Hijabi Tour Guide

Ever since I was young I always wanted to take a trip to Saudi Arabia. The middle-east always fascinated me. I took a plane to Saudi and met my tour guide at the airport. I had no prior knowledge of who my tour guide was to be but my expectations were of a man with considerable knowledge of the land. As I walked out of the plane I saw one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. She wore a black jilbab with a black hijab and black sunglasses. She had fair skin and nice lips. To my luck she happened to be holding up a sign with my name on it.

I went up to her and said, “I think you’re my tour guide Ms...?”

“Ali, but you can call me Fatima.”

The voice of a goddess, I could tell that this trip was going to be a great one. She told me to follow her so that I could claim my baggage. As she walked ahead of me I couldn’t help but look at her ass. Each step she took her big ass would move left and right, I was hypnotized. While I was claiming my luggage I couldn’t help but look at her from afar again. She accidentally dropped her purse and bent down to pick it up. Her ass stook out and again I was hypnotized. I could feel my cock starting to move in my pants and had to look away just to refrain myself from having an erection in the middle of the airport.

We finally left the airport and took a taxi to the train station since where we had to go was far from the airport. As we sat in the taxi I asked her, “So Fatima, are you married?”

“Haha no I couldn’t possibly have a husband with this type of career. I meet many men as a travel agent and a Muslim husband would become very paranoid because of that. But I love my job, I get to travel all over this beautiful country and meet many interesting people.” She said with a smile. As she said the last part I could’ve sworn that she looked at my crotch. She was a very sexy woman, especially with that hijab on. I thought to myself hopefully I’ll be able to fuck her tight cunt and ass tonight with her hijab still on.

We arrived at the train station and found a room in the train for just us two. There were two couches looking at one another and a window to see outside. We sat opposite of each other and began to talk some more on where we’re going and what we’re going to see on this trip. She finally took off her sunglasses and I saw the most beautiful green arabian eyes I’d ever laid eyes on.

She then asked me, “Are you married? Girlfriend?”

“No” I responded, “not at the moment.”

“A guy looking like you I would expect to have a girlfriend at least.” She said with a smile. I could tell she was flirting. After a few more minutes of talking she started reading a book. I looked up to see what she was reading and to my surprise it said Kama Sutra which is basically the book of sex. This hijabi must’ve been one horny babe for reading a book about sex and all the different positions you can do. Soon I fell asl**p dreaming of her and her sexy hijab and eyes. While I was sl**ping I felt really good and it felt like someone was sucking my dick. I awoke to realize that that feeling was real and looked down to see Fatima sucking my dick!

I freaked out and said, “Fatima! What are you doing?”

She stopped sucking and looked up and said, “I couldn’t help but notice you had a hard on from your dream and I couldn’t resist.” She began sucking again.

I looked down to see a hijabi head moving up and down over my giant hard cock. I could feel this hijabi’s warm wet mouth as she took in my shaft through her mouth and flickered her tongue all around my shaft as it went in her mouth even more. I grabbed her hijab and moved her head with it. She was slobbering all over my hard dick and I could see that she was really enjoying it because one of her hands was on my shaft while the other was rubbing her cunt over her black thong. She still had her jilbab on but it was pushed up so she could rub her vagina hard. As she kept sucking my dick it felt so good that I felt like I was about to pop inside her mouth but I didn’t want to waste the juice in her mouth so I told her to stop. She looked up at me from her knees with those beautiful green eyes and said, “fuck me!”

I immediately stood up and picked her up. Turned her around and lifted up her jilbab. Her hands were on the couch for support while her ass stuck out. I positioned my cock behind her wet vagina but she couldn’t wait and stepped back to squeez my giant hard cock into her. She gave out a loud moan of pleasure and I began to thrust into her. I put one hand on her hijab and squeezed her breast with the other. As I thrusted she moaned louder and began to match my rhythm so she could get all of my hard shaft in her wet pussy. She began to have her first orgasm and moaned louder with pleasure. Soon I began to pump her with my cum and it overfilled her vagina. Her jilbab began to become wet because of all the cum she accumulated from her orgasm and because of my cum. We stayed in that position in ecstasy for awhile with my dick still inside her dripping pussy.

She took my shaft out of her turned around and went on her knees. She looked up again with her wet jilbab and hijab and said, “I want to swallow your cum!” She began to suck my shaft again. I put my hands on her hijab to move her head as she sucked my cock. She moaned and enjoyed my cock as she sucked and slobbered all over it. Her technique was perfect with her tongue flickering on my shaft as she sucked. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and pumped my cum into her mouth. She took it all in her mouth but there was so much that it overfilled her mouth and started coming out of her mouth. It stained her hijab and made it all wet. Her Hijab and Jilbab was completely soaked in her cum and mine. I started to put my dick in my pants but she said, “Wait!”

She moved in and licked my dick clean of the cum and she closed her eyes in satisfaction. She kept wiping off the cum with her finger from her face and hijab and sucked her finger and closed her eyes until there was none left. She looked up to me totally soaked in cum and said with a smile, “This is going to be an amazing trip.”
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9 days ago
what a great story!
1 year ago
plz write a sequel