Young Lyn #3 Loitering within tent

(Explanatory note - "loitering with intent" - British legal term meaning hanging around with the intention of committing a crime)

I bloomed early and always got a lot of attention from the lads. I will mention no ages here,
but I was young.

Ok, well I did start early. I started messing around with cocks when I was young to be honest.

I looked a lot older and I was drinking in pubs early.

I managed to avoid getting a reputation, somehow, more by luck than judgement, but sexual confidence was not an issue.

This account took place just days after my a Birthday.

It was technically my first threesome.

I was on an outward bound course in Wales with the school.

Now I suppose in those days they didn't vet all the helpers as they would now, and this one guy was really very heavily into fucking the schoolgrils, and as we were an all girl school, he had no competition!

I don't want to brand him as a p**o, he was a nice looking guy, very fit, not that old, 25 or so. He was gorgeous, and he got plenty of young pussy because of it.

The one day he approached me, and asked me to sneak out for a drink with him at the local pub.

I agreed, flattered, and I felt very grown up walking into the village with him. The locals in the pub looked at us, amused as we came in.

I used to drink gin and tonic. A full bottle of tonic per single gin. I could handle about 4 if I'd eaten. I'd not eaten much and he was surreptitiously buying me doubles.

He had got out of me that I had got a boyfriend and that I WAS shagging him, and that I WASN'T faithful! Well, as I say he was buying me doubles!

We got back to the site, and he was going to take me into a room on the right hand wing, which he had a key to, but someone had locked it from the inside.

He was a bit annoyed. Well, I was as well, really, though I wasn't showing it, hopefully.

The girls were split btween sl**ping in the building and in tents, half at any one time were in tents, in groups or pairs. In my case I was in a tent with one other girl, Kerrie.

Kerrie was a year younger than me, but she looked older and she had the best pair of tits I think I have ever seen, to this day.

So, tart that I was , and am, I invited him back to my tent. We crept in , as much as you can creep in.

Kerrie was asl**p but soon woke

"Where have you been?" she asked

"ShhHHhh" I hissed "Steve and I have been to the pub"

"Oh!" she said "Is he staying in here?"

"Well..." chuckled Steve "For a little while, anyway. Come here"

The last bit was to me

I found myself wrapped up in his manly arms, and also my jeans and my (bIIig) knickers were being removed. How naughty.

My top was an afterthought, well, it often is, but I did have vert pert little ttities at that age. Within moments I was
naked and his fnigers were probing in the soft little bsuh between my lges.

"Oh!" I moaned, softly

In between the kisses his mouth devoured a nipple.

"You've got a very wet little cunt" he announced, forcing a finger deeply in

"Oof" I moaned

"very tight" he said, probing "Are you SURe you've been fucked before"?

"Yes! Honestly" I protested "LOTS!"

He rummaged in between us

"Feel this" he said, proudly and, taking my hand, wrapped it around the hardest cock in the nothern hemisphere.

"Oh my god, it's rEAlly big" I gasped.

My boyfriend Jonathan was quite big, he's a big bloke, but this was a bit bigger. I do always find it's good to flatter my man, however.

"Can I see?" came a voice from the darkness

Steve was happy to show Kerrie as well. He had a little torch even, but to avoid detection only flicked it on for a moment.

Kerrie WAS impressed !

"It's huge" she giggled

"Now now girls, no fighting over it" he laughed

"I'm a virgin" Kerrie told us

He didn't really say anything, just a sort of hmmm. It seemed to imply "You won't be in a minute"

"Take it in your mouth" he said to me. I didn't get a choice. He managed to push the head in and I just held it there. He realised I didn't know what to do, and he withdrew it. He probably didn't want to get bitten !

He parted my lges and moved down me, he was going to lick my clit. A few boys had had a go at this, but none had done it right.

Steve was about to show me how it was done.

He hoisted my thighs apart and lied his way into my clit.

I'd got one hand gently pulling his hair,and the other vigorously squeezing my nipple.

"Oh my god" I moaned as my hips squirmed about.

"What's he doing?" inquired Kerrie

It was as close to genuine pitch black in there, as you'd ever see.

"He's licking.... my fanny" I gasped

"ooh" she enthused "Is it nice?"

-and for my American readers - a moment later he was lciking my fanny in USA - speak as well

He pulled my buttocks apart and dipped his tongue under and up my arse.

"Oh my god" I said again

"I'm going to fuck you now" he announced "so relax your cunt, BIG cock coming in"

He wasn't boasting either

He grabbed the shaft of his cock, and pushed down, hard.

The knob was very big, bigger than he'd been in my mouth, or perhaps there's just more room in there :-)

Although I was (and still am) very tight, I was also phenomenally wet, and he managed to shove the first six inches of it into me.

