My true story

Ever heard the expression, fact is stranger than fiction? In many cases its true. Things can happen for no apparent reason, seemingly insignificant things, that can change entire lives forever. Things you have never dreamed of or dare dream of can hit you quicker than a c***d with dirty shoes on your freshly mopped floor. This is the true story of just such an event or chain of events as it were.

It was the spring of 1993. Winter was over, the flowers were blooming, and the girls volleyball team was one win from a state championship. It had been a storybook season. The year before had been very disappointing. Though they tried hard, they had a losing season. Then their best player graduated. Not much was expected from the team in the next season, but something clicked. The girls came together during practice, staying late and working hard. When the season arrived they were confident in themselves even if their followers, weren't. They finished the season with the school's best-ever record! Led by two girls, Tonisha and Lynn, co-captains on the court and best friends off the court, they played with great spirit and togetherness.

Tonisha was the star. Though she was a very strong young girl, she was also very curvy and sexy. Looking very much like Beyonce Knowles with black hair, she drew a lot of attention on and off the court. Her co-captain, Lynn, was smaller but athletic as well. With her honey blonde hair and hazel eyes she had her share of young male friends. Tonisha and Lynn had been good friends for the past four years but had no idea their lives were about to be turned upside down!

As the day of the big match approached, the girls practiced hard. They weren't about to let this opportunity pass them by.

One evening, after practice, a very tired Tonisha arrived home to find her f****y gone. A note on the refrigerator said, Gone to a movie, be home in a few hours. With a sigh she opened the refrigerator and resigned herself to a meal consisting of an apple and a bunch of g****s. While looking for the remote control, she found something strangely out of place. It was a videotape, stashed behind the couch. She removed the tape and looked at the title. "GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS!" blared the label on the tape. "Rodney!" she laughed. She knew it had to belong to Rodney, her 16 year old b*****r. Her other b*****r, David, was only nine so she ruled him out immediately. She put the tape back in its hiding place and turned on the TV. As she channel-surfed she thought of the tape. Then she wondered. Having never seen a porn tape before she couldn't help being curious. Knowing she would be alone for a couple of hours she decided to find out for herself. She retrieved the tape and popped it in the VCR.

Tonisha settled back on the couch as the video started. "GIRL, GIRLS, GIRLS! NO MEN ALLOWED!" Oh my God! Its a lesbian tape. She turned it off. Don't wanna see two girls doin' the wild thing, she thought to herself. As she tuned in MTV, she relaxed her tired body. She glanced down at the video box laying in the floor. She reached down and picked it up, flipping it over to the reverse side. There were pictures from the video of girls engaged in numerous sexual positions. This made Tonisha curious again. Though she had been sexually active since she was 14, girl on girl sex was never a part of it. She had never even considered what it would be like. She looked at the pictures and realized it looked sexy. Looking at the clock again, she reached for the remote. She restarted the video.

Pictures of the stars of the video began to flash on the screen. One blonde in particular caught her eye. She hit the rewind button to see her again. The girl looked JUST LIKE LYNN! The same honey-blonde hair, same build except her boobs were obviously larger. Tonisha giggled as the tape resumed. The actresses were a mix of blondes and brunettes until the very last one. "Hey, hey, a sista!" she squealed as the last actress pictured was black.

The video began with a couple of big-breasted blondes lying beside a pool in their tiny bikinis. They were in a conversation about hair and makeup. Then it turned to body parts.

"I'm satisfied with my boobs but I would love to have your butt" said one of the girls. Her eyes were admiring her friends shapely round derriere. She explained the exercises she performed daily to keep that look. As she did, the other girl placed her hand on her butt and began to caress and squeeze it. "Its so firm and full" she said admiringly.

"Would you like to see it, Teri?" as she arched her ass upward.

Teri grasped the bikini bottoms and pulled them slowly down exposing the incredibly perfect bottom of her friend. "Oh my God, Gina" she cooed. She spurted some suntan oil on Gina's bottom and began to rub it in softly. Sexily she licked her lips at the sight of Gina's ass, glistening in the sunlight. She bent down and began to kiss the back of her neck. Both girls moaned softly.

