A taste of the exotic

A taste of the Exotic

I have been out with a lot of men, it will not surprise you to learn,
and "just had sex" with many more. They have been of most races I can think of:
Afro-Carribean, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Malayan. I had an Indian boyfriend
for some years. My experiences with women are more limited: one from Luxembourg
(a Luxembourger, or Bourger, if you're interested) one Spanish, and the rest
Brits or American.

I was intrigued when , in my job, I was paired up with an Indian girl of 24 , as a mentor.
She was a grad student in Business and a very very clever girl. Whenever
we started talking of personal things, I realised what a very very good girl
she was. She had never had a boyfriend, never drank or smoked, a real goody
two shoes. Why ever did they expose her to me? Lol.

Her f****y kept her on a very tight leash, and although she'd been at Uni for
however long, she'd still not strayed, or been led astray.

Not only a virgin, but according to her, never been kissed.

Oh dear.

We spent two weeks working closely together in Uttoxeter, which is a place
where little happens, ever.

As we ate in a better than average in Uttoxeter restaurant, she confided she wasn't
sure about her sexuality. She was scared witless that she would find she was gay,
once her parents arranged her marriage to some stranger.

I should describe her to you, really. She was one percent off utter perfection.
Huge Disney almond eyes, as dark as coal, full succulent ruby red lips, and long
shining dark, almost black hair. The one flaw in her honeyed face was rather a large
nose, I know racially this is a feature, and in her this sharp and narrow nose seemed
to actually add to her beauty. And as for the body... JESUS (or as applicable)
She exposed rather a lot of cleavage for one so tightly laced, her boobs were huge,
I would have thought a 34 DD and I was right. They were atop the tiniest little waist you have ever
seen, I guess this is the advantage of not drinking !!
She had hips though, perfectly in scale with the shoulders, wide compared to her
middle, but a pert little arse. She had stockings on , so I thought, so a lot of GLAM
underwear for a virgin to be parading around in.

I was on my third glass of wine, when she asked might she have one ( I was paying you see )
she'd been on tonic or soda water prior to that.

I bought her a glass of the best they had, I had the idea that the more palatable the better.

She sipped it to begin with, then rather got the taste for it, and it was gone.

I denied her a second one until she'd eaten her main course, then I got her another.

She was glowing a bit. The wine was 13.5% ABV and not to be messed with.

I would not be able to live with myself if I made her ill, so I made sure she
had planty to eat with it, and we returned to our hotel.

We had rooms next to each other, and once I'd undressed, I heard a gentle knock on my door.
I was naked but opened the door and poked my head round, it was she. (Ramya, by the way)

I bid her come in, but warned her I wouldn't be "decent" for a moment.

As she came in I walked away from her, so she got a good look at my arse.
I have never been able to work out HOW IT IS you know someone behind you is looking
at you, and where.

AND I heard her gasp, or inhale at least.

"Sorry" I said, over my shoulder, I reached and got my gown from the bed, and turned towards her
as I tied it closed. Of course, I saw, not felt, her eyes drop to take in my shaved little

She blushed.

"I have CHOCOLATE" she explained, and she did, not only that : Lindt, the very best.

She had also undressed for bed, and under her robe, I could see she was sporting
a very VERY slinky black negligee. For WHOSE benefit? Her own, most likely, perhaps it
was all wincyette pyjamas, back at home.

Without the aid of any further alcohol, we began to talk. The chocolate went.

She was an ABSOLUTE virgin. She HAD been kissed, fleetingly, by boys, on the lips, no
tongues. No had of either sex had ever held those perfect big tits. Sucked them.
Her pussy had never been touched by anyone other than herself, and she did admit that
she did so frequently.

I told her I wasn't surprised

I asked her about sex toys.

None, ever.

I showed her my vibe, and invited her to take it back to her room, if she'd like to try it.

She just giggled and blushed and I thought for a moment she was going to be sick. Her heart
was racing, she said.

"You've got a shaved ..punani" she blurted

"Er .. yes" I looked down at my, now concealed ... punani

"It was once the province of .. porn stars" I explained "but loads of women shave or wax it all off,
I've been like that for ten years or more.. it's become like shaving my armpits. I just don't actively
WANT hair down there, so I remove it. I may be in the minority for my AGE, I don't know."

"I don't think Asian women do " she commented , "It would be considered, well.... RISQUE in the extreme"

"I don't mind risque" I smiled

We soon got on to how many lovers, I'm afraid.

