The Summer House - Young Lyn #1

The Summer House

I am deleting all age references, but I was young!

I had a boyfriend called Jonathan, who was a year older. Just to give you a picture I was about 5 foot nothing at that age, and I had tits. I was to grow another four inches before I was done, and the tits not at all. Jonathan was already about 5 foot 9, and well built, with a big cock.

Although I was a virgin, I had messed about extensively with Jonathan’s cock for the last few months. He’d taken great delight in wanking it off for me, to show me how to do it, he said. I could never quite get it right, so I had to do a lot of practice. Funny, because I’m normally a very quick study.

Like most “couples” of this kind of age we didn’t see each other every day, maybe three days a week. One Saturday afternoon I decided to pay a surprise visit to his house.

His mom let me in, she loved me, and gave me a big hug. She explained that Jonathan and five of his mates were down at the summer house. This was at the end of a long garden, overlooking the river, and screened from the house by a line of conifers. It was pretty much Jon’s private domain, and the scene of many of our early sexual fumblings.

I trotted down the path and round the trees and straight in the door. I never even looked in through the window. Christ what a shock I got. For a moment I thought they were having some sort of gay orgy. Then I saw all the porn mags lying about. Mayfair, Penthouse and the like and some of the more explicit ones like e****t and Razzle, where you could see the girls’ pussies all open and glistening.

“Oh Christ!” I blurted “JONATHAN! What’s going on here?”

All the lads had got their trousers either open or down, all their cocks were out, and they’d evidently been having a nice cosy communal wank until I had blundered in. I didn’t know lads did that kind of thing socially ! I never had with my mates!! My friend Jo did though, a lot. Hmmmm. Anyway....

The lads were desperately trying to cram their hard ons back in their trousers. There was so much blushing going on that you could have seen the thermal image of that summer house from space.

The one lad - Eric the toad he was known as - I never found out why – had got the most to try and put away, by a country mile. Now I’m 44, and I’ve had the pleasure of a lot of cocks, probably 150 or thereabouts but I have to this day rarely seen a b**st like that.

Jonathan came over to me, semi dressed , and calmed me down.

“Sorry you walked in on this. Steve had got hold of a load of magazines and we just got carried away looking through them” he explained “Come round here will you..”

He took me round the corner of the summer house, away from the other lads.

He immediately dropped his trousers and got his cock out. Very helpful.

“PLEASE” he begged “ wank me off”

I knelt down, sneaking a look to check no one was watching and I pretty swiftly made him come on the floor. There was loads. I’d got his balls in one hand and his dick in the other, I fancied that I looked quite expert.

As I looked again over my shoulder there was all the other five lads watching. There was much laughing and a little burst of applause.

They had formed an orderly queue, bless them.

I looked at Jonathan, aghast

Who the hell said I was going to do the lot of them?

My reputation was shot from this day on, I can tell you.

“Lyn who wanked six lads off” was the kindest thing I was known as.

Jonathan went back round the corner leaving me with Tyrone. Now at least they had the decency to give each other a bit of privacy, and me!

Tyrone’s tiny little cock was done in a few swift strokes. He was the least well developed of all of them. There were three more, all mister average, I can’t remember their names, one bottled out and wouldn’t let me touch him. In the end I opened my top and showed him my tits, which relatively speaking were quite big, and he wanked himself off, I wouldn’t let him come on them. There was quite a mess on the floor by this time, which I was damn sure wouldn’t be cleaned up by me.

Then, well, Eric the Toad. I’d caught a glimpse of his weapon at the outset. He was only our age but it was like a man’s. My Jonathan was second biggest but there was a quantum leap to this great thing. I wondered why he always wore such loose trousers.

He quite casually dropped them, and his pants, and sat down for the job. His balls were huge, and immensely hairy. But his cock, well …. a heavily veined and muscled beauty which made all the others look immature.

My dress was still a little open, and he helped himself to my tits, his warm hands encircling them. My virgin pussy was hot and wet and very possibly not wanting to be virgin any more. I grasped the shaft and my breathing grew ragged as I began to pump his hard cock.