Gina rolled over as Teri crawled on top of her. Their tongues touched, flickering playfully between them. Teri then slid her tongue inside Gina's mouth as their lips met in a long slow sensuous kiss. As their kisses became more passionate, so did their bodies. Gina was sliding her shaven cunt up and down on Teri's thigh.

That scene smoothly blended into the next. The camera was on Gina's pretty face, lit up in a sexy smile. She closed her eyes and tilted back her head, her wavy blonde hair blowing softly in the breeze. The camera panned down slowly. One of her large breasts was exposed and she was cupping it in her hand, her fingers tweaking her nipple. The camera continued downward as the top of Teri's head came into view. Her tongue was massaging Gina's labia, the fingers of Gina's other hand stroked her blonde hair.

"Dayum" Tonisha laughed, "that didn't take long." She watched intently. Teri was on her knees before Gina, her tongue still busily licking at Gina's clean shaven pussy. This made Tonisha uneasy. Not only was she not repulsed, she could feel her own body becoming aroused. She didn't expect to actually be turned on by two girls doing each other, but....

Gina urged Teri forward, her hands pulling Teri's head tighly into her thrusting cunt. Her moans were getting louder as she looked down at the young blonde licking feverishly at her wet twat. She tightened her grip on Teri's head as she announced loudly she was cumming! She was banging her pussy hard against Teri's mouth, her ogasm shaking her tanned sexy body.

Tonisha was mesmerized! To see a woman cum like that without a man's involvement! She had never imagined. She watched as Gina mounted Teri in a 69. It looked so erotic! The two girls were writhing in ecstasy. Tonisha's eyes were glued to the action. The camera came in unbelievably close, showing the girls' tongues licking deep into their hot pussies, licking and sucking at each others erect clits!

Teri wrapped her legs tightly around Gina's head as she came with loud screams! Then Gina was sitting upright on Teri's face, grinding her cunt savagely against her mouth.

Seeing Gina's dominance over Teri excited Tonish even more! Oh yeah! she thought, watching Gina cum on her face as Teri's hand spanked Gina's beautiful ass!

The scene ended with Gina on top of Teri, kissing her passionately.

Tonisha was astonished! Her pussy was so hot and wet! They didn't need a cock to get them off, she concluded. And they weren't faking, judging by the amount of sticky liquid on their faces.

With each succeeding scene, Tonisha soaked in this new sensation. She was no longer uneasy. In fact, she was enjoying it immensely! She noticed in each scene, one girl was more dominant and the other, more passive. The fact that there was so much deep kissing was erotic. The girls were really into it!

As the next scene began, Tonisha's eyes opened widely. It was the actress who looked like Lynn, walking down a hallway. She was wearing a plaid skirt with a white blouse like the girls wear at private schools. She opened a door and walked into the room. Inside, was the sista!

Tonisha squealed with delight!

The two girls began to talk. The white girl was depressed over the fact that her boyfriend said she didn't kiss good. Her black friend listened sympathetically.

"Maybe you haven't had enough practice" observed the black actress, putting her hand on the blonde's shoulder.

"I know LaShonda but it's not easy to practice kissing. If he caught me with another boy, he would break up with me."

"I guess you are right, Karen." she said to her white friend. They sat there for a moment when LaShonda came up with the answer. "We could practice together!"

Karen laughed aloud. "Yeah, right. Why didn't I think of that? Be serious, LaShonda. I've got to figure out something quick."

"I wasn't joking, Karen" she replied.

Karen looked at her in surprise. "You're not joking, are you?" she said in amazement. "Its wrong! We can't do that! Can we?"

LaShonda smiled. "Its just one friend helping another, Karen. Just like you helping me learn algebra."

"Well, a little difference I think" Karen said as she laughed. Once again she looked at LaShonda. "You are serious, aren't you?"

LaShonda moved closer to Karen. "There's nothing to it and no one will ever have to know."

Tonisha squirmed with excitement. The black girl was clearly the aggressor and the white girl, submissive. Her mind raced in anticipation

of what would happen next.