Ramya....abolute Zero (one crush on a friend of an older b*****r, which was only celebrated in masturbation)

Lyn: well..... past the hundred mark, over the 34(?) years since I started. I halved it for the purposes
of our conversation. Then I dropped the bomb. AND three women. (That figure was toned down as well)

Her jaw was on the floor for a moment.

I then explained that half my lesbian experiences were at the behest of someone else, i.e. men, who wanted
me to have sex with either my friend, or their wives. Some truth in that. A bit.

She seemed only slightly less taken aback.

Her chest, her breasts, her MAGNIFICENT breasts were heaving, the large nipples forcing their way through the flimsy

"If... I were to have .. sex, with a woman... for argument's sake... would I still be a virgin?"

"Ooh now then. Say there was born a lesbian woman, and she was the world's biggest tart, and had
sex with a thousand women, and died, would she be deemed a virgin? Hmm. Depends on your definition of
a virgin. Whether you are talking of the physical.... hymen intact, well, that could be broken any number
of ways without you having sex. I would think a virgin should be someone who has no experience of full sex
of their patricular.. bent. So if you were a gay man, you have not been fucked, blown, etc by a feller.
Straight men, you have not had your cock inside a pussy. Straight women you have not had a cock inside
your pussy.. Gay women... you have not gone down on, or been gone down on. That's my slant"

"SO ....It depends on my sexuality"

"YEs I think so. If you're straight, then having sex with a girl doesn't count. File it under assisted


"I really think so...I do"

I broke into a grin, and started to giggle

She laughed too, first uncertainly, then heartily

"Thanks for clearing that up" she said

So... if I went to bed with a girl, I would not be SPOILED for my future husband, whichever big fat bastard
he may be?"

"Absolutely" I confirmed "You'd still be pure as the driven snow"


"Do you fancy ME?" she asked

I paused

"As.. a woman... who is sometimes attracted to certain other women.. in all honesty I don't see how I could NOT
fancy you, you are stunningly beautiful, as I am sure you already know, and you have a fantastic body, probably
the best I've ever seen"

I was being honest

"So if it's okay for me to go with a woman, and you DO fancy me... then take me to bed" she said, in a very definite way.

"Oh my god" I said, stunned, and then I had to smile "thank you god... or whoever"

Figuring I had better take the lead, I stood up and dropped my robe, so I approached her naked.

She gulped she looked down again at my shaved pussy

"Come here" I said and got her to stand up

Within thirty seconds I had her down to her g string

She was not a disappointment

Her breasts were huge, dusky and up round her armpits ! The nipples were as dark, and as hard as mahogany,
with wide aureolae. I desparately wanted to suck them, but I figured I'd better kiss her first.

"I'm going to collapse I'm so nervous" she told me , and her words came out in short bursts. She was not joking.

I helped her over to the hotel room's huge bed. She was hyperventilatiing.

I lay her down and deftly removed her g string, which probably panicked her even more, but I wanted
to make her come, and thus calm her down.

Her pubes were silky and as black as night, I couldn't believe this beautiful lady garden had never
been touched by anyone.

Her pussy lips were full and dark, and at the top came to a pronounced hood. The lips were all sticking together,
in a surplus of goo, that was starting to foam. I don't know how many of you have been lucky enough to foam,
when you get so wet it becomes frothy. I love to have that, and I love to induce it in a pussy I'm licking out.

Fucking gorgeous.

I kssed the insides of her thighs, she kind of flinched and figured I was perhaps taking things less than
steady. I chanced my luck by leaning in to kiss her pussy, but her exquisitely manicured hand slipped down to cover it.


She shook her head,

"Not ready for that" she gulped.

I slipped up the bed to lie beside her.

"Can I kiss you?" I proposed ".. up here"

She nodded and leant in to me, and for a complete novice, she was a fine kisser, she was equipped with full and succulent
lips, and a generous tongue, and although she didn't quite know what to do, her wet tongue slipped into my open
mouth and met my tiny one in an electric shockwave of lust.

"Mmmmm" she groaned into my mouth.

My breath was starting to whistle in my nostril as it sometimes does if I am breathing really hard.

I slipped my arm round her neck and cradled her big breast, I planned to fondle the far one, and suck the near one.
I was going to BITE, lets me honest here!

Her nipple was so hard I felt I had to be gentle or I would snap it off.

Without waiting for, or seeking permission, I took the near nipple in my mouth. If I thought the far one was
hard, it was nothing on it's mate, now.

I suckled and nipped, gently.

"Ohhh" she moaned and twisted her henna'd fingers in my blonde hair. then "WOW"

Wow indeed.

