My true story Part 2

As the bus sped down the highway, the moods of the two 18 year old girls was decicedly different. Lynn was excited but relaxed. She anticipated the chance to be on her own, away from home, in a big city. She wanted to win the state championship and the adoration it would bring from the people of her town. Sex was the furthermost thing from her mind!

On the other hand, that was all Tonisha could think about! Every movement of the bus caused the two girls' bare legs to brush together, sending sparks up and down her body. Scenes of hot steamy sex involving her and Lynn kept streaming through her mind. She just couldn't stop it! Her body was racked with sexual tension.

Sensing the tension, Lynn put her arm around her teammate. "Lighten up, 'Nisha" her pet name for Tonisha. "We are going to kick their asses and you are going to be great!"

Tonisha felt the warm embrace from her friend. She knew Lynn thought that she was nervous about the game. She played along. "Do you really think so, Lynn?"

"Sure! You're the best! They don't stand a chance" as Lynn nudged her gently. "Lets get some rest. Its still a long ride ahead" she said as she leaned her head on Tonisha's shoulder.

With that Tonisha tried to relax. She could feel Lynn's soft blonde hair trailing down her arm. The sl**ping blonde smelled so sweet. She closely examined the pretty face next to her. She could see Lynn's full, sexy lips, her cute little nose and long eyelashes. She wondered what those lips would feel like, against her lips, against her pussy! Tonisha finally began to relax, drifting off into a hazy sl**p.

Lynn was still asl**p but her hand had fallen onto Tonisha's lap, her fingers, nestled between her thighs. Her skin burned as she looked at the slender white fingers contrasting with her dark brown skin. It looked so erotic. She couldn't take her eyes off the sight. Each time the bus shook from the uneven pavement, Lynn's fingers slid deeper toward her crotch. She glanced around. Everyone seemed to be reading or sl**ping. No one was watching.She could feel her pussy getting wet. If this was heaven, what would a tongue be like!

Lynn looked into Tonisha's eyes. Her eyes sparkled in the sunlight. She moved closer and put her lips against Tonisha's equally full lips.

Tonisha felt Lynn's tongue slither inside her mouth. Their tongues wrestled playfully. Her white fingers found their way inside Tonisha's shorts, the tips working their way between her wet cunt lips.

With a sexy grin, Lynn pulled away from Tonisha's mouth. She lowered her face down to the black girl's waiting pussy. She tugged the wet panties to the side, slipping a finger between those moist lips. Once again she looked up at Tonisha sexily.

Stroking her blonde hair, Tonisha returned her gaze, sliding her tongue along her upper lip. She gently pushed the blonde head downward between her spreading thighs.

Reading the signals, Lynn flicked her tongue over the smooth skin of the hot black pussy. She sucked the wet lips of her labia into her mouth as Tonisha continued to stroke her soft hair. Lynn worked her tongue lovingly along the entrance to the black girls hot love tunnel, finally slipping it inside.

Tonisha raised her left leg, dr****g it over the white girls head, forcing her tongue deeper inside her ebony pussy. She pressed her hand down harder on the back of Lynn's head as her tongue fucked in and out. Tonisha could feel her juices flowing at the urging of her teammate's tongue.

Rolling up onto her right hip, Tonisha momentarily released her grip on Lynn's head. She moved her shorts down further as Lynn crawled up in the seat. She lay down on her right side and shoved her head between Tonisha's thighs.

The young black girl clamped her thighs around the pretty white girl's head, trapping her face in her smoldering cunt, Lynn's blonde hair flowing over her legs.

Tonisha had Lynn right where she wanted her as she began to ride her pussy over the white girl's mouth. She could feel her orgasm building deep inside. Her hips were thusting powerfully. Her pussy was riding Lynn's wiling face from her chin to her nose. She squeezed her thighs tighter around the blonde's head as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body, her cum spurting into Lynn's mouth! She was grinding her pussy faster and harder on her co captain's face.

Suddenly the bus hit a large pothole and bounced violently. Lynn's hand slid all the way against Tonisha's cunt!

Lynn awoke to the jolt. "What was that?!" She yawned and arched her back, pulling her hand away from Tonisha's crotch, strecthing her arms into the air.

"Just a pothole baby" Tonisha gasped. Her panties were soaked! She had never had a wet dream like this one. She glanced at Lynn who was looking out the window. She wanted her so bad! She had to have her. But how? She thought of the porn tape in her bag. She knew if she could get Lynn to watch it, it would make her horny as well.

They would be at the motel in about half an hour. Tonisha crossed her fingers and tried to, once again, relax.