LaShonda lightly kissed Karen on the lips. She pulled her head back, looking into Karen's eyes. "Now you kiss me" she said with a smile.

"I don't know?" Karen said uncertainly. She listened as LaShonda urged her to take the chance. Apprehensively, she moved her face close to LaShonda. She quickly gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" LaShonda asked her blushing school mate. She watched as Karen nodded shyly. She put her arms around the white girl and pulled her close. "You gotta hold him tight when you kiss him, make him feel it." With that LaShonda pressed her lips tightly against Karen's, holding her close in her arms.

Karen responded warmly, her eyes closed softly. As their lips parted, Karen asked nervously, "how was that?"

LaShonda smiled. Both girls had unexpectedly, enjoyed the feeling. Maybe practice will be fun.

"Lets try it again" LaShonda said as once again she kissed her class mate. As their lips pressed together, Karen wrapped her arms around LaShonda's neck in a tight embrace.

The camera closed in on their mouths. It was so erotic thought Tonisha, watching the white face pressed tightly against the black face. She saw the white girls tongue make its way into the black girls mouth. The kissing became hot and wild as they took turns tonguing each others mouths.

As the camera moved back, the two girls were completely naked, their bodies locked together, still, as they kissed passionately. Their ebony and ivory skin contrasted so erotically.

Tonisha noticed her own panties had been moved to the side, her finger moving inside her hot cunt. Heatedly she watched as the black girl moved on top of the white girl. My God she looked so much like Lynn, Tonisha thought. She couldn't help but substitute herself and Lynn for the actresses on the screen. That was her on top of Lynn, kissing her sexy mouth. HER fingers exploring Lynn's hairless pussy!

The young blonde was gasping for breath as LaShonda's fingers worked deeper into her tight white pussy. The kissing was reaching a fever pitch.

"Oh God, LaShonda! I'm cumming baby!" she screamed, her white cunt clamped around two black fingers.

"Cool" gasped a wide-eyed Tonisha. She began to move with the actress on the screen. She squealed in delight as LaShonda straddled Karen's head with her sexy thighs and smooth, shaven black pussy. Tonisha was kneeling on the couch. That was her sitting on Lynn's face she imagined. She shoved her finger deeper inside her steaming hot pussy. She watched the black girl humping the white girl's pretty face and they both were loving it! She could see herself rubbing her black pussy all over her teammate's pretty white face. And just like the white girl in the video, Lynn was loving it, licking and sucking her pussy madly! Meanwhile, in the video, Karen was hanging on for dear life as LaShonda fucked her face furociously. No doubt she was cumming in the mouth of her partner.

"You go girlfriend!" Tonisha implored as she watched the black girl cum on the white girls willing face. "Eat me Lynn, eat me baby!" she squealed in pleasure, her own body ripped by a powerful orgasm. "Lick my cum Lynn, suck it, swallow it all baby!" she groaned as she watched the blonde lapping at the black girl's cum soaked pussy.

Her head was spinning! Tonisha had NEVER had an orgasm like that before! She looked down between her legs. No, Lynn's face wasn't there, only the couch and it was soaked! She shrieked and ran to the kitchen for a paper towel. To her surprise, one wasn't enough! As she was cleaning up, all she could think of was Lynn! She couldn't stop thinking of them together. If it was that great in fantasy, what would it be like for real?

That thought made her tingle all over. She sat down, picked up the remote, rewound the tape, and watched that scene again with the same results!

That night in bed Tonisha tossed and turned. Now she was obsessed with the idea of having sex with Lynn. But how?! She couldn't walk right up to her and say "Eat my pussy, Lynn." She knew it would be difficult. It wouldn't be like seducing a boy. All you have to do with them is ask "you want some pussy?" and they are all over you.

Tonisha had never heard Lynn mention any attraction at all to other girls. She had a steady boyfriend and had dated other boys in the past. Tonisha was dejected. Though she wanted Lynn, Lynn would never want her. As she lay there in dispair, she thought about the video and what had happened to her. Until seeing the video, she was much like Lynn. She had always liked boys exclusively. But all it took was one event to change her immediately! Could this happen with Lynn???

