My first MILF... (The meeting)

My first MILF... (The meeting)

My name is Travis, I'm soon to be 20, and I've worked at the local grocery chain store now for 4 1/2 yrs. I go to School a bit, but mostly work with friends and f****y transporting new and used cars and trucks all over this part of the Chicago area. I make enough to have my own place, but choose to live at home, and I'm very frugal with time and money... I do OK... I don't have a 10-11 inch cock like all the other guys in stories you read, and every girl and/or woman doesn't throw panties at me when we pass one another, although I did have one girl show me her breasts last summer as I was loading the car for her. I told her I'd probably jack off to that sight later that day.. which I did.

My story started a few weeks ago when a friend at the store kept noticing this "MILF" as he called her, and how hot he thought she was. I had to agree, she was quite stunning, and very friendly. She always had a smile for everyone, and if she smiled at me, I knew it was just a friendly thing.

Somehow, Greg had found out how old she was (without telling me) and bet me her age, I told him I thought she was probably just touching 40 if that... and I let it go at that.. Greg however, kept busting my chops telling me all kinds of crap that she was well into her 50's and would I like to bet. Well, to shut him up, I took the bet, and the next time she went through my check out line, and knowing she would have some White Zinfandel wine, I told her she didn't look old enough to be purchasing alchohol, and may I see her ID ?

She told me she was was old enough to be my Mother, and with a very nice smile, she produced her drivers license. I looked at it quickly, then with a double take... I told her this wasn't her. She giggled, and told me it was an old picture, her hair color was different, she was wearing glasses, and it was obviously dated wrong. Well, it wasn't dated wrong, but it was an old picture of her, and we giggled a bit about it, turns out she was turning 54 in a couple weeks, and since I didn't look old enough to sell her alchohol, could she see my ID ? Again, we giggled, and she looked it over, smiled and she told me I was very handsome and mature for my age... and man, did my face turn red and I was about as embarassed as I've ever been, and she could tell... she tore me up.. even the manager came over and asked what was wrong? Since it wasn't too crowded and things were still running smoothly, we all had a great laugh at my expense, and I helped pack her up and offered her assistance with the bags to her car.

We talked innocently enough on the way to her car, and I put the bags in as she got in and started the car, complaining about how hot it was in there before the A/C got kicked in. I agreed and out of no where, she asked if I had a minute to talk to her as the car was chilling? I said I had all the time she wanted, laughing of course, and I got in the front with her. That's when things got wonderful.. to say the least...

We knew one anothers name from the checks and the name tags, so slowly we just started talking about how things were around the neighborhood, and the state, etc... and at one point, as I was turning and just listening, our knees slightly touched, just enough to make us stop, and look at one another... and then she asked if I was was serious about a girl? Anyone in particular, I asked, and she started to giggle.. her laughs (giggles) were a great thing to see and hear.. she was really geting to me.. and I wasn't very good at this. I said there was one very attractive girl i had recently had my eyes on, but told her there was no way she could ever know. Hoping I wasn't being too obvious, I asked her if she was married, and how many k**s did she have. Yes, and 3, she replied, all older than you and moved away.. all except the husband. He's probably at home now cutting grass or working on his old car. "But that's a different story", she said... "and I don't want to talk about it.. so, it's just you and I, talking, if you don't mind..."

and so we did. I know by now you're expecting us to be fucking with the husband, the daughters, the neighbors k**s, and a****ls... but we just talked... and it got a bit sexy, too.. She was very nice, and pleasant, and not like the girls I was dating off and on, because she was comfortable in her life I guess, and wasn't afraid of the "us" thing that we were doing. So I asked her why we were here talking like this, that I didn't suspect this was a usual habit of hers... and it was her turn to turn red, just a bit, and I reached over and touched her hand and told her I thought this was very nice.. that I felt very comfortable about being there with her, and wished we could do it again sometime... then... she slowly... ever so slowly.. came forward toward me, and before I knew what I was doing.. we were kissing. Not the hot, raging, sloppy, crushing, fuck kissing, but the very soft, warm, tiny tongue touch, (my cock is screaming) kiss... and when it was over, and looking into her eyes... not a foot apart, she told me she had to go, and that she wished she could call and just talk to me again sometime...

While I was trying to get paper and pencil, she had to notice the raging bulge in my pants, but didn't say anything... she gave me her phone number as I dialed it.. it rang into her phone, so I told her.. there it is.. and she gently kissed me again, and I backed out of the car and watched as she drove off...

damn.. but I couldn't walk back into the store like that!!! I started to get carts...

Let me know if you like this so far.. if you do.. the "rest of the story" is even better.....
91% (49/5)
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2 years ago
Great start to a book!
2 years ago
3 years ago
Nice story!, Please continue. It sounds very much like my experience.
3 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
Great introduction for the story and well written.. Please share 'the rest of the story'. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Great start. Can't wait to read the rest!
3 years ago
Very nice start! Well written!
3 years ago
Great start, now we have to read the rest of the story
3 years ago
You have introduced You with a very nice story !
It would be interesting to read the developement of Your relationship.
With greetings from Britany, France,
3 years ago
yea dude lets hear the rest
3 years ago
Sounds good so far!