My First MILF... (OMG)

My First MILF... (OMG)

in my first story, (the meeting) i shared how we met, now, I will tell you the incredible true story of our first shared lovemaking.

Her name is Connie. She has no lack of confidence, she's very sure of who she is, and what she wants and needs. At the same time, she's a little girl and a woman with a wonderful sense of love, joy and life. She's just fun, and is really nice to be around... and a good person you would like to have as a friend. She has an incredible smile, bright eyes, and very soft light brown hair. A great figure for a 55 year old woman, quite thin actually, breasts that are not too large or small, probably someone you would look at and think nothing about it... she just has a look and a personality that doesn't demand a lot of attention... yet at the same time, very attractive... she's just another face in the crowd, you might say... but she floored me!!!

After our first short chat in her car, I was like a k** in the candy store. Every time she came by the store, I would make a point of spending a liitle friendly time talking, and smiling, and just letting her know I was falling crazy about her.. she knew that...

Like I said, I live with my parents. The house is nice, and arranged that the f****y area is in the center of the house, with my parents rooms on one side of the house, and mine, and my s****rs on the other. I have a patio entrance from the back and a private area with my own bath and really just like my own apartment so to speak. Since I work for my Dad a lot, there is a lot of f****y communication, and at the same time... respect and we all have and maintain our limits.

Connie managed to arrange an afternoon to share with me... it took a bit of talking, but I finally got all my work schedules right, and let me just say, that our first kiss.. safely and quietly in my room, with an incredible woman, with the adrenaline rushing, and my two heads going crazy.. well... it was even better than that!!!

Connie is incredible... I will use this word a lot, only for a lack of a better word..

She is very good at letting me believe I was In control of what happened next, when in reality, she controlled it all. I can say that now, because as I look back at what and how we made love, it was all just a dream, and every time I have to jack off.. even years later,... it's about that first time with Connie...

It started even with the first kiss.. you would think we would be crushing and smashing and all the usual clothes throwing stuff.. but none of that happened...

The ever so light touching of the tongues, her soft, wet, warm lips letting me know this was going to be fun.... the warm embrace, the smells, the looks, her fingers touching me... slowly ... that first button... whenever I got to moving too fast, she held my hand... she was slow, and methodical, and every action was new and rewarding. She removed my T-shirt first, and when her lips touched my nipples, I couldn't believe how warrm and excited I felt. I slowly wrapped her up, lifted her gently, and as we looked at one another, she kissed me as I walked her to the bed, and we just kinda rolled in slow motion onto the bed, and I really don't remember the sequence of how all our clothes got taken off... but I do remember that every piece was a new and incredible experience. It took forever to get naked.. but I learned that day the importance of time...

There was plenty of light outside, so I got to see all of her!!! her beautiful nipples, that were just barely pinker than the rest of her breasts, her soft, yet hard tiny nips. Her pussy shaved just a bit and showed just a little puff of hair just above her clit... soft, wet, warm parted pussy... damn it man...

Now, I'm not what you'd call hung, but I do have one nice feature... (I think)... the head of my 7-8 inch cock is quite large. Almost half again as large. It kinda just pops out there at you... and she smiled as she saw this, I think, hell... what did I know then... she asked me if she could suck it, and I just told her that she could only suck me while I was eating her... fair enough... so we slowly got around to the most beautiful sight in my life... I tell you, man.. her pussy sliding down over my face from up there.. and I looked at that pussy for a long time before I got my first taste... I guess I never took the time to really look at that, and shame on me... but her beautiful slit coming down to my lips, the sight... the smell.. the taste... my thoughts were going off the charts.. and when her lips and tongue touched my cock head.. uh, oh.. my senses were off the charts.. I was going to explode way too fast... I tried to let her know what was going to happen... but she already knew.. I'm sorry man... but I'm gonna be honest.. with my mouth and tongue buried in the most incredible pussy in the world... my cock in the softest, warmest mouth in the world, and my senses going off the charts.. well.. I exploded... I didn't just explode.. my cock and balls ached and I shuddered and she clamped her pussy down on my my face and we both held on for what seemed like 15 minutes as we rode one hell of a climax together all over one another... FUCK !!!

and as I tried to hide my embarrasement, at what i knew was going to be a big dissapointment for her... she slowly reversed positions... replaced her mouth with her pussy, got my cock a bit ackwardly arranged between her legs, she got her mouth onto mine.. and we just kinda kissed, and looked at one another.. and I tried to explain.. but she wouldn't have it.. she just got more romantic... her eyes were lit up, her face was blushed, her lips were soft and warm, her kisses and everything she did told me everything was all right. Her experience gave me all the confidence I needed for now. I slowly rolled her over, and laying there.. we talked for a few minutes...