His bottom started to move, quite spectacularly well

I wanted to watch it going in and out but I couldn't see a thing

He was breathing hard, and I was (rather late in the day) going to ask him if he'd put a cnodom on, I was fairly sure he hadn't. I was on the plil as it happened, but he'd not asked. I was on them originally to regulate painful periods, but of course I was getting fucked (bareback) by several partners so it was useful!

It was gorgeous, but he wasn't in there long.
Suddenly he was out of me, and astride me and I could tell he was having a wank.

His fingers were slipping I could tell, his cock was so wet from my pussy

"Kerrie" he said "put the torch on now"

She found it and shone it on him.

Her non-torch hand was straight into her knickers!

The little torch illuminated his big cock

"Going to come" he grunted

Kerrie was wanking away, with him

He was right over my little tits, and he pushed my hands away when I tried to grab them

The torch showed the little slot open and a torrent of very thick very white scalding hot (in the cool of the tent) sperm hit my skin

I gasped

"Oh god yes" he moaned

"thank you" I said quietly, appreciating that he'd not come inside me without asking

A second and third jet followed, he'd come loads.

I'd still not come, mind, he got me halfway there with the lciking and a quarter with the fuck!

I guess it was all just too erotic for him, two randy schoolgrils in a tent !

His body slumped slightly

He joined two fingers together, and scooped some sperm from between my breasts and fed it to me, pushing his fnigers into my mouth.

"Scuk... eat it" he ordered

I wasn't keen but then as now my body reacted to being ordered about. My pussy was leaking onto my sl**ping bag.

Kerrie was nearly coming from her wank

I took all he had to give, the torchlight was shaking as he fed me the last drops.

"Come here" he said to Kerrie

She came in closer.

"Get this off" he told her

She was clad in an Aston Villa Football shirt, BIG knickers and football socks up to her knees.

she took the shirt off.

In the dying torchlight I coudl see her magnificent breasts. They must have been about a 34D - at 14!
she had really big nipples as well, with wide aureolae which were really pale. They were so gorgeous.

Their gorgeousness was not lost on Steve either, after rather briefly ksising her, he was scuking them for all he was worth.

He was also pulling her BIG pnats down, at the same time. she seemed willing enough to let him take them off.

"fucking HELL, you've got a wet little cunt" he annnounced.

The last dregs in the battery illuminated his fniger pushing between her spread tihghs, after having it seems moved onto the other of Kerrie's magnificent tits.

"Have you had these sucked before?" he whispered

"Once....twice" she blurted

"Once by a girl, once by a boy" she confided, cradling his head into her bosom.

"OOh you can tell me about that in a bit and wank me off" he chuckled

"Have you had your cunt licked?" he asked

"NO!" she hissed "I'd never even heard of it until you did it to Lyn"

"Ok" he said casually "let's go for it!"

He hoisted her tihghs evenr further apart, I ended up holding one for him

His tongue slobbered into her crack. He had to almost hold her down, more so than me!

"Oh OH" she moaned, she'd of course been having a wank before this and was ready for take off.

In five minutes he'd made her come, he had me put my hands over her mouth to shut her up.

"You've had an orgasm before?" he asked afterwards

"Yes, only on my own though" she said, "It's a lot nicer with you !"

"I'm going to fuck you in a minute" he announced

Evidently he was hard again, I couldn't see anything really.

"I'm a virgin" she said again

"You don't feel like one" he commented "your hymen is gone" Bledein' amateur gynacecologists !!

"I ride horses" she said, "I think I broke it, I bled once".

"That would do it" he said, expertly "now relax"

He pushed into her as he had into me

She groaned as his big cock entered her body, filled her, but she did not seem to be in pain

"Oh god that's wonderful" she moaned "I love it"

"Oh god, so do I " laughed Steve " You've got a lovely pussy"

His btotom was moving gently, I could hear, more gentle than he'd been for me.

A series of little oh's led to louder moans and again I was asked to gag her.

He lasted long enough for Kerrie to have a devastating second ograsm, before he came he pulled out

"Hold your tits together" he ordered

She didnt know quite what he meant, I thought he wanted to fuck her cleavage (an impossibility with me!) so I helped arrange them for him.

My first time (and happily not my last) of handling another girl's tits!

His slippery cock revelled in the softness between her breasts, and he soon ejcaulated there, trying to be as quiet as possible, whilst I tried desparately to control a terrible fit of the giggles.

"Do you fancy licking the spunk from between her tits?" he asked me, casually

"Er.. no, not really" I said flatly

"Ok" he said "well, I want to fuck you again.. in a bit"

"Please!" I said "I didn't come, sorry"

"Tell me about this girl sucking your tits", he said to Kerrie

She was very matter of fact and sketchy about sharing a bed with an American cousin in Disneyland

"Tell me about it, again, slowly, and exaggerate" Said Steve when she'd finished her rather coy account

She did tell the full story but she was so young and the cousin very predatory, I won't recount it here, because it gives me the creeps.

