Eager Play

You have just returned from your long day business trip with your co-workers. You are about ready to rip your suit off and just knock out. It was until you've found your present on you bed that sky rocketed your energy level. Me.
I’m sprawled out on your bed. You freeze in place. I look up from my position, one hand grasping an aching nipple, the other between my legs. You mouth waters; your erection thick and straining against the zipper of your dress pants. You take a step forward, ready to pounce on your prey.
‘No,’ I gasp.
You freeze in spot. Good boy.
I can see in your eyes, you are begging me to let you come and play. Slowly a delicate wicked smile pulls at the corners of my lips. Mmmm I want to torture you, love.
‘Watch,’ I whisper.
And torture I shall do.
I watch you as your eyes follow the contours of my little body to my dewy center then back to my sultry eyes. I hold our long gaze as my fingers begin their dance over my center. My head tips back as I stroke harder, knowing the sight of me busts your boxers.
Having you watch me makes me hot too, love.
Before I know it, I am taken into the sweet oblivion, my body arching up for you to see and a cry of pleasure elicits from my throat.
My body drops, my breathing hard. After slightly catching my breath, I look up to see you still in place.
Sexy, hot and savage.
On shaky, jell-o legs, I get up from my spot and walk over to you. In my naked glory, I press up against you, wounding my fingers around your neck. You’re so tall, I have to reach up on my tippy-toes to kiss you. Your arm wraps around my small waist and push me up higher to you. Our tongues entangle in a passionate dance.
I can’t help but moan into your mouth as you swallow it with a manly grunt.
Such control you have, love.
Slowly I undress you.
Starting with your tie, I untie it, leaving it around your neck. My hands roam your broad chest, feeling the rigid muscles underneath the suit. I unsnap the buttons of your suit jacket slowly before pushing it off of your shoulders and throwing it aside on the other bed. I repeat with your collar shirt. When I am done, your torso is bare to me. So manly, I can’t help but roam my hands all over.
You give me a satisfying sigh and reach up to grab my hand. You hold my look as you raise my hand up to your lips, kissing the inside of my wrist. I do the same for you. And then you say the one line that makes my stomach flutter, ‘I’m all yours.’
I give a feminine chuckle, ‘Don’t trust me to play nice tonight, big boy.’
You only answer me with a smirk.
I stick my tongue out at you before dropping to my knees. I quickly undo your belt buckle and pull down your pants with your boxers. Just like I’d expected, you are happy to see me. You step out of them as I give your cock a quick kiss before straightening and taking your hand, leading you to the bed.
I playfully push you down onto your back and straddle your hips. Taking the tie from around your neck, I sit back atop your lap, your hands caressing my small hips.
‘Ah ah ah.’ I start. You give me a confused look. ‘Hands above your head.’
Reluctantly you reach above your head and grasp the headboard. I lean down to peck your lips before sitting up again. ‘I’m going to blindfold you now, love.’ I tell you. You gulp, anticipating what I have for you. You say nothing nor react, so I let you see my smiling face before coving your eyes with the tie. You feel me tighten the silk tie around your eyes, firm, but not tight. Your sense of seeing completely blocked, but your other senses have seem to have sharpen.
Sitting back atop of you, I start to lightly scratch and massage your chest. The contrast feels nice and you give me a grunt. I can see you want to touch me, but you know I want the reigns tonight. I slowly slide up your lap so that I can feel your hardness against me. It’s straining against the curved indent of my body wanting to be released.
Caressed. Touched. Kissed.
‘You’re all mine, tonight,’ I breathe into your ear. I nibble the lobe slightly before placing kisses amongst you cheeks, eyes, and lips. Tonight and for the nights to come, I desire to be all that’s on your mind. I want you to remember every touch I give you, every movement that I make.
I let my hand snake down your waist, pausing at what’s causing you the most pain. With a swift movement, I gently brush it, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from you. At the reaction, I let out a small giggle. ‘Eager to get to it, aren’t you?’ You don’t reply and instead you give a slight growl, the only other response I need to know that you really want me.

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11 months ago
I want to read more! You totally had me going! Nicely done! :)
1 year ago
Love your stories ~
1 year ago
I'll submit anytime, everytime for you
1 year ago
Very hot, what a geat way to end a day and start the evening!
1 year ago
i love your stories! you're so adorable!
1 year ago
Excellent as always.