After what seemed like an eternity, the big bus finally rolled into the motel parking lot. The coach got out and went into the office. The girls laughed and talked excitedly. After several minutes, she returned and the bus rolled around to the side of the building. As the girls filed off of the bus, the coach waited at the bottom step handing out room keys.

"Do not lose these!" she implored, as she watched her young team hurrying to their rooms.

Lynn burst into the room first, tossing her bag on the bed closest to the door. "This is mine!" she yelped excitedly. "I'm going to take a quick shower, lock the door behind you."

Tonisha looked at the TV. It had a built in VCR! She quickly dug into her bag and produced the porn video. She popped it in and hit fast forward, stopping at the point where the black girl sits on the white girls face. She then hit the eject button, leaving the tape sticking out of the VCR. Turning the TV off, she closed the d****s and turned on the lamp beside the TV, placing the remote control next to the protruding tape.

After several minutes, Lynn emerged from the shower, clad in panties and a teamshirt, looking refreshed. She walked past Tonisha, to her bed and began brushing her hair. "I feel so much better now" she said.

"That's a good idea" Tonisha said as she headed for the bathroom. Once inside she undressed slowly, listening for any sound outside the open door. It was very quiet. "Isn't she going to turn the TV on!" she wondered to herself. Leaving open the door, she climbed into the shower. As she soaped her sexy body, she watched through the transparent shower door. She hoped Lynn would see the open door, get curious, and try to sneak a peek. No such luck.

Turning off the water, once again Tonisha listened for sound. She heard nothing. Thinking quickly she yelled "Lynn, could you bring me a towel please." She quickly posed seductively in the open shower.

A hand holding a towel appeared around the corner of the doorway. "Here ya go" Lynn said as she tossed the towel to her roommate.

"Dammit! Nothing's working" she muttered. As she dried off, she tried again. "Check and see if our TV works." She knew Lynn would have to go to the TV to turn it on and get the remote control. She would HAVE to see the tape.

"OK" Lynn noticed the tape as she approached the TV. Thinking someone accidentally left their rental movie in the VCR, she turned on the TV and shoved the tape into the player.

Inside the bathroom Tonisha listened closely. Silence. Peeping between the door and the frame she could see Lynn sitting on the side of the bed. SHE WAS WATCHING THE VIDEO!!! Her eyes were as big as saucers.

Lynn was riveted by what she was seeing! She had never seen anything remotely like this. She felt flushed. At first she thought it was embarrassement, then she noticed a warm feeling deep in her young pussy. She couldn't help but notice the white girl, who was pleasuring the black girl's cunt so well, looked very much like herself. She felt aroused by the sight of the black girl so thoroughly dominating the white girl. The confused 17 year old watched for a couple of minutes then turned it off.

"Does it work Lynn?" Tonisha called out. Lynn responded that it did. Tonisha then asked her "Anything good on?"

"Just stuff" Lynn said, trying to regain her composure. She nervously resumed brushing her hair.

Tonisha put on a sportsbra and a "too tiny" pair of panties that didn't even begin to cover her voluptuous butt. She pranced into the room and hopped on the bed with Lynn. "Whatcha watchin" she asked.

"Oh, just MTV" Lynn said, still holding the remote.

"Couldn't find anything better than that here in the big city?" Tonisha asked, hoping Lynn would want to show her the tape she had"found".

Part of Lynn was dying to show her friend the tape. She knew Tonisha would get a kick out of a sex tape but the content was embarrassing. She didn't want her black friend to see a black girl sitting on a white girl's face. Maybe if it was the other way around, she would. That would be funny, she thought. But this "Oh my God, what am I thinking?" she chastised herself. How could that white girl let a black girl sit on her face like that? And she seemed to be enjoying it as much as the black girl!

"I see we have a VCR. Maybe we could rent a video" Tonisha volunteered. "Maybe we could get an "R" rated tape" she giggled. To her major disappointment, Lynn never mentioned the porn tape she had found.

Lynn tried to put the images out of her head. "Oh gosh, I can't wait for tomorrow. I want to win so bad!"

"You and me both, girlfriend." Tonisha said as she walked over to her bed, parading her mostly naked derriere in front of her friend's face. She stopped and bent over to look through her bag on the floor, intentionally sticking her sexy bottom in Lynn's face.

Lynn looked away quickly. Then, turning her head slowly, she took an upclose look. She had never seen another girl's ass up close. Once again she could feel herself blush.

Watching in the mirror, Tonisha could see Lynn. SHE'S CHECKING OUT MY ASS! There it was, plain as day! Just to be sure, she wiggled her butt from side to side. Lynn's eyes followed every move!

Now Lynn was very confused. She had never thought of girls in a sexual way. She thought again, about the tape and the fun the girls seemed to be having. If only Tonisha had found the tape. She would have shown it to her in a heartbeat. Lynn wanted to watch it alone, to find out exactly what she was feeling.

