Geek gets laid...

You were in my basic supercomputing class and stood out to me
the moment i laid my eyes on you. Not only were had you a gorgeous
smile, but you are a BBW and that is my great passion...You obviously
were aware of your desirability since you dressed to show off those
hot curves, low cut tops, your nipples seeming hard against the stretch
of the material, your curvy belly obvious in the tight top and the
skirt with fishnets leaving nothing to my imagination. But it wasnt
a slutty, desperate look, it was the look of a woman confident and
knowing she is sexy.

As you can imagine, being a horny, geeky guy, i was hard to concentrate
on delivering the material, but i managed and when classes were over I
would wonder about you and what you got up to. You probably had lots
of guys hanging off you, lucky them getting to taste your sexiness
and enjoy those curves and make you scream with pleasure.
I could see that although you were interested, some aspects were a struggle,
which is normal in advanced supercomputing, where being a geeky nerd is
a pre-requisite. So, I wasnt totally surprised when you asked to arrange
a tutorial session. We arranged my broom cupboard, sorry, office for
a friday afternoon, when I knew my schedule would be reasonably clear.

As you walked in, you just looked gorgeous, and I would swear you
were sexier and curvier than normal. we sat down at my meeting table
and proceeded to work away. After a few minutes you starting fanning yourself
saying how hot it was (and indeed it happened to be...) you pulled at your top
and your tits were pushing to get out and I had to stare at saw
me staring and i turned away, but at the same time you grabbed mt hands an
put them on your tits. "I need you to satisfy my lust and make me cummm.
I've fantasised all semester about doing this with you. I want you to fuck me.
hard." I felt my cock stirring, released from his binds he responded to
your voice and your urgings.

I start to rub your tits and kissed you hard on the mouth, my lips pressed
against yours and our tongues start to explore each other. it feels soooo good
just kissing deeply like that feeling your tits and your nipples hardening.
you pull one of my hands down to your leg and i rub your thigh moving slowly up
to your panties, a flimsy lacy thong, just what I need to turn me on. we kiss again and i run a finger around your pussy, you are already wet and let out a moan as i touch you.

We stand up and look at each other and you run a hand over my now obvious bulge
and i run my hands over your hot body, your neck, shoulders, belly, lingering
on your belly, your waist and over your ass. you tell me to step back and you start to slowly disrobe...taking off your top, revealing a sexy lacy black bra
that just about holds in your tits, slide off your skirt and turn around doing so so I see your hot big ass, which you shake for my enjoyment.

i come to you and wrap my arms around you, feeling your tits, feeling you moan
and shake, your ass rubbing against my hard cock. I slip your bra off releasing
those massive tits and you turn back to face me and i melt at the sight. To finish you are about to slip off the thong, but I ask you to leave it on for me and the fishnets as well...yummmm very hot.

we kiss again and I rub and play with your tits and belly, kissing your nipples
, rubbing them, making them hard as you run a hand over my cant take
it any more, so you open my pants and out springs my hard cock wanting you.
I swiftly undress and lie on the table and you climb aboard me in a 69, so that
your mouth lies over my hardon and your wet pussy is ready for my tongue. you slide your tongue slowly over all my length taking it in and playing with the shaft as I feel your belly on my chest and open your pussy with my fingers, you are _very_ wet. i start to lick your wetness with my tongue rubbing over your lips and onto your swelling clit as your mouth takes my cock full length i let out a moan of pleasure.

you start sucking me off, rubbing my balls, feels sooo good as I lick you more and more, sticking my tongue into your pussy, rubbing your clit with my hand
running my other hand over your ass, lightly at the rim of your ass as you keep
sucking me off.

you tell me to keep licking cos you are going to cummm, so rub harder with tongue and finger, putting two fingers in your pussy and licking your swollen clit until you let out a scream of sheer pleasure and the pussy juice pours over me.
mmmmmmmmm oh yes, thats soooo good

After a minute you rise up your tits swinging and you kiss me hard and stroke me. "I think its time we let him loose....take me from behind you big stud" you climb down, put your hands on the table and lie your body foward so your wet pussy is waiting for me. I come behind you, lean over and kiss you, and then slowly enter you with my big cock.

We both gasp for a moment and then you push onto my cock so I am fully in you. "Oh feels sooo good" you say and we start to thrust, slowly, getting a rythym going, feeling my cock sliding in and out of you, your tits and belly swinging with the motion. We keep it going thrusting harder as you tell me to fuck you harder you want to feel my cock in you. suddenly you cum hard, very hard ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats good.

you turn around to kiss me again, "time to pleasure you babe" and you stroke my cock telling me to cum on your tits, placing my cock between those amazing tits and tit fucking me crazy. I can feel my cock swelling even bigger and you rub harder, licking the head at each stroke. I feel my cock about to burst, I am nearly there, I tell you and you grab my hard on and jack it really fast, suddenly a big cumshot flies out over your tits and belly covering you in my creamy juice. you rub me until i am drained and we lie down in each others arms enjoying what has just happened...

after we clean up we finish the exercises, but it is impossible to resist you and my hands start to rub your tits again....

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2 years ago
damn,wish i studied more in school and ended up a geek...albeit an old geek now hah, oh yeah good story
2 years ago