My true story Part 4

Tonisha sat nervously at the breakfast table. At any moment, she expected someone to inquire about the strange sounds coming from her room the night before. She looked across the table at Lynn. How would she act this morning after a night of forbidden sexual passion? The ear to ear smile on Lynn's face quickly answered that question.

Lynn seemed oblivious to the situation around her. She obviously wasn't thinking about the upcoming game. Her face was aglow from the all night lovemaking session with her sexy roommate. While everyone else was chatting nervously about the game, her eyes were glued on Tonisha. If it weren't for the tension of the big game, the others surely would have noticed something was up.

Tonisha tried to avoid making eye contact with Lynn, afraid of being outed during breakfast. She tried talking to a teammate but from the corner of her eye she could see her lovemate watching her every move. She felt Lynn's foot slide up the inside of her leg causing their eyes to meet.

Taking a hot bran muffin from the platter, Lynn had opened it slightly and filled it with butter. She slide her tongue erotically along the dark muffin, licking the creamy hot butter oozing from the slit.

"Oh my God" Tonisha thought, "what have I done?" She watched as Lynn cunningly performed cunnilingus on the dark dripping muffin. She hoped no one else was noticing her horny little friend. "Have I created a monster?" she wondered.

Lynn continued to lick the hot cream from the muffin, her gaze locked on Tonisha. A couple of drops streamed down her chin. Making sure she had Tonisha's undivided attention, Lynn used her finger to sweep the cream into her mouth, sucking her fingertip seductively.

Tonisha could feel her sexual excitement rising. This is NOT what she needed. Her lust for Lynn was overwhelming her. She watched her stand and walk towards the door, her bouncy bottom inviting Tonisha to follow.

Once outside the door, Tonisha grabbed Lynn roughly and pulled her tight. "Girl you're killing me!" she said anxiously.

The two girls embraced, their lips met in a steamy kiss. Lynn's tongue flowed into Tonisha's mouth, her hands sliding downward to cup her friend's round ass.

Reluctantly, Tonisha pulled away from Lynn's sweet lips. "We gonna get caught, girl" she said. "Lets go get our stuff and get on the bus, o.k?"

They returned to their room. As soon as the door closed, Lynn tackled Tonisha onto the bed. She jumped on top of her, kissing her wildly.

"I couldn't wait to have you again" Lynn panted. She was like a wildcat! Tonisha was helpless to stop her. This time Lynn was taking the initiative.

Tonisha tried to resist but she was so weak. She loved the way Lynn's lips felt on hers. They were so soft and hot and big! She battled to catch her breath, but it was difficult with Lynn's tongue swirling inside her mouth and her hands were everywhere at once it seemed!

Abruptly, Lynn stopped, scrambling back. She grabbed the band of Tonisha's sweat pants and lifted her ass off the bed and began to pull them down.

"Don't Lynn, we don't have time baby" Tonisha protested weakly. She felt her hot cunt exposed to the cool crisp air of the motel room. "Please Lynn, don't!" she begged. She couldn't believe this was the same girl she had known for several years! She could tell Lynn wasn't going to stop till she had her way with her. This time SHE would be submissive to her white friend.

"I know you want it Nisha. Beg for it baby! If you want it, you gotta beg." Lynn felt an incredible surge of power. This time SHE was the boss! Tonisha was HER helpless little slave. "Come on, beg bitch!" she said gleefully.

"Oh please Lynn, yes I want you!" blurted the prone black girl. "Lick my pussy, PLEASE! You are the boss baby. Please stick your tongue in my pussy, Lynn!"

Lynn shoved her face between Tonisha's black thighs, forcing them apart. Her tongue licked greedily at the hairless ebony vagina, her's for the taking. She moved her tongue skillfully inside her teammate's scorching hot box.

"This is pretty cool" Tonisha thought to herself. "Being the slave isn't all bad." She watched Lynn's blonde head bobbing between her legs. Her tongue seemed to be a foot long, touching all areas of her cunt. Were all white girls this way? "This must be what they mean when they say 'once you go black, you never go back" she giggled to herself. She raised her legs, wrapping them around her classmates head.

Lynn felt Tonisha's thighs tighten around her head. She knew this poor black thing was under her control and she was enjoying it fully. She sucked at Tonisha's clit. She felt her long dark fingers sliding through her blonde hair. She felt Nisha bucking her crotch upward against her face. She knew she was about to cum. "Now I'll show her who's really the boss" she thought confidently.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door. Tonisha closed her mouth tightly to avoid being heard.

