A friend has a fantasy for me...

You arrive to the conference room a few minutes early for your all day meeting. I had asked you to come early. I’m not part of your meeting, but I decided I would make your day a little bit better as I was eager to be your favourite student. You see a long white table cloth covering the table. I walk in behind you.

“Dr. N, I have a friend in the catering staff. I asked her to put the table cloth on the table for the meeting.” You are getting used to my little surprises, but by no means bored.

“Choose your seat, Dr. N, and I’ll take my position,” I state as I walk to the table. You realise what I am suggesting now.

“No, C, this is too dangerous, we can’t” you start to say as you hear others coming for the meeting. You know you won’t win an argument with me as even if you might be angry, you know I look forward to being disciplined by you. You walk to the table, with me right behind you. You take a seat three chairs from the top of the table. You lift the cloth, indicating that I can go ahead with my plan. You place a bag on the seat next to you, hoping to keep some distance between you and another attendee. It wasn’t an overly large group, so everyone was spaced out nicely. I had more than enough room to kneel in front of you. Someone asks why there is such a large table cloth on the table. You state that you heard that catering was upset as the tables were being destroyed with coffee and tea stains. I am proud of your ability to quickly bull shit.

I do nothing at the start, as I want there to be some noise of conversation before I make my move. You push your chair as far under the table as possible, and manoeuvre the table cloth to conceal what you just knew I would do.

As the meeting gets underway, I move my hands up your thighs rubbing through your trousers. I am not sure which side my friend will hang out today. It doesn't take much probing to find your growth. I start to massage your cock through your khakis. I feel it grow harder under my hand. You shift a little to give me more access. I figure you might want me to take it a little further. I slowly and quietly unbuckle your belt. I unbutton and then lower the zipper on your trousers. I am happy to see you are wearing boxers. The flap gives much easier access to what I am after. I move a couple of fingers into the slit of your boxers and move them around to find my toy. I hook my fingers around your cock and bring him out to the opening.

You shift again to make sure I will get full access to your hard dick. Before moving a hand over your shaft, I give it a lick. Soon enough my mouth will be lube enough, but I like to make sure my hand is nice and wet to start. I grasp your cock with my whole hand, leaving my thumb up, so that when I move up and down, it rubs your head, sliding over your hole. I go slow, it’s an all day meeting, however I want to have your cum in my mouth by tea time if possible. I take my other hand and cup your balls from outside your trousers. In an ideal world, your trousers would be around your ankles with your boxers, but we work with what we are given. I move my head into position and lick the tip of your cock. You let out a little grunt, but you cover it up as a cough. I move my tongue from the base of your shaft to the head. I probe your hole with my tongue, getting a taste of the pre cum that has accumulated. I now encircle your entire head with my mouth and moved down the shaft as far as I can. I’m careful not to make any gagging noises, even though the noise of the slide machine would likely cover it. You would usually have my hair wrapped around hand directing the speed and depth, but you can’t control this blow job. I set my own pace and drag it out as long as possible. As I move down the shaft, I move my tongue back and forth to message it. My thumb and index fingers are forming a tight ring around your base and I move it up to meet my mouth with every motion. I continue to rub your balls through your pants. You fidget a little in your seat. I know it won’t be long until you explode in my mouth. I’m not sure how you will conceal an orgasm in front of all these people. I see your hand move to the side of the seat. You are preparing to blow and you are bracing yourself for it. I feel the twitch of your saliva soaked cock and suck more feverishly. You pretend to sneeze as you fill my mouth with your hot cum. I swallow every bit down and lick both your cock and my hand clean. I slide your now flaccid cock, back into your boxers, zip and button you up.

I sit back on my knees just as the meeting chair announces it is time for your tea break.

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