Tonisha felt hopeful. She WOULD find a way. She had seen how the white girl in the video had devoured the smooth shaven black pussy with glee! She just knew Lynn would love it too, all she had to do was plan a situation where Lynn's tongue would end up in her cunt! She went into the bathroom. Since she couldn't sl**p anyway, she decided to take the first step. She got her b*****r's razor and sat down on the edge of the tub. She was gonna be as smooth and hairless for Lynn as the girl in the video. She smiled at the thought and went to work.

At practice the next day, Tonisha had a problem. She couldn't keep her eyes off Lynn! She hoped it wasn't so obvious. But it was. The coach constantly berated her for mishitting the ball. She said "get your mind off your boyfriend and on the ball or you won't play" she yelled. Boyfriend! Whew!

"You can get all the cock you want AFTER we win this game" someone whispered. It was Lynn! She winked and patted Tonisha on the butt.

Tonisha's body burned from Lynn's touch! They had touched before but that was before her new feelings for Lynn. She continued to play terribly till the practice ended.

The coach called the team together. The girls all crowded close together. Lynn put her arm around Tonisha. Tonisha's mind raced. Does she know? Does she want me too? Their bare legs brushed together. Oh God! She does! She started to put her arm around Lynn. Before she did she looked around. Many of the girls had their arms around each other. They were teammates, after all! Not lovers! That's how Lynn was thinking of her, not hoping to get inside her panties.

The coach began to go into the details of their trip. They were to leave on Friday, stay overnight in a motel, win the championship on Saturday, spend one more night, then come home.

"Oh my God!" Tonisha thought. This was it! Probably the best chance she would ever have to seduce her teammate. But with all the other girls around, HOW?!

"We don't have enough rooms for each of you so we want you to double up" said the coach.

"DOUBLE UP!" Tonisha was giddy! Be calm girl, she told herself. Don't be too obvious. She turned to asked Lynn to room with her. Kathy had beat her to it! She was asking Lynn to room with her. She was crestfallen. She listened to Lynn's reply.

"Thanks Kathy, but I was going to ask Tonisha to room with me." Lynn turned to Tonisha and asked her if that would be ok.

Tonisha could hardly contain herself! "Yeah, sure" she blurted.

Lynn hugged her and said "we are gonna have so much fun!" She could feel Lynn's thigh against her pussy. She wanted to take her right there in front of God and everybody!

The two girls bounced up and down joyously. Tonisha couldn't resist taking advantage of the situation. She straddled Lynn's thigh, feeling it slide up and down against her cunt. She felt flames shooting up inside her! That night would be another sl**pless night.

All day Thursday, Tonisha schemed. She thought about laying down on the bed naked, hoping Lynn would see her and become turned on. Too blunt. She could bring the video along and they could watch it together. Yeah, that would work! But what if they don't have a VCR in the room. Ugh! What if she just went right up and told her what she wanted? Maybe Lynn feels the same way! No, because she probably doesn't and she would be humiliated. The search went on.

That night she did sl**p well. She dreamed happy dreams. Lynn was more than willing to please her. She used her tongue and mouth like she had plenty of experience. They used every position possible and still, Lynn wasn't through. She was a sexual dynamo! Her only goal was Tonis-

complete sexual satisfaction. It was definitely the wettest dream she had ever had!

Friday arrived and Tonisha was ready. She had packed her skimpiest undies and sweetest perfumes. She also packed Rodney's tape, just in case. When she arrived at the bus, most of the girls were already aboard. She climbed the steps slowly, looking around the bus.

"Neither can I!" exclaimed Tonisha, but for a different reason than Lynn. It was to be the longest, most agonizing bus ride of her life.

To be continued...
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Love it !! Absolutely loved it ! Thanks for sharing
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Very erotic.
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Good one!
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Finish please. That was a nice start
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great story and wonderfully done
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Good build up so far. Do you have more?
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very good start
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Seductive sexy start, Lynn!
Look forward to read more
of your hand, honey! ;-)P