Lynn sucked harder. Whether Tonisha liked it or not, she was going to make her cum.

Another knock on the door. "Come on girls, be on the bus in five minutes, let's go!"said the coach.

"Dammit!" said the frustrated blonde. "They won't leave without us" as she attacked Tonisha's love button once more.

"Are you crazy, girlfriend?" Tonisha asked in amazement. She loosened her grip on Lynn's head and slid out from under her, hurrying to get dressed and get her travel bag.

Licking Nisha's sweet juices from her lips, Lynn sadly began to get ready.

"You got it bad, don't ya girl?" laughed Tonisha. She hugged Lynn close, kissing her deeply, their bodies still aroused."You know there's always tonight!"

With that, Lynn sprang to life again! The two girls headed out the door to the biggest game of their young lives.

Later that afternoon....

It had been a strange match. In the first game Tonisha had played terribly. Her powerful legs were heavy and listless. Her night of passion had led to her shocking downfall. Before the start of the second game, she sat despondently next to her secret lover. The whole team was in a panic. They knew they hadn't a chance unless their best player got herself together.

The rest of the team watched nervously as the two co-captains chatted privately. As the team took the floor for the second game, Tonisha was noticeably revved up. She was bouncing up and down the way she had always done with a look of determination on her face.

"What did you tell her, Lynn?" asked senior teammate, Tanya.

Without hesitation, Lynn replied "I told her I would eat her pussy if she would win us the championship."

Tanya exploded in laughter! She went from teammate to teammate speading Lynn's hilarious pep talk. The ice was broken, they were ready to have fun and win the title.

Tonisha began to dominate the game like never before. Her powerful, yet graceful body floated above the opposition delivering devastating spikes and thrilling blocks at the net. With their star leading the way they pounded their way through the second game and to match point in the third, losing only four points along the way.

Lynn rocked slowly on the service line, hoping to serve the championship winning point. Her serve was well placed as the return floated weakly toward the net. Leaping high one last time, Tonisha slammed the ball furociously for the winning point!

The ecstatic girls rushed to the center of the court, throwing their bodies into a massive pile of arms and legs! After several breathless minutes of complete elation, the girls managed to move their celebration to the sideline. Tanya and Tonisha swung each other around wildly.

"If I had known you would play like that, I would have eaten your pussy myself!" Tanya said joyously. "But I guess I'll let Lynn go first. Yall are so crazy!" as she danced away , hugging other teammates.

Tonisha made her way to Lynn, her teammates stopping her along the way to tell her to enjoy having her pussy eaten. She finally reached her lovergirl and asked her what she had told everyone.

"I told them I told you, if you would win it for us I would eat your pussy. I was just trying to make everyone lighten up so we could play and I think it worked!" bragged Lynn.

"I can't believe you told them! They weren't supposed to know, girl!" the wide eyed young black girl said.

"They just thought I was joking around. They were just playing with you, that's all" Lynn assured her friend. "Oh, and by the way Nisha, I WILL lick your pussy sooo good tonight you'll think last nigtht was boring!" She licked her lips lustily and left Tonisha speechless.

Tonisha stood in the shower, the warm waters cascading over her breasts, the gentle scent of the soap relaxing her mind and rejuvenating her body. She thought of Lynn and the magical way she had fallen under her spell. The feel of her wet moist lips on her clit, the way her tongue had found the most sensitve areas inside her.

As her fingers massaged her growing clit, she decided to give that little white girl what she needed. If Lynn wanted to be dominated, she would gladly oblige her. As she made her plans for later she worked herself to an easy orgasm.

Lynn returned to her room, having sent her f****y home without her so she could stay with her teammates. "Yeah, right" she smiled as she walked through the door.

Out of the shower stepped Tonisha, her hair pinned in a sophisticated style atop her head. Her robe swung open as she walked, displaying her supple maked body. She looked stunning!

Lynn was mesmerized. She stood there, open mouthed, watching the ebony goddes approach. If possible, she looked even more beautiful than the night before. Less than two hours earlier, she had watched as this incredibly sexy girl had almost single handedly, won the championship, drawing the cheers and admiration of everyone in attendance. And yet, here was that same girl, walking naked towards her!

Lynn could feel her friend's sexual power enveloping her. She slowly dropped to her knees in fromt of her ebony princess. She looked up at Tonisha's face, so pretty and confident. Her heart was pounding.