There was one thing she knew for sure, she was beginning to feel liberated, sexy even. Her first time on a trip away from her parents, staying in a motel in a big city AND the tape. Lynn was feeling an energy she didn't know what to do with. She wanted to sneak out on the town, she wanted to go dancing, but she couldn't.

It was 8:30, which was curfew. They were to have breakfast at 6:30 AM. Both girls were too energetic to sl**p. Tonisha was boasting how, first chance she got, she was gonna spike the ball right down somebody's throat! Lynn was laughing and stood up to show how the other girl was gonna jam it right back in Tonisha's face. Tonisha threw her pillow at Lynn and the fight was on.

With a bounce, Lynn was on Tonisha's bed, grabbing her by the arms.

"You think you can take me, white girl?" Tonisha asked as she reversed the hold and threw Lynn to the bed.

Laughing loudly, Lynn sprang up to continue the battle. "I KNOW I can take you, ho!"

Tonisha squealed as the girls playfully wrestled on the bed. She downed Lynn again and leaped on top of her. Lynn wrapped her legs around the black girls lower back. Tonisha grabbed her wrists and held them down against the bed.

"Who the ho now, white bitch?" she asked commandingly. She could feel Lynn's hot legs wrapped around her, their pussies rubbing together. She knew this might be her best opportunity, her ONLY opportunity. She stood up and helped Lynn to her feet. They stood facing each other on the bed.

"Lets do the strenght test" Tonisha said. "Winner gets to watch whatever they want to on TV all weekend."

" You're going down, ho!" giggled the sexy blonde.

"We'll see about that, slut" Tonisha shot back.

The two girls raised their arms and locked their fingers together. They began to try to bend back the other's wrist causing them to give up. The young white girl was no match for her powerful ebony opponent. Lynn began to sink lower as Tonisha took control.

Within seconds, the test was over. White Lynn was on her knees before the victorious black Tonisha.

Standing dominantly over her defeated white opponent, Tonisha asked sarcastically "Do you give up now, whitey?"

"Hell no" was the answer. From her knees, Lynn reached out and smacked Tonisha hard, on her ass.

With that, the black girl overpowered the white girl, pinning her shoulders beneath her knees.

Lynn struggled to escape. "You're not the boss of me" she said in a mocking little girl voice. As she looked up at Tonisha's crotch just inches above her face, she suddenly felt the urge to see what was underneath those little cotton panties. But this was her straight, teammate. She had many boyfriends. There's no way she would be interested in another girl. She couldn't believe what she was thinking! She had never, ever, even thought of having sex with another girl. Yet here she was, wanting to see a PUSSY!

Tonisha grinned down at her victim "Either shut it up or I'll shut it up for you!"

Lynn opened her mouth to answer and when she did....Tonisha shoved her crotch down, right on her mouth! Lynn was shocked! She couldn't believe what had just happened to her. Only seconds before she had wondered what a pussy looked like, now one was sitting right on her face! She lay motionless under the black girl.

Tonisha was also frozen. She didn't know if Lynn was ok with this or if she would be upset. But so far, Lynn HAD NOT told her to stop. She took that as a good sign. She could feel her white friend's hot breath on her cunt.

The cotton panties felt hot and soft on Lynn's face. She wondered what Tonisha was thinking. Was she still just playing or was she thinking of something else. Now she really wished she had shown the tape to her. "What are you thinking?!" she thought. "Do I really want to have sex with a GIRL? Eat her pussy?" Lynn couldn't believe what she was contemplating! She thought of the girls on the tape and wondered how the white actress let the black actress know what she wanted. Or did the black girl know something about white girls.

Lynn was confused. If this was a white girl she would not stand for this; she would not want this! But with her young black friend sitting atop her, she felt this was natural, the way it should be. The more she thought about being dominated be Tonisha, the hornier she became. It had turned her on, watching the black girl in the video using the white girl for her pleasure, her slave, if you will.

As she lay there in total disarray, she noticed that Tonisha had begun to move, only slightly and very slowly. Back and forth, very slowly. Her pussy was growing hotter.

Nervously, Lynn wondered what to do. She couldn't just rip away her panties and start licking her pussy. That my scare her friend to death. But she wanted to give Tonisha some kind of sign to encourage her not to stop. Lynn pursed her lips outward against Tonisha's crotch.

Tonisha was ecstatic! Not only had Lynn NOT said no, she had given Tonisha more pleasure. To show her appreciation, Tonisha pressed her pussy harder on Lynn's mouth, wiggling her clit area on those full, sexy lips. She moved her wet twat with confidence on her teammates face. She wished she didn't have on panties. She wanted to feel Lynn's mouth on her naked cunt! But she was afraid to stop and remove them, fearing it would give Lynn time for second thoughts. She was so close she didn't want to blow it.