Steve did not however have an adverse reaction, he was flagpole hard again, as he made us wank him, a hand from each girl.

"Get on your hands and knees" he said to me

I did

"Like this?"

He grabbed my hips and parted my knees wider.

I was dribbly wet and he pushed his big cock deep into me in the classic doggy position.

He gave me every inch of it, and grabbing my waist pulled me back onto him. I gasped.

Soon i was panting like a freight train, as he vigorously fucked me, mauling my tits, thumbing my arse, threatening to fuck me up there as well.

Kerrie was wanking away, I could hear her panting.

"Mmmmm oH!" she moaned as she came, slightly before I did.

Steve clamped his hand over my mouth again, and I was biting as he fucked me really quickly and made me come.

"Oh my lord" he exclaimed and pulled out, leaving my pussy feeling very empty, and with a few swift pulls, he cmae, hot and wet, all over my bmu.

"Turn round" he barked "Suck it"

I tried, even turning round was a problem. We clashed heads.

He grabbed Kerrie's hand and placed it on my arse.

"Feel how much I've come" he boasted, and she did have a good feel as well. Of the come, and my bmu.

Her finger slipped into my arse, which made me gasp. In the pitch dark Steve was unaware of this intrusion, and I did not alert him to it!

Even though Steve seemed a lot older than us, and I suppose he was relatively recently a teenager himself. He was certainly astonishingly vriile.

He lay between us, all three naked, ksising us, and getting us to fnodle him, and lcik and scuk him in turn. Unsurprisingly he was soon hrad again,
with me lciking the head, and Kerrie down sucking his balls.

Steve suddenly got up and spread Kerrie's legs for her

"Come here" he grunted and
pushed his cock up into her.

"mmfFF" she moaned "Oh god, that gorgeous"

as he started to fcku her, he was keeping her quiet by kissing her - effectively gagging her with his tnogue. His rather gorgeous little arse was moving relentlessy between her tihghs. She was coming as soon as he started, to be fair I don't think she'd stopped wanking for a moment since he came into in the tent.

He lasted a noble ten minutes in her tight little recently-virgin pussy, including flipping her over for doggy style. I only know because I heard him tell her. It was really totally pitch dark. He actually asked "I don't suppose you're on the plil?" as his voice got a bit shaky, and when she confirmed she wasn't, I heard him "plop out" and then feverishly wank himself off over some part of her body, her tits I think, I mean my god I WOULD HAVE.

"I think I'm done for, girls" he announced, sounding rather crestfallen

"I should THINK YOU ARE!" I giggled

We both took it turns to give him passionate and tonguey goodnight ksises, and he went out of the flap.

Talking of flaps, I was a bit sore.

The next day consisted of a very long mountain walk, my god we were knackered, Kerrie and I more than most!

We came back to the accomodation and showered. Someone had cooked a big, gelatinous stew, which was deeply vile but we ate it like it was Egon Ronay's Sunday lunch.

As I was washing up Steve passed the window. He mimed a drink. I smiled and nodded.

"And her" he mouthed

I asked Kerrie , she was well up for it, and would not now allowed herself to be left out, in any event.

We sneaked out at the appointed time, and met him at the gate. Despite Kerrie's wonderfully developed bdoy, the clothes her parents bought her were a c***d's in style.

naked, she looked like a short 18 year old, in these clothes she looked 12.

I swapped some items with her, with my makeup and general air of confidence, I'd pass for 18/19 , she would struggle to be allowed in the pub.

As it was, there were a crowd of local teens in there some of whom were doing homework, so perhaps we needn't have worried.

Steve spent the best part of an hour trying to get either or both of us to confess to some sort of fumbling schoolgirl Lsebian encounter. If he'd asked me now, he'd have been there for a week , but at the time, zilch.

Ditto for Kerrie, (apart from the cousin) though she did admit to liking being naked in the shower with the girls, because she had the best body.

I mean, she DID, by a country mile. I'd been in there with 24 naked schoolgirls from 12-16, so I know, but I'm sure you don't want to hear about that.

At about ten o'clock we all left and walked giggling back to the site, where we had to be very quiet to avoid detection. This time Steve had the keys to a common room, and had done something to the lock to prevent us being locked out.

As the common room faced away from the sl**ping accomodation, he dared put the lights on. We all three sat either side of him on an old couch and began ksising him, taking turns.

I was feeling his cock through his trousers, and he was very hrad. Kerrie was trying to undo his zip but was having problems. I assisted, being more used to getting cocks out than she.

I pulled his erection out, it was so hard it was bending back on itself, which I love.