"That was an incredible climax"... she said... I'm sorry, I started to say.. but she said.. no.. that she meant that SHE had had an incredible climax !!! I looked at her and asked how the heck did she climax, and that mine was too fast, too soon, too.. hell, everything..

She just smiled, and told me her story. She told me her husband was a great lover.. had taught her everything about sex, and how she learned to enjoy it and and really, to learn to be a better wife, lover, and sex partner because of it. She learned to climax better, faster, really just on command, (under the right circumstances), and was the reason she has the confidence and attitude about it all. She told me that she enjoyed cutting the grass around the house some times, because she could put the vibrating handle on her pussy area as she walked back and forth, and she could climax as often as she wanted to whenever she wanted.. she smiled at me and asked... how would you like to walk around... and just cum whenever you wanted to... wouldn't you be happy, too..

We talked like that for about 30 minutes or so.. really, giggling, smiling and eventually, we kissed again. She was such a happy person to be with.. I could tell you about all we talked about.. really.. but actually, as exciting as that was.. I'll get back to our next lovemaking session... OMG-2

I don't know at what point my cock got to full mast.. not about 20 minutes or so, and she knew it.. and was touching it occasionally as we talked, and moved her legs and warm pussy all over it... she had such a beautiful smile.. she looked so happy.. we kissed, yes, we kissed.. every kiss was a special thank you... every kiss was another invitation... no grinding.. nothing wrong here.. she spread her legs slowly as I raised up, and looked down to see her incredibly beautiful pussy spread there before me, my cock head right there.. she looked into my eyes, smiled, and gently guided the large head into her wet, pink pussy... just an inch.. she held it right there.. she used her hand to fuck my cock into her slowly at first.. really, just rubbing the head all around her clit, her wet pussy lips, up, down... then back in again.. and then she just reached up for me.. pulled me down to her kiss, and let me slowly inch all I had into her..... fuck man... I knew I was gonna cum again.. but i was enjoying her.. I had fucked several girls before.. I thought I knew what I was doing... I enjoyed the hell out of it.. but this was, and still is, to this day.. the hottest, most exciting, BEST fucking in the world...

I didn't explode like I knew I was going to... instead she slowed my in-out to just right.. she squeezed my cock perfectly with that very talented pussy of hers... her pussy felt like another mouth down there... squeeezing and sucking like I didn't know was possible. This time, she surprised me... she grabbed around me hard, pulled me to her.. and into her.. and I felt her pussy cum all over my cock. I felt her suck me with her entire body. I looked into her eyes as she climaxed, and her face blush again, and that smile.. damn it.. that smile!!! She melted me... She pulled me into her again a bit faster and we got into a nice gentle motion and we fucked one another... she pulled me where she wanted me to be, I fucked into her where I liked it best, and I watched her nipples grow red, her face flush again.. and this time she exploded all over me with an intensity that almost threw me off her.. but she held on, and watching her like that made me feel more like a man and a lover than I could ever tell you... She grabbed the pillow, put it over her mouth and I heard her climax, and her pussy and legs grabbed at my cock with intense sucking power.. and I just watched her.. and I had power.. and my cock was fucking her harder.. and faster.. and deeper than we knew.. and it just got better..

She started to slow down just a bit.. removed the pillow.. looked at me.. there was a small tear in her eyes.. really.. I tought was I hurting her?? should I stop.. slow down.. she smiled, told me not to stop.. that the next one was gonna kill us both, so the game was on!!! My cock was so hard.. and I was fucking her as best I could.. but you know what??? I couldn't take my eyes off her face.. her smile, her lips, her nose.. everything about her told me I was doing this right.. and I wasn't going to let it end..
she wrapped her legs around me.. pulled me deeeper into her... her pussy grabbed and sucked me in... and we rode like that for several minutes, and then... we were coming....

we were coming...

we were coming...

damn it man.. we were coming...

She bucked and squeezed, and thrashed around, and before it was over.. she was on top riding my cock to a climax that exploded... even blew our cum all over one another.. her tits were red.. she was breathing so hard, she was making noises.. moaning.. almost crying.. my eyes were wide open.. i couldn't believe what had just happened.. or how it happened.. our sweat, cum, tears, juices... were all over the both of us.. we looked at one another.. and eventually.. we started to smile, giggle.. then we were laughing and kissing and rolling all over the bed.. and damn it man... she was incredible...

We lie there for a long time... drank a little water, smiled.. and then we talked again...

let me know if you liked this.. and want more... thanx..

95% (38/2)
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10 months ago
I loved it and would love too know more if there is anything to say
2 years ago
2 years ago
Love older woman tell more...
2 years ago
Chapter 2 was even better then one!
3 years ago
Big applause, Older woman know what they want. Did Connie like anal?
3 years ago
Absolutely incredible!! Would love to read more!
3 years ago
awesome man :)
3 years ago
older men & women are better
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Very good
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WOW. Older women are better