party piece

she rang to ask if i had wine in ? and could she stop over the night
why i asked ? she said she was feeling naughty and wanted to show me something
have you any porn she said ,we could watch together ? ony rocco i said and its mainly anal i replied,thats ok she said he`s the italian with the big cock isnt he ?
so off i popped to the supermarket for a few bottles of wine,my mind was in turmoil as to what was on her mind
the doorbell rang @7-30,she looked gorgeous,mid length leather coat some,what i thought were tight.s and a very sexy pair of 3" black heels
we kissed on the cheek as i welcomed her in
the wine had chilled nicely and a chink of glasses ensued and off we went into my lounge,curiously enough she was carrying a handbag ? that was unusual for her,i`d never seen her with 1 before
she sat and got comfy of the leather 3seater and i took up the 2seater
she kept fidgiting with her coat and had a cheeky smile as she was doing it
you ok i asked,sure she said,im just feeling really naughty,shall we watch some porn the ?
i put the rocco dvd into the player,it was fashionista,a fav of mine but was unsure if it was to her taste
from the opening moments i could see,she was enjoying the film,why dont you go and put your dressing gown on,she said,as i left to go upstairs she said and nothing else
i couldnt undress quick enough,my cock was throbbing and though i say it myself he looked fine and dandy and up for whatever she had in mind
i went back in to the lounge and her leather coat was d****d across the back of the sofa,it was`nt tight she was wearing,but a sheer body stocking,oh boy,she looked so fucking sexy and the high heels just set her off perfectly
my cock decided unannouced to pop out of my dressing gown,wow she said,im having quite an effect arent i,you sure are i replied,whats on your mind?
do you mind if i watch the dvd and you watch me she said,sure i said,no problem
i could see her nipples hardening,the sheerness of the bobystocking just accentuated the obvious,she was twitching ,i could see the movie was having an effect on her,every now and again she brush her arms across her breasts and licked her lips
do you mind if i touch myself paul ? i was mesmirised,you do whatever you want to i said
instantly she rang a finger down the crease of her pussymdrawing it to her lips to wet,her legs opened a little and back went her finger,she was rubbing quite rapidly by now and playing with her nipples with her free hand

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