The elevator doors shut with a 'ding' and gradually the numbers on the screen increase. The two of us stand by side, closer than strangers but still further than most. Save but for our breathing and the low hum of the elevator, the silences around us is heavy. It's broken, however, when I utter the words, "I want you."
It's nothing more than a touch, a quick brush of the back of my hand against yours, yet the subtle contact sends a small thrill of delight running through me. It's electrifying, making my nerves and senses only more attuned to you. Whether it's the same for you or not, I can't quite tell but I'm determined to make you only think of me. Even if it's just for the moment, I don't want any other woman on your mind. For now, you are mine and only mine just as I am yours.
As I stand in front of you, you open your mouth to say something but I hush you with a finger placed over your lips. "Shh," I croon, molding my body to yours, feeling where I am soft and you are hard. I bring my lips to yours, slightly hesitant, asking if you want me too, until finally they connect. I savor every breath and kiss we exchange, moaning in sweet surrender while wrapping my arms around your neck the moment your tongue intertwines with mine. It's intoxicating, your kiss. A slow and tantalizing movement hiding a mixture of both passion and lust.
Ever so slowly, I allow my hands to roam your body to feel, to touch, to enlighten. They move with an adept swiftness to caress you from your arms to the plane of your abdomen but always they return to the breadth of your shoulders which are wide and masculine and comforting. I can feel your arms slink up around me now, pulling me closer against yourself. Your right hand traces lazy lines and circles down the small of my back, your left entangled in my hair.
You continue to kiss me back in that way which knows little fervor. I begin to wonder if you're trying to restrain yourself or let me lead. Curiosity compels me and I take a quick nip at your lower lip. Your body stiffens slightly, a little surprised at the sudden change in my demeanor. But instead of pulling away as I feared, you continue to hold me, looking at me with those eyes of yours. "I'm not a color expert," I remember you telling me; you said that they were light brown, a possible shade of hazel. Regardless, your gaze is strong. Strong, but still sweet. And entirely captivating.
In a sudden rush of movement, you have me backed against the wall and railing. Your gaze is no longer sweet but full of desire. With a f***e and need like no other, you shower kisses across my neck, cheeks, and lips as you shrug the jacket of your suit off. I let out a sigh and close my eyes, my breathing getting thicker with each ticking second. I can hear my heart thud wildly in my chest, and feel your rapid breaths against my skin. The possibility of someone stepping on and being revealed only makes us both even more excited.
With expert hands, you unbutton my blouse before sending it crumpling onto the floor. The bra I'm wearing soon follows after. I tense a little, as the coolness of the air mingles with the heat from my body. You pause your attack to examine my breasts. It's not the first time that you've seen them but the intensity of your stare has caused my cheeks to flush. You lower your head and enclose a straining nipple with your mouth while one hand plays with the other, resuming your assault. Your teeth lightly graze the nub eliciting an involuntary "Ah!" from my throat. The feeling of your flickering tongue and warmth sends a tremor of pleasure down my spine only to pool into a low ache at my core.
I reach out to you and untighten your tie, sliding it off your neck. Before the pleasure can become all I focus on, I grab a hold of your wrists and move them behind your back. You raise an eyebrow at me but I ignore your questioning look and secure them to the railing near you. Stepping back, I turn away from you to remove my skirt. It glides past my hips and thighs, collecting on the floor. With both hands I hook the band of my panties, bending over as I slide it down and step out, exposing the rest of myself to you.
I steal a glance back, watching as you try to quietly suck in a breath of air. A small smirk creeps onto my face but I remove it so as to not let you notice. I stride back to you and give you a kiss before slowly letting the buttons of your shirt loosen one by one. My fingertips lightly trace the contours of your body casting tiny flutters of smooth friction to race throughout your nerves. They skim downwards, lingering on a bulge that wasn't there before.
My palm is slightly cupped and my fingers are slightly spread. Teasingly, I stroke you through the layers of fabric. Your breathing hitches and I can feel your pulse start to accelerate faster. I unbutton your pants and let it fall with your boxers so that your erection is now free. The sight of your erect member leaves me breathless. Its size is daunting but nevertheless pleasing.
I get onto my knees and lick my lips in hungry anticipation. With a hand, I guide it towards my mouth, gently placing a kiss at the tip. Lazily, I glide my tongue from the base of your shaft before moving it in swirls at the tip while I slightly twist my wrist back and forth. "Look at me," you groan. I comply and bring my eyes to meet yours which are heavy-lidded with pleasure as your head is tilted back against the wall. You want to reach out and run your hands through my hair but are reminded that you are restricted as you give a low growl in protest.
