While The f****y Are Away His Cock Comes Out To Pl

True story as my darling bappy currently fondles my boobs. its not the easiest job for a pregnant woman to do hahaha

Anyways.. I'll get on with it and get you men and women on your way to some orgasms like what we had earlier.

My parents and youngest s****r left on a saturday and my gorgeous hubby to be arrived at the house a few hours later. Sadly we had to wait until my other s****r left with her "friend" (with benefits which she won't believe is what they are but considering if you awoke through the night you'd hear her bedsprings going crazy.) Saturday night arrived not quick enough and our fun began. Being the naughty bitch my man loves I know how to turn him on fast and get his cum dripping from my pussy in good time. we've only seen each other once in the past 2 weeks and I dont like playing with myself it just doesnt feel right so I'll wait to see him and give him the full explosion that he deserves. I started by teasing his cock with my mouth letting him feel my breathe on the head lightly licking over the precum that oozed from him, not taking my eyes from his as I engulfed the whole shaft in my mouth letting it hit the back of my throat shamefully my gag reflex took over and it wouldn't go any further but hell I made up for it! my tongue has some magic powers and only he's seen them happen. my tongue wrapped around the head as i slid my head up and down over the shaft rubbing the back of the head with the tip of my tongue sending shivers and quivers down my babes body making him moan my name and struggle to keep his hands off my head as i sucked and swallowed all the precum he had to give.

Because I'm very cruel I stopped sucking and licking his lengthy thick cock and kissed my way up his body. Nibbling his nipples and gently biting the meatier bits of his stomache then rising to his neck kissing and sucking hearing his moans turnign me further on. As soon as our lips locked oh my the passion in our kisses, our tongues intertwinned and fighting for the space I could feel his cock throbbing and the precum ooze out. I decided it was my turn for a bit of pleasure so I held his arms above his head and told him that I was gonna ride his cock til I came then once my body was tired from fucking I would let him use me like a little slut that deserved punishment for being naughty.

Sure enough I slid on my pussy clamping down from the shock of the feeling, so thick and deep it didnt take me long before I was cumming over and over. My juices running down his cock onto his balls before I was begging him to fill me up and use my pussy like I know he wants to so he flipped me onto my back and began fucking me hard like an a****l. I could hear from his breathing that he would be cumming in me very very soon and very very hard as my pussy tightened and all I cud hear between groan was babe im gonna cum.. oooh that drove me wild so I started bucking my hips and fucking him madly the noise coming from my cum filled pussy and the slapping of his balls off my ass was amazing and kept me horny.

Sunday was just as sex filled but today
Oh god...!!
I've only been that wet once or twice before.. the first time when he first licked me out back near a year and a half ago. My other s****r was packing and getting ready for going up to meet the rest of my f****y at the caravan park. So bappy and I would stay back and look after the a****ls. Not long after my s****r and her friend left bappy and I had began our fucking epic sexy times. Its not often I'll suck him off to completion but today I was very very horny. As usual we'll start off by messing about kissing and teasing each other.. prying our clothes off trying to resist pinning him down and fucking his brains out like I usually do hahah. He lay me down on my back and slowly inserted his cock into my little wet pussy, whilst I rode my hips up and down meeting his thrusts.

It didnt take long for my strong pussy to have him cumming driving me wild and leaving me ever so horny so he slid one of our "little friends" inside me taking his place and fucked me hard and deep with it making me moan out begging for his cock making me cum as he blew on my clit after a while of this he began kissing me sticking his tongue deep into my mouth while I came and sucked on his tongue making him get hard again so once I'd calmed down he rammed his thick meat back inside me but once I'd cum once or twice more I pushed him off got him on his back and began sucking like there was no tomorrow trying hard to deepthroat him as far as I cud without being sick.

Soon enough I had him in the palm of my hand and I was jacking him off as I sucked not stopping only getting faster as he began to quiver and moan I held his cock in my mouth and sucked and jerked off as quick as I cud wanting all of his cum in my mouth he was in pure ecstacy as shot one, no two, no wait three shots of cum into my mouth i didnt stop sucking until it was all dripping down my chin.

writing this has made my little pants rather wet.. saying that it could have been my bappy trying to distract me while i wrote this. hehehe.

enjoy our wee adventure and i hope it was good enough for you all. hope it makes you's feel like love really conquers all and like sex is better when you're madly in love.

feel free to comment. many more stories to be written up.

Loves And Kisses Kitty ;)
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3 years ago
hehe thanks realwildone :) we're made for each other never had such horny or passionate sex in my entire life. love my bappy with all my heart. he made me what i am
xox K
3 years ago
You should become a writer, your stories get better and better. He's so lucky to have you.
3 years ago
I am glad it made your pants wet. I made me leak also. Good job.
3 years ago
3 years ago
very arousing! x