My Sexy Hijab Neighbour

The story first begins on the first day of Summer. My first year of college just ended and I'm finally home for summer break. The day I came home I met our new neighbors from across the street. Since I live in townhouses the house is honestly a couple of steps away from my home. They were a Muslim couple , the husband looked like a strict man but was very polite when I met him. His wife was in a jilbab and a niqab on so I her face was covered by a veil. I couldn’t tell if she had a pretty face but her eyes were very beautiful, because of her pretty eyes I could tell that she was smiling at me when I met them. Her husband said her name is Fatima and she will be the one to be at home most of the time since he doesn’t allow her to have a job. Throughout this whole time while we were meeting one another I couldn’t help but check out her body. Even though it was underneath a jilbab, I could tell that she had a big set of boobs and a nice ass by the way she walked. After that meet and greet I fantasized about her but I knew I was getting ahead of myself because if her husband caught me with her I knew that he would kill me and her.

A few days passed by and I was doing my workouts at home. As I was doing my pull ups with no shirt on I had the feeling that someone was watching me. I looked across out my window to see someone peeking through their window blinds. After a few seconds the blinds closed. I just ignored and continued my workout but a few minutes later I saw the blinds open again and this time I saw a cloaked figure. I knew that it was Fatima but I was wondering why is she watching me?

That night I was feeling very horny so like any regular man I decided to masturbate. I brought my laptop up to my bed and found my favorite type of porn, hijab or muslim porn. I began masturbating but I forgot that my blinds were open and the light on my laptop is pretty bright. After I finished I looked across to my neighbor’s window and again I saw Fatima standing there looking at me through the blinds. I immediately turned off my laptop and fell asl**p feeling embarrassed.

The next day I Fatima’s husband leave with a lot of luggage, it seemed like he was leaving on a long business trip. A few hours passed and I heard my doorbell ring. I opened it and to my surprise it was Fatima in a black jilbab and black niqab.

She said, “My husband has gone on a business trip and I need some assistance with something in my house, can you please help me?” I was surprised she spoke perfect english but I couldn’t help but look at her body again as she said this. I immediately agreed to help her.

Once we were in her house she led me to her upstairs bedroom where I would see her watching me. She told me to sit on the bed and closed the door behind her. She turned around and stared at me through her Niqab with her beautiful eyes.

She then said, “I saw you last night masturbating” I could tell she was smiling by the look of her eyes.

I felt embarrassed but I finally said, “Sorry about that I’ll make sure I close my blinds next time.”

She slowly walked up to me keeping eye contact with her beautiful eyes the whole time. She finally stood over me as I was sitting on the bed and said, “but why would I want that?” Immediately she took off her jilbab and I saw a beautiful tanned arabian body. She was wearing a black thong with a black bra on. I immediately began to become hard. She took off her veil and I saw the most beautiful face with light pink lips. She went to my ear and whispered

“I want your dick inside of me.”

She then got on her knees and unzipped my pants. By this time I was super hard and my dick slipped out of my boxers as she took them off. I felt her warm mouth on the tip of my penis as it moved down my shaft. I put my hands on her hijab as she sucked my dick. She began to fumble with my balls and at this point I grabbed her hijab and pulled head towards my dick making her gag.

She then stopped and looked up at me and said, “I want you inside of me now!”

At this command I helped her off her knees and put her on the bed. She crawled on top of me and somehow squeezed my giant dick into her wet pussy. I began to thrust and at every thrust she would moan louder and louder. This whole time while I was fucking her I was thinking she’s so hot because I’m fucking her with her hijab still on!

I changed positions and took her from behind started fucking her on all fours. Her pussy was so wet at this point but it was still a tight squeeze. She moaned louder and louder at every thrust and I knew she was enjoying this. After a few more thrusts I finally yelled


“It’s okay I want you to cum inside me!”

One more final thrust into her tight pussy and I exploded in her and she moaned so loud. I was in ecstasy as I held my dick in her tight juicy pussy. She soon took me out of her and turned around and started licking off the cum off my dick. There was so much it got all over her hijab. She was still moaning because she was enjoying the cum so much. She laid there when she was done covered in cum and her own pussy juice. Her hijab covered in liquid and she finally looked at me and said,

“I will definitely be asking for more of your ‘assistance’ this summer
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1 year ago
Nice story but don't think it's true
1 year ago
I doubt that this story is true >> hahahahahaha Muslim woman even any woman can't do that from the first time she see someone masturbating >> LOOOLL