybe I need to start hitch hiking again.
2 years ago
Very good,,done that also,,