Meanwhile, Lynn was trying to build her courage. She could tell Tonisha was really getting into this. She was moaning louder and her breathing was very heavy. She HAD to do something!

"STOP!!!" The four letter word slammed in to Tonisha with the f***e of a sledge hammer. She kept moving on Lynn's face hoping she had been mistaken.

"Please stop Tonisha" Lynn said in a muffled voice.

Tonisha stopped and sat still. She began to apologize. "I'm sorry baby, I thought you'd like it too. I thought... I mean..."

Tonisha felt badly for her friend. She had been wanting this for days but Lynn had no idea that within an hour after walking into the room, there would be a horny black girl trying to fuck her face. She started to stand, still apologizing profusely.

As Lynn watched her rise, she panicked! Her emotions were running back and forth. She wanted her! She didn't want her! What to do, what to do! Without thinking, as Tonisha stood up, Lynn reached up and grasped the band of the curvy black girl's panties, tugging them down slowly over her sexy thighs and down around her ankles. She laughed joyously as she watched Tonisha's pretty face go from total dispair, to surprise, to relief, to a wonderfully lusty smile! From that smile, Lynn knew there was no turning back nowl.

Tonisha removed the sportsbra and kicked her panties to the side. Her exotic black body was absolutely glowing! She lay on top of Lynn, smiling, stroking her long blonde hair. She pressed her mouth against Lynn's in an electric kiss. It wasn't like kissing a boy. It was twice as erotic! Passionate, deep kisses. Their tongues exploring each others mouths. Lynn's arms wrapped around her black friend in a tight embrace, their bodies burning with lust and desire.

Tonisha raised up, looking into Lynn's sexy eyes. She broke into a wide smile as she crawled forward until she was straddling Lynn's face. She planted a knee on either side of the blonde's head.

Lynn looked up. First at the smiling face of her friend, then at the smooth shaven ebony pussy just above her face. She was fascinated. She had never seen a pussy up close. The black skin was so smooth, the lips, swollen and puffy. And they were wet! No doubt Tonisha was excited. As she stared at the lovely black honeypot, she was scared. She didn't have a clue how to make love to a cunt. She looked up at Tonisha swaying above her.

"You like it, Lynn? I shaved it just for you baby" Tonisha said with a dazzling smile.

"Its beautiful, Nisha" she gushed. "So beautiful." Lynn began to stroke Tonisha's legs. Her skin was so smooth and hot to the touch. She kissed and licked Tonisha's inner thighs, first one then the other. She could hear heavy breathing. She raised her head in order to lick the smooth strip of skin between the labia and the inner thighs. She spread her tongue flat and wide, licking the area on both sides of her pussy.

This got more of a response from Tonisha. She shuddered and moaned loudly. This made Lynn tingle with excitement. She could do this! She could pleasure Tonisha just like the white girl in the video. She licked the area between Tonisha's pussy and her ass hole, then in one long stroke, she d**g her tongue along the swollen ebony lips from back to front.

Tonisha shivered with excitement. She looked into the mirror at the black girl sitting on the white girls face. This time it wasn't two actresses on a tape, it was her, sitting on Lynn's pretty face! Her teammate! Her classmate! Her friend! And she was enjoying it just like the white girl in the video!

"Put your tongue in me, Lynn. I want it, now!" Tonisha hissed.

Obediently, Lynn slid her tongue inside the hot wet lips, licking at the sticky sweet juices inside.

"Oh fuck, Lynn! Lick me out baby!" Tonisha writhed on top of her friend, rubbing her wet black twat on Lynn's white face. So erotic, she thought as she looked in the mirror. How lucky Lynn was to have a friend like her she mused.
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10 months ago
That's hot!
3 years ago
Thanks washdog. It was true and I'd give anything to be able to relive it.
3 years ago
I read this story a while ago on and it was very good there as well. I was not aware that it was a true story. I love lesbian vids, but have not read but a couple of good lesbian stories and this was one of them. On Literotica this story is called "Tonisha's Torment".
3 years ago
wow this is so well done it reads erotic sexy and arousing thanks
4 years ago
Lynn I hope you wrote this on your computer sitting there nake and doing what comes naturelly
4 years ago
very good hot & sexy
4 years ago
Thanks everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I can promise you that you didn't enjoy it as much as I did!
4 years ago
4 years ago
Very well written and seductive sexy story! ;-)P
You´re a talent, Lynn. Congratulations.
4 years ago
So hot!
4 years ago
I really liked the story of young lesbians