Our Life As A Couple

Continued on from my story.

so christmas has come and gone.

It was a rather hectic one. 24-27th of christmas at my parents house and the 27th-30th was at my darling bappys. so many good memories. so much to catch up on eh.

over the christmas period i'd come to realize all relationships were based around sex even if they say it doesn't. women use it for their own advantage, men use it as a release of pressure and its been proven in my relationship recently. christmas came with a strawberry flavour and some dirty talk driving the parents to leaving the house as soon as they heard the bed squeaking. we've found veery little use for my toy as once i'm on top he gets no mercy.

week after i've been at bappy's and its the 2nd of january i've got the time off work and a lack of money. but who needs money when they have a perfectly good set of balls and many many times to catch up on.

his 22nd in a couple days what to do.. i tried to make him cum more than i did but failed due to feeling epic in my mrs maaao tickle spot. doesn't help he know all of my spots. days come and go and its soon for the eve of the night im to leave. that night i had been cruel and gotten rather horny so i got baps all hard then rode him til i came more than 3 times and just slid off leaving him high and dry.

he cursed me and told me every time i did something cruel he would make the amount of times i had to make him cum +1 making it up to 3 time was ticking down... it had struck 3am and i still hadn't packed. so being nice mrs maaao i thought id let him cum.. he kissed me from my chin down... down further and further along my nipple... down past my belly and giving a swift lick b4 diving far into my throbbing hot pussy with his cock. (many people who know us will know he fits me like a key) i wrapped my legs round his waist and pulled him close being able to feel his heart beat racing turned me on so much i lifted my body up to give him better leverage i could tell by his breathing he was gonna be close so i told him on your back MR! so baps reluctantly swapped places with me and i rocks my hips along his thick hot throbbing cock making my lips encase his cock. and i ask think your ready sir? and with out hearing his response i slide myself on him making him gasp and hold my hips fucking me from beneath i start cummin instantly and having to try and keep quiet as his parents were no more than 4 feet away from his room sl**ping.

soon i was rocking my body along with his and my pussy tensed and squeezed and he enjoyed it so much he came with our bodies in a fleshy entanglment with my pussy still throbbing he knew i loved it. looked at a clock and an hour and 10 minutes had passed

1 Down 2 to go find out in my next story if im able to make him cum again in the 3 hours as i left for a bus at 7.30
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very good