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Tom was one of the best looking guys at school. He had turned 18, moved to his own apartment and was dating one of the hottest girls at his school. He was concidered the most popular guy around, and his girlfriend was very good looking. Tom had every reason to be happy, beeing a guy who could fuck such a hot girl. But Tom got bored of the same old sex with a girl who was very concervative whit the bed-activities.

Most of Tom's friends had other classes than him, he really did not have any close friends in his usual classroom. When they had projects and worked in pairs, he was always with some guy he knew from football. That guy was not very clever, so the presentations did not always go that well. Tom's teacher knew that Tom had more potential.

The next school project was very important. Tom knew if he didn't manage to get top score at this one, he might would have to go to summer school. The teacher told them that they should prepare for the presentation in pairs, and that they should work at home. He was paired up with the only girl in the class who never talked, or showed any interest in him. Aiza, she was an 18 years old muslim girl. She never talked to boys, but was always very nicely dressed. She wore an mix of arab clothes and western clothes. And always covered by her hijab. Tom liked how her lips always was painted red, and even if she always wore hijab and no tight clothes, he could tell that she had big boobs and nice ass.

Aiza was not allowed to stay at a boys apartment, so they decided to work over MSN. They tried to exchange ideas and work together, but it was not very easy when they could only communicate over MSN chat. The big problem was how they were going to present the work oraly together. Tom asked her how they could do it when they were not even in the same room. Then Aiza said something Tom had to read two times to belive it. Aiza said that if it was ok for him, she could sneak out her window and come over to his place. Tom said that was ok, but he asked her about what her parents would do if they found out. Aiza said that she had never been cought before when she had gone to some of her friends when there was a "girls night". Aiza said that she knew Tom was a good man, and that even tough she would never got permission from her parents, she felt it was ok to stay at his apartment and prepare the presentation.

Aiza showed up at his door half an hour later. She was wearing black hijab, jeans and a tight shirt. Tom could now clearly see how large tits she had. They worked for some time, then Aiza asked if she could have a glass of water, since the sink in the kitchen was broken, Tom handed her a glass and told her to use the sink in the bathroom. Azia went, then suddenly Tom remembered that he had some porn mags laying around in the bathroom. He rushed after her, but it was too late, when he entered the the room, Aiza had already turned a page in the mag and was looking at a black girl sucking a big white cock. Aiza looked at him in shock, she said angry that she would have never belived this about Tom, and called him a pervert. She ran out the door, and Tom was left alone in the apartment.

Later the night, Aiza logged on to MSN. Tom wrote to her that he was sorry, and that he should not have had those things laying around. Aiza wrote back that she shoulden't have called him a pervert. They both felt sorry for each other. Tom that knew that Aiza must have been quite shocked, and Aiza felt sorry for calling him a pervert. She said to him that she just never had seen anything like the things she saw in the mag. Tom asked her if she really never had seen anyone having sex on film or picture before. Aiza said that she never had seen a penis before, not hard like that. Tom asked her if she never was horny either. Aiza din't worte any answer, and Tom wished he had never asked, now she had to be really angry with him. Then the answear came. She said that she was horny all the time, but she also felt ashamed because she tought about sex and she admitted that se really liked what she saw in Tom's bathroom. Now Tom got really hard, thinking about that Aiza had got turned on in his apartment. He sent her a request to start his webcam. She asked him what he wanted to show her. Now he was soo horny, so he asked her if she wanted to see him jack off. Again no answer in some minutes. Then she wrote back that if he wanted to she would not stop him. She accepted the request, and his webcam began streaming video to her. He dropped his pants and his big cock was exposed to her. He didn't need many strokes before he shot a big load of cum allover his desk for her to see. As soon as he was done, she logged off.

At the day of the presentation Aiza was nowhere to be seen. None heard from her or saw her. After two monthes he recived a letter from Aiza. She told in the letter that she was sent away to some relatives of the f****y by her parents. The reason was that her mother had walked into her room and found her sitting there masturbating to Tom cumming for her on MSN. Her parents had decided that her punishment was to be sent to some of her relatives she almost didn't know.

Tom found out a year later that Aiza had been married and had stared a f****y of her own.

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