Morning Delight

Master, while You were sl**ping i noticed that the sheet had slipped down exposing that beautiful cock of Yours to my eyes and of course, as always, a desire to please was soft when i quietly laid down with my mouth only inches away...softly i kissed each of the shaved balls, licking them lightly with my tongue...i watched Your balls move around for awhile enjoying the sight of them heaving...soon i flicked the base of Your soft shaft with my tongue and saw a small response as it began to twist upwards...before it could get hard i slipped my lips around the thick soft head (i love the feel of Your growing cock in my mouth) and began to move my tongue around the mushroom shaped head...i was rewarded with a hint of the first taste of Your slippery precum as it began to ozze from the split tip...within momments Your cock really began to grow in my warm mouth as i softly sucked and slurped it with my tongue...mmmm, when it became hard and thick i felt Your hips begin to slowly move back and forth gently driving Your thickness deeper and deeper into my throat....i love the feeling of Your hard cock fucking my mouth, knowing pleasure is what You feel...then i felt Your strong hands reach out and touch my face...holding it in place as Your tempo slightly increased to a nice lazy early morning fuck...let it go i thought, shoot Your cum, empty Your warm balls, give it to me now Master i begged in my head when almost as soon as i thought it, You let Your hot sticky cum flow, mmmm i swallowed every drop and continued to gently suck as You held Your spasiming cock deep in my throat...i continued to hold You in my mouth while Your cock once again shrank, still swirling my tongue around the head and sucking gently at the tip so that i could have every drop You had to offer...i'm so happy to please You early in the morning!

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1 year ago
awwwwwwwwwww that was sweet.....