Your rigid length is now coated in a glistening sheen of my warm saliva, and I finally accept all of you, pressing my tongue flat along the underside and wrapping my lips around it. Dragging my tongue back and forth, I pull back moaning, sucking hard and until I reach the smooth head of your shaft. The movements of my strokes continue while I move my head in a steady motion. Amidst the flicks and swirls of my tongue, I feel your hips start to move towards me. Thrusting, begging, ushering for release. You almost reach your peak but I pull away and stop, refusing to let you over the edge. I languidly kiss you instead, enjoying every moment of the situation even as you groan in frustration. I can feel the wetness of my desire to have you within me and satisfied of your reaction untie you. "You'll definitely pay for that," you say quietly in dangerous lust. I'm caught off-guard as you bring the tie around my eyes, sending me into a world of darkness and heightened senses.
I raise my hands to remove it and utter a whimper in protest, but you cut me off with a fevered kiss, holding both my wrists with one hand above my head. My shoulder blades hit the wall. There's no way for me to escape now as I can feel the length of your body pinning me between it and you. I can feel your large hand inch slowly down my front, teasing me as you dip across the indent of my hips and up my stomach to my breasts before moving downwards again. Just as I did with you, your fingertips are now lightly sliding over me.
A gasp escapes from my lips as you insert a digit and then another inside my slickness, probing and exploring. I moan, eager for more, but now that you're in charge you relish every moment. Your lips encompass my breasts once more but I can sense that your roughness has increased. You pinch, roll, suck and bite a taut nipple causing my brain to register slight pain as well as the pleasure your hand is creating below my hips. My mind runs blank as I wonder how much more I can take; I'm dying to feel you slide between me. "Please," I hoarsely whisper. You ignore my plea and when you kiss me I think I feel a smirk spread across your face.
Instead, you move your fingers faster and with your thumb press against my swollen bud. I cry out in pleasure, rocking my hips to the movement and pace of your hand. You're relentless. I regret teasing you like I did but I can't help but imagine what you might do if I tease you even more the next time. Would you touch me like now or return the torturous pleasure tenfold? My insides start to quake as the pleasure swells beyond realization. Just a few strokes more and my knees will buckle and fold. But just as the heat is about to explode, you thrust inside me.
I scream your name, moving my legs so that they're now tightly closed around your hips. The walls of my inside clench hard around your member as I rake my nails along the width of your back. I bite my lips and bury my head into the crook of your shoulder, shaking my head in delirium. My breaths come in pants as my heart struggles to keep up with the flooding sensations. This rapturous pleasure that I feel within me will only last a moment, yet I long for it to last forever. Long for this time between us to last forever.
I feel your entire length easing inside of me, having stretched to accommodate your size. I leaned forward into you, crushing my breasts into your chest as your lips snake up my neck. Gradually, you begin to move, pushing and pulling between my folds. Your breathing is steady but a detection of unevenness can be heard. The smacking noise of our bodies colliding, your grunts, and my moans echo inside the tiny compartment. You place a kiss behind my ear, escalating the pace of your thrusts.
"Mmm." I chew my bottom lip, stifling a series of deep moans as I rocked back and forth to meet your hips with equal velocity. My palms slowly ease themselves onto your shoulders but the sweat is making it hard for me to hold on. Your warm lips cover my neck and lips with urgent, wet kisses, flooding my skin with a searing heat. I whimper your name and mutter fragments of sentences; I'm unable to form coherent words but "Yes", "Harder", and "Faster" are what registers in your mind.
"Cum for me," you say. Despite reaching my orgasm minutes ago, I throw my head back in pure ecstasy and my whole body convulses with pleasure. You growl, driving your hard length to my core. In what seems like forever, you finally let your willpower go, burying yourself as deep as you can into me. "I'm cumming," you groan and I hold you closer to me, feeling you slow down before stiffening and releasing a hot gush of liquid inside me. Your furious heartbeat slows down to its usual pace before you pull out of me.
Exhaling a shaky breath you remove the makeshift blindfold from my eyes. I blink as I register the dim brightness of the elevator light. We both gather our strewn articles amongst the floor, dressing to a degree of appropriateness. Only when we are back to standing closer than strangers but further than most does the elevator stop with a 'ding'.

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1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
just the story I was hoping for, erotic and well written
1 year ago
thanks everyone
1 year ago
So seXXXy!
1 year ago
Love it!
1 year ago
Awesome story!