Mac Daddy pimpin Presents he jumpoff

Where do I begin?! So this hottie got at me last year when I was in NJ, but we didn't get to meet up. We kept in touch over YIM and email...dude would be @ work or where ever and shoot me an email on his phone that he was horny and needed to see a vid of me doing what I do...he would let me know the type of shit he's gonna do wit me when it's his turn...that type of shit I love!!! So this past weekend (NYC's Pride) dude hit me up on YIM and was like he's in town staying wit fam in I told him to cum thru but he wasn't so familiar wit the train thing and strangely enuff I was driving that weekend, so I told dude that I'd cum thru...he said "come on yo, hurry up!" I was like iight...I asked him what he was wearing and in a sexy quasi-baritone voice he said, "basketball shorts and a wife-beater." DAYUMMM, my lipz got instantly iight I get on my thru the Holland tunnel only to get thru the fuking tunnel to be re-directed by some stupid-azz officer BACK into the tunnel headed to Jersey...FUCKKKKKKK!!!! So I called dude and told him that I wouldn't make it by the time we said and we decided to try later...that nite was his last nite in town and he was headed back to VA that I go home thinking about dem bball shorts all hot and bothered and fukin cussing out that officer!!!! So I take a nap and when I wake I have a barrage of text messages from dude letting me know he's in the City and that he "wants me!" and that shit jus turned me on...I knew we wouldn't have enough time for me to drive to the City and then back to ma spot, so I knew we would have to find a spot and that could possibly take all the time we had before he had to head back, but he made me want that dik, so an hour later I got to the City and 30 mins after that, he was in the car and we found ourselves driving thru the parade activity toward we're talking and he's telling me how hard he was while he was waiting ( and that's all I need to hear), at which point I put my hands right into his cargo shorts which were saggin off his perfect azz and probed until I found that big meat...and I found it throbbing...I squeezed the head and shaft alllll the way up to Harlem (I could feel the nutt gathering, swishing from his nutts thru the shaft)...I felt his big swollen nutts drooping out of his boxer briefs and sitting on the inside shorts pantleg...and I held on to that meat all the way uptown, watching the time hoping we would have enuff when we finally found time is going and it's looking REAL CLOSE, so I decide to park and check out a spot that looked possible, but it wasn' as we were walking back to the car, we see a school and at the side is a climb back there and it leads to an area alongside the school...there are cardboard boxes ( where plp get their zzzzz's at nite most likely) and why oh why did I see condom wrappers?! That's all I needed to see to know that it goes down late at nite at that spot (and now during the day) watch as I make this hottie , who told me later that he didn't know how much he was into head until he saw my vidz, cummmmmmmm TWICE back-to-back...HOT!!!!! Watch how I pull that second nutt out with the first on my lipz, cheeks and chin!!! AND watch this dudes left nutt move up and down in his sack (I aint ever see anything like that) as his nutt gathers from the tongue swirl and suction of my instrument. And notice how he shakes the cam he's holding as he busts his second nutt...too hot! Some angles are in Full-screen...definitely a must-have! Enjoy!

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