Her immeasurably erotic nipple nearly filled my mouth.

"Mmmmm" she moaned

My left hand crept down her flat belly towards her silky little nest. My thumb lingered in her navel,
tweaking the piercing there.

Her legs spread involuntarily, and my fingers slid into the moist curls of her pubes, I slipped my finger
into the top of her vulva, gently spreading her sodden and sticky labia, and started to massage her clit, which was superbly
hard and juicy under my finger. And massive, compared to my little one.

I moved from the near tittie to bite the far one, and then came back up to kiss her.

She was breathing so heavily it was almost becoming raspy.

Her knees were partly closing then opening again, flapping almost.

"You've got the most beautiful CUNT" I told her

She groaned and pulled me back in to resume out frenzied kissing

As I continued to massage she gasped and her hand came and stopped mine

"It feels different" she said

"Different to when you touch yourSELF?"

After a few er... probing questions I established that this staggeringly beautiful woman
HAD NEVER ACTUALLY HAD AN ORGASM. She did masturbate but habitually stopped after a while,
it left nice, so that was enough.

"Let me lick you " I urged her

"WHAT?" she gasped "I know people do that, but it seems SO INTIMATE"

"It IS, but that's what's so beautiful about it. It's subtle and romantic and supremely erotic. SO SPREAD EM" I giggled

She blushed, well darkened, considerably.

I moved down her perfect belly and tongued her navel, looking up between her big tits at her stunning face.

She wasn't sure whether to watch or to close her eyes and think of England.

She half heartedly tried to push me away as I moved towards her slit. The silky black pubes were soaked and
glistening. The hole was oozing froth. She smelt exotic, aromatic, like some spice or herb leaking out of her

She made to close her thighs, but I opened them, silky smooth latte coloured skin, perfectly muscled to
squeeze my head in there.

I slipped my tongue inside the hole and scoooped out her juices, she tasted like she smelt. She nearly
took off through the ceiling. Her hand came towards my head, but instead of pushing me away she pressed on the top
of my head, bringing me into her, and curled her henna'd fingers in my blonde hair.

The dark and the light,
the hairy and the shaved
the virgin and the slut
the full breasted and the tiny
the perfect contrast between us

I moved up the slit, inexoarably approaching her heavily hooded clitoris.

She supple-ly (not subtly, far from it) grabbed the back of her knees and hoisted her
legs over her head.

So much for SHY!

My little tongue ploughed my way through her large and meaty pussy lips, SO unlike
my delicate little flower.

I brought my fingers into play to spread the top of her pussy lips, though buried
in her folds, her clit was supremely erect, and aroused. I made an O of my mouth
and took the clitoris in.

She let out an enormous MMMF and her hips bucked under my ministrations.

I stopped for a moment

"I'm going to sit on your face in a little while, I am going to make you suck my cunt" I told her

"NO!" she moaned, but she got even wetter at the thought.

I went back to her clit, her hips were rising and falling and I moved with her.

I slipped a finger inside her cunt hole, making sure my finger's movements conflicted
with my tongue.

"UNNNHH" she groaned , her hands twisted my hair, her fingernails raking my scalp

"FUCK!" she said finally as outrageous amounts of pussy cream coated my lips and chin.

I held her pelvis, as her spasms died down.

"Now THAT's a FUCKING ORGASM" I grinned up at her from between her perfect thighs

She smiled down at me, her face glowing.

"Kiss me" she mouthed

I moved up and kissed and cuddled her as gently and tenderly as only a woman
knows how. Establishing trust, affection and tenderness.

And then, I sat on her face.

Yes I know, I did warn her. You don't gat ANYthing for nothing, not these days,
oh no. She protested she didn't know what to do, I assured her I offered full training.
Certificate at the end, the lot.

I made her push her tongue into my hot wet depths, tasting my sticky fluids as I
wanked myself off. I insisted that she move back and lick my bum. She seemed even more
reticent about this, but she didn't get much choice as I parked my arse on her mouth.

She coyly tongue my ring. I folded myself forward to tongue her slit and clit again, she flinched
but groaned in ecstasy. I insisted she push her tongue into my bum before I would
make her come again, and she DID do as she was told, good girl.

This was several months ago, and my little fuck buddy is still along side, now with a
new shaved pussy, and still , technically, a virgin.

Lyn xxx

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7 months ago
she sounded very attractive, its good she had you as a teacher, well written lyn thanks xx
8 months ago
right there with you with this sharing...lovely and erotic....:)
8 months ago
One of your best, Lyn...incredibly horny...what a lucky girl....