"Suck my cock" he gasped, to me

As Kerrie kissed him, I sucked the head for him. He moaned softly into Kerrie's mouth.

"Look" he said to Kerrie, breaking the kiss, and I looked up, smiling at both of them as I sucked his painfully hrad cock.

"That's really naughty" giggled Kerrie

He pulled her jumper off over her head and quickly undid her bra. Firm though she was, there was a lot of tits in there, and it all came
tumbling out.

"Get your jeans off , and your knickers" he ordered

She did as she was told, and she was breathtakingly naked.

"Come up here" he ordered, and she climbed onto his lap

I saw him bury a couple of fingers in her cunt. They emerged glistening with juice.

"Cock a leg over" he said , she cocked

"Come here" he said to me

"Put my cock in her" he said

I was gobsmacked

"You want me to grab you and push it into... her fnany?"

"That's what I said"

I grabbed

I licked and sucked a little first, then I tried to get in her.

It proved to be quite the challenge.

Big cock, of course, and tiny pussy, and it was SO hard it wouldn't bend, so I could direct it as needed.

I ended up having to move her bottom about so that I could get her to sit down onto it, and this involved me
getting my fingers rather wet from her juices. A fact that wasn't missed by our superstud Steve, who ordered
me to likc my fingers. I licked them for him, but the wrong ones, but he didn't know that !

Her evident horse riding skills were brought to bear as she moved up and down on his long shaft, he was sucking and biting her
big tits, and she was moaning and grunting. I could see how wet she was from the amount of shimmering juice that coated his
cock shaft as it slid in and out of her tight little hole. Soon her rhythm faltered as she came, eating his mouth eagerly
and groaning.

He grabbed her bum and gently lifted her off where she collapsed in a heap on the tatty sofa.

He motioned me toward him

"Suck my cock" he ordered

"No! " I protested "It's all wet with her juice! Let me get something to clean you up"

"Your tongue" he said "use your tongue"

As I went to move away he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me in

I gave up

He was going to make me do it, or worse if I refused, I was sure of it.

I gingerly extended my little tongue as he closely guided me over every milimetre of his shining cock. I swallowed the
musky juices as I went along.

"On second thoughts" he mused "Don't make me come. Get here and bend over"

He pulled me into position and vigorously fucked me from behind

He reached round and fingred my cilt, very perfectly as it goes,

"Come and sit in front of her, on here" he ordered Kerrie,

she dutifully came and sat on a cushion on the sofa right in front of my face, and Steve hauled her legs open

"Get down there and lick it" he ordered me, grabbing my hair and pushing my face towards Kerrie's exposed cunt.

"NOOOO!" I virtually screamed

"Going to come" he announced simultaneously "ALL inside you unless you do as you're told" he hissed "I'll put it all
right up your cervix so it gets you pregnant!"

(I don't know if be beleived this to be true, i wasn't sure!)

I still wouldn't do it, but Kerrie leant forward, offering a big bearst up instead.

"Scuk this instead" she cooed "Not so messy, and you don't want to get pregnant , do you ?"

she was grinning about it

Grudgingly I took a large , and painfully hrad nipple into my young and "innocent" mouth , and sucked gently

Her ever-wanking fingers caused her to shake and shimmy as she had another orgasm


yes folks

Our Steve shoved his cock as far up me as he could POSSIBLY reach, and shot all his load right up there.

"NOOOO ! fuck OFF" I squealed trying to break free and push him out, but he held me still with a vice like
grip round my waist and kept pumping until there was nothing left in him, it was all in me.

"Oh GOD yes, that's better, can you feel all that hot spunk deep inside you? You fucking dirty little slut,
that was what you wanted all along, wasn't it?"

I sighed

He wasn't that wide of the mark, of course, particularly the MAKING ME DO STUFF, I don't know if it was
theis incident that started me on that particular road to rack a ruin, but I can't recall any other incident
before or after that was so.... influential, shall we say?

It wasn't long before Steve managed to hoist his mast again, and did the same to Kerrie, also "bareback" and gave her
his seed as well.

Neither of us ended up "up the duff" so I guess we were all just lucky.

We never saw the guy again, other than on that trip, but similar stories circulated about Steve and other
girls who'd been to the centre later on.

He was onto a very good thing, of course.

That's it for now, your special story in retune for your vote.

Many thanks

If you have a particular.... interest, it's possible I've done something along the lines. Ask me, you might get another one!

Lyn xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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7 months ago
great story again lyn xx
8 months ago
Yeah, I loved summer camps too! For guys, it was a matter of trying to sneak into the girl's side of the lake. Part of the endless game of "chase the girl who wants to get caught."
Never did any homo stuff except the boys would sit around and see who had the biggest dick and who could shoot cum the furthest. I did hit the roof of our tent!
8 months ago