“Oh god that’s nice” he groaned

I was suddenly filled with an uncontrollable desire to take him in my mouth, something I had never done.

I opened as wide as I could and took the head in between my lips. I'd no idea what I was doing, I'd only heard that people did this. His cock did have a taste but it was not unpleasant, he'd already come and hadn't cleaned of course, looking back, but at least it was all fresh!

I licked gently, If I had decided to suck I would not have known how hard. He was watching intently with his mouth open in a silent gasp. I would have been surprised if any of these lads had ever been even touched by a girl, never mind a blow job. Some of them would never even have had a kiss!

Suddenly he lurched and his - frankly massive - cock bucked in my mouth, and then I found myself sucking, as he pumped an impressive amount of hot sperm into my mouth. The headrush, if you will excuse the pun , was breathtaking , and this for both of us.

I let some run out of my mouth onto the floor with the rest. I swallowed some as a matter of course, and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I must have been wearing an expression of utter amazement. Eric looked like he was about to laugh, which he did, highly pitched and nervously.

Both our faces were tomato - red. Eric The toad slipped his cock back into his baggy shorts.

The rest of the lads appeared round the corner, confident that we were done.

The smallest lad, and seemingly the most timid was the one that suggested it.....

"Let's see YOU do it" he said to me

The lads looked at each other in a mixture of amazement and fevered excitement. It was clear several of them thought actual SEX was implied - that I was to fuck Jonathan, or even one or more of the others. This wasn't going to happen on my watch.

No, what was meant is that the lad wanted, with all six lads in total, to watch me masturbate. I don't know what made me even consider it. My pussy was soaking, I am sure I would have been able to get somebody's cock in there, perhaps not Eric's !

There was a murmur of agreement among the lads. I tried to read Jonathan's face, but all I could see was an expression which said "what the FUCK is going to happen now?

It was evident I was going to have to do it. My stomach fell in a mixture of fear and arousal, the like of which , the intensity, I had never experienced.

"Take your knickers off" smiled Eric, reassuringly. I had just sucked his cock, so it wasn't that unreasonable a request I supposed.

I hesitated. He sat me down and parted my knees, I was wearing a very girly flowery dress, knickers and no bra. They were very firm. Didn't need one. I tried vainly to trap his hand by way of half hearted resistance, but he was swift and my knickers were straight off.

I had the idea of hiding my pussy by just reaching inside and wanking without showing anything, do you think they were satisfied with that? Yeah, right.

One of them came behind me and rolled the dress down off my shoulders, baring my tits.

Two others moved my legs apart and a third pulled my dress up round my waist. I stole a glance down between my legs at the little downy triangle of pubes, with the moist little slot below. Well, dripping.

"Go on" said a small voice, trembling, I don't know whose. A deeper more authoritative voice murmured, "Yes, go on "

My equally trembling fingers stole down over my soft belly towards the white hot and oozing slit. My middle finger found my stone - hard little clitoris and my breath caught in my throat. My breasts were heaving. I decided to close my eyes, pretend they weren't there, and just come as quickly as I could. Instead my mind chose to conjure up the idea that they were all getting their cocks hard to take it in turns to fuck me, or be wanked or sucked off. This idea made me come like an express train:

It didn't take long, my face was burning like a coal below my tight closed eyes, I grasped a breast and nipple with my spare hand. It was so hard it felt like it could break off.

Within moments my hips were shaking the flimsy bench and I came and came. I opened my eyes, and saw that four of the lads had joined me in a wank, with varying degrees of confidence they were showing me their cocks as they wanked themselves off onto the floor. I did not assist, I was busy getting my breath back.

There was an embarrassed silence, and I retrieved my knickers, and quickly dressed and left.

I saw Jonathan that night who said my wank was the sexiest thing he had ever even imagined, I had to do it again for him, and of course wank him off again afterwards.

The very next Saturday, in the afternoon when his f****y were at the football, for the first time (for both of us) we fucked. That is the next bonus - story for you lovely 10 - voters.

Lyn xxxx

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3 months ago
excellent story
7 months ago
lyn, that was a very sexy very believable story, thanks x
8 months ago
Really great. One of the best I've read.