Tonisha knew Lynn was her bitch, willing to do whatever she wanted of her. She dropped the robe and stepped forward, her hand coming to rest on the back of the blonde's head. The ebony princess thrust her hips forward against the white girl's face. She was in control, humping her white lover's face slowly and steadily. She could feel Lynn licking her cunt expertly but Tonisha was going to make her work for her reward.

Lynn gazed up at Tonisha's pretty face. She enjoyed this position. It felt natural, as if this was where she should be, on her knees pleasuring Tonisha, or any black woman for that matter. Her tongue slithered around Nisha's hard clit then underneath, licking the wetness from her lips.

Tonisha was in seventh heaven! No one had ever eaten her before. Now, not only did she have someone, that someone was a female, a white female and her best friend! She just couldn't get over being able to live her fantasy. She watched the mirror as if she were watching two people in a video, white serving black. Then she would look down at Lynn, making love to her pussy, her tanned arms wrapped around her black bottom. This wasn't a video, this was REAL! She had never felt more sexy in all her life! Tonisha ground her hot pussy against Lynn's face froom different angles, each angle bringing pleasure to different parts of her cunt.

"Let go of my ass, bitch" Tonisha commmanded. "Now stand up and take off your clothes baby."

Lynn obeyed immediately. Within seconds she was naked and shaking in anticipation.

"You're so damned beautiful, baby" Tonisha told her friend. Pulling Lynn to her she began to kiss and fondle the blonde, her finger sliding inside the ivory cunt.

Lynn gasped as the finger made her little pussy very happy. She returned Tonisha's passionate kisses, her hands caressing her cheeks.

It was a mixture of love and lust for the two girls. Their kisses made for happy hearts but the flesh burned with desire that could only be satisfied by raw sex.

Once again, Tonisha was overcome by the desire to dominate her friend. She turned and bent forward, exposing her voluptuous butt to Lynn. "You like this black azz baby?" she taunted. "If you do, you better get on your knees and let me know."

Lynn loved this! She didn't know why but she did. "Anything for you, Nisha" she whispered as she knelt behind the black girl. She kissed Tonisha's ass repeatedly, biting it playfully. She could hear Tonisha's quiet responses. She boldly slid her tongue along the crack of her ass. It was so hot! Tonisha's moans were becoming louder. Lynn knew what she had to do to show her total submission to the black girl.

She grabbed Tonisha's hips, pulling her ass hard against her face. She flicked her tongue across and around Tonisha's asshole, her nose buried in the crack of her ass. She was amazed at how hot and smooth Nisha's butt was on her face.

Tonisha squealed in delight! "Show me how much you like this black azz, white girl."

Lynn pulled back her blonde hair and moistened her tongue. Once again she pulled Tonisha's ass hard against her face, her tongue penetrating the black girls tight little hole.

"Oh God Lynn!" she cried excitedly. "Mmmm baby that feels so good." Now she knew for sure this little white girl was her total slave. "Do it Lynn! Tongue my asshole baby, yeah." She wished she could see this in the mirror! Just thinking how it must look: a white girl licking a black girl's ass was too much. She was about to cum.

"Stick your tongue in my cunt, baby!" she ordered her slave. She began ramming her ass back against Lynn's face, her love juice flowing on her tongue. She had been fucked doggie style but this was so much different. She wasn't receiving, she was giving!

And Lynn was receiving. Like a jockey on a horse, she spanked Tonisha's ass, urging her onward, her tongue surging in and out of the wet slit in front of her.She lapped the steady flow of cum from Tonisha's vagina. She marveled at the black girl's sensuous rhythm.

With the moves of a dancer, Tonisha wiggled her butt, smearing her honey all over Lynn's happy face. As she slowed her pace, she began to talk. "I bet all you little white girls like black pussy, don't ya?"

Pausing from her duties, Lynn answered "Of course, Nisha. I've seen Cristy looking at you during practice. I just thought she was admiring your play but now I know she was admiring your black ass!"

"Mmm, Cristy is a fine white ho" Tonisha said to a chorus of giggles from Lynn, who was lying on her back watching her fantasize about their teammate. "I would rub my hands all over her sexy body and squeeze those big boobies of hers." She caressed Lynn's body to demonstrate. "I would kiss her to show how much I wanted her" as she kissed Lynn deeply.

