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[Story] CAUGHT.


I’d had the horn all day, and watching D pull on her satin panties, tight top and short skirt wasn’t helping any. She was off for a night out with the girls, with the promise that if I stayed up (literally!) until she came home, I would be more than satisfied!

She gathered up the clothes she’d taken off and put them in the laundry basket, “how do I look ?” she asked “gorgeous” I replied, and boy was I right “couldn’t you be a bit late going out?” I asked. “Wait until I get home, there’s a good boy” she replied, and gave me a long lingering, very passionate kiss. Her hand slowly ... Continue»
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[Story] The Game

My wife Stephanie is hot. She is tall and long limbed with long blonde hair. Her breasts are all natural large globes with nipples that protrude a third of an inch when she's excited. She keeps herself completely shaved in her bikini area and her pussy lips are a full lipped pink perfection. The first thing I had noticed about her when we met was her ass. It is medium sized, heart shaped and tight. Life with her has been one long state of arousal. Unfortunately she's also frigid. We often went two months without sex, with the usual excuses of her being too tired or having a headache.

Steph'... Continue»
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cuckold/submissive learning my place

i really enjoy being a submissive/cuckold. It all started with my first wife Cindy. We had been married for only a few months when we and some friends went to the Atlanta Pop Festival. She went braless the whole time, took a shower nude in an open shower with both guys and girls and went topless a few times. At night she would often committ about the size of others guys cocks and also make commits about how small mine was compared to the ones she saw swimming or in the shower. On sunday we left the festival and went to a South Carolina beach to camp for a few days with our friends. After getti... Continue»
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[Story] Creampie Cuckold Humiliation

I have been married to my wife for just over 4 years. She's perfect. I met her just out of high school and she was a suppressed, hot and horny church girl. I was the first boyfriend she ever had so needless to say she was a virgin. We got married after a couple years of dating. The sex was great.

After a while, the sex was still great but my wife didn't seem to be into it anymore. She never said anything, but I had the feeling she was getting bored with me even though she was always willing to let me fuck her whether she was in the mood or not. I was at the point where I wanted her to crave... Continue»
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