"Mmm, it's good to be Cristy" murmured Lynn.

"Oh Cristy, you ain't seen nothin' yet baby. I'm gonna put this black pussy on your white face and they ain't a damn thing you gonna do about it 'cept lick it" panted Tonisha.

"Uumm baby, show me what you mean" Lynn purred."I've never had me a nigga before."

"You Georgia peaches are all the same. You about to get all the nigga you can handle, Cristy." She swung a leg across Lynn's body, coming to rest on one knee, her juicy pussy hovering over her companion's head. "Now that you see what a nigga pussy looks like, Cristy, it's time to have a taste, just like Lynn."

"Just feed it to me baby" said Lynn, playing the role of Cristy to the hilt. She waited patiently as Tonisha lowered her phat fat pussy onto her face. She dragged her tongue along the still soggy, hot ebony cunt. "Mmm, tastes so good, I'm glad Lynn shared you with me.

Tonisha closed her eyes, imagining that it was really the brunette beauty, Cristy beneath her. She came lustily and quite noisily, flooding her phantom lover with her hot juices.

Knowing it isn't often you get to have your very own slave, Tonisha intended to take full advantage. Through the night, the two girls tried many different positions. Everything from the casual; Tonisha munching on a candy bar while Lynn munched on her, to the relaxed; Tonisha lying on her side reading a teen magazine with Lynn's head wedged between her thighs, to the funky; Tonisha sitting on Lynn's face, rocking to music videos and getting her groove on to the shopping network. Both girls were having the times of their young lives and they didn't want to waste this last night on sl**p.

Just before dawn, as the two lay in each other's arms, their tired but happy bodies snuggled closely, Lynn kissed Tonisha tenderly. "Thank you for the most wonderful weekend of my life. You've made me the happiest girl in the whole world, Nisha" she said softly. "I love you so much."

Tonisha was stunned. She felt Lynn's lips kissing her's softly. She wondered why it hadn't already dawned on her. Lust was only part of what had motivated Lynn to give herself so completely. She felt Lynn's lips sucking at her nipples, her nouth making its way down to familiar territory.

"Wait Lynn" Tonisha said. "Lay down baby." She straddled her face but it would be different this time. She lowered her cunt gently on Lynn's mouth. She could feel her lips kissing around her hairless twat. She leaned forward till her face was only inches from her classmate's sweet little pussy. If someone had ever told her she would eat a white girl's pussy someday, she would have slapped them silly. But here she was WANTING to eat Lynn's pussy, to show her how she felt about her.

Tonisha moved her closed lips across Lynn's cunt lips She heard her moan loudly as Lynn continued to smother her pussy with passionate kisses. She slipped her tongue back and forth between Lynn's cunt lips, amazed at the silky softness.

This time both girls were making love to each other. Their bodies, though so very different, were as one as they moved in perfect harmony.

Tonisha sucked happily on Lynn's clit, enjoying the feeling of giving her companion, pleasure. Her fingertips worked their way inside the crack of Lynn's ass bringing more sounds of pleasure.

The two girls now were licking and sucking each other wildly. Their young, strong bodies gyrated out of control.The bed shook beneath them!

"Oh my God, Nisha! I'm cumming! Oh my God, baby, yes!" Lynn screamed as her hips shook frantically. "I love you sooo much, Nisha" she cried as her white pussy spewed it's love potion into her black lover's face.

Tonisha was now overwhelmed by her love for Lynn. She drank hungrily from Lynn's love fountain. She was beginning to cum also as she worked her cunt faster on her white girlfriend's face. She wouldn't have thought it possible but Lynn was eating her pussy even better than before! From head to toe, her whole body was on fire!

Tonisha sat upright on Lynn's face, her back arched as she rode madly on Lynn's face. Suddenly she froze, then her body shook violently. "Oh God, Lynn!!!" she screamed, her orgasm ripping through her firm young body. She couldn't believe how hard she was cumming! She feared for Lynn's safety but she couldn't stop now. Squeezing Lynn's breasts with her fingers. She wanted to show her how much she loved her! The spasms were major as she flooded Lynn's mouth with cum.

For several minutes Tonisha lost all control of her body. She hoped the bed wouldn't collapse from the shaking. Her body screamed, "enough already!" but Lynn would have none of that. She continued her assault on Nisha's clit and G spot. Tonisha's body thrashed wildly as her orgasm went off the chart! She collapsed forward as Lynn continued to lick away the incredible amount of love Tonisha had given her.

"I love you, Nisha. You are so wonderful to me" Lynn said softly, as she continued to worship her black master.

Tonisha pulled her splayed pussy off Lynn's face and crawled on top of her, their breasts pressed together. The two girls smiled sweetly at each other. Lynn reached up and wiped away tears of joy from Tonisha's face. "I love you" she whispered.

Tonisha smiled and wiped her love juice from Lynn's sexy lips. "I love you too, girlfriend" as she kissed her lovingly.

As the sun peaked through the window, the two girls drifted off to sl**p in each other's arms. No longer just friends or teammates, but passionate lovers.

The storybook weekend was coming to an end. The girls were getting ready to leave for home. Lynn was brushing her hair and Tonisha was in the shower when they got an unexpected visitor. Into the room walked Coach Killen. She said she had noticed their door wasn't completely closed. Looking around the room, the coach became suspicious. Pillows in the floor, sheets in a tangled mass at the foot of the bed. She walked over and took a closer look at the bed.

Lynn's heart stopped. The bed was covered with wet spots! "Oh my God!" she thought. "We are so busted." She knew the 24 year old, Coach Killen, was just out of college herself. Though attractive and blonde, she could add 2 plus 2.

She looked at Lynn. "Did one of you have a boy in here last night? You know we could all get in trouble over something like that."

Lynn remained silent but she was relieved the coach thought it was a boy. Then she noticed the coach looking at the other bed. It hadn't been slept in, not so much as a wrinkle. Puzzled, the coach looked around the room. Sweats, socks, panties strewn everywhere. And only one bed had been disturbed.

"Lynn, oh my God! You two didn't... I mean, you and Tonisha didn't.... uh.... I mean, I can't believe..."

At that moment, Tonisha came prancing out of the shower TOTALLY NAKED! Standing there, open mouthed, in all her glory, Tonisha couldn't move. "Coach Killen, I... I... was just taking a shower and ..."

Coach Killen stared at Tonisha in amazement. The two girls knew their lives were over. At any moment the coach would surely give them the death penalty. There was an uneasy silence. But something strange seemed to be happening. The girls could hear heavy breathing and it wasn't coming from them!

Coach Killen appeared to be in a trance, her eyes locked on Tonisha's beautiful smooth ebony pussy! Her cheeks were turning a dark shade of red and she bit her lower lip lightly.

Lynn wanted to laugh out loud! "Coach Killen's getting jungle fever" she thought. She looked over to Tonisha. Her legs were parted slightly, one hand on her hip, her weight shifted to one side. She was trying to seduce Coach Killen and it was working!

Coach Killen backed slowly toward the door, her eyes still fixed on Tonisha's box. She reached behind her, opened the door, and finally made eye contact with Tonisha. Her tongue licked across her upper lip as Tonisha winked seductively at her and then she was gone.

The two girls looked at each other, neither believing what had just happened. Finally they burst into laughter. Lynn put one arm around Tonisha and placed her other hand over Tonisha's enchanting black pussy. "I should have told her, back off bitch, this is mine!"

Tonisha pulled away from Lynn. "Hey girl, there's enough of this pussy to go around!" she laughed.

"Oh my God, I can just see your black ass sitting on Coach Killen's face! And it makes me kinda jealous" Lynn said.

"What? Something like this?" as she tossed Lynn on the bed and scrambled astride her face.

"Yeah, something like this" said the smiling blonde. "You know we've still got about an hour before we leave."

"Hhmm, do I want to watch TV or have an orgasm?" Tonisha thought it over for a moment then lowered her pussy onto Lynn's mouth. The two girls made love one more time ending the weekend that would forever change their lives.

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6 months ago
That is a trully moving story. I hope two two are still close.
1 year ago
I have to admit I didn't. I came close because I was so turned on but I was too carried away at the taste of honey!
2 years ago
Very hot story! Did you actually stick your tongue up her ass? That must have felt great!
3 years ago
very arousing story, masterly told by lynn and selected to our delight by someone who knows how to treat pussies well
3 years ago
3 years ago
You just need someone to take care of that
3 years ago
im sooo wet
3 years ago
excellence in erotica 10**********
3 years ago
Please continue
3 years ago
I'm glad u enjoyed it. I know I did!
3 years ago
Making muffins moan manyfold is
the secret to success in sports!
Love the lesbian love! ;-)P