Lyn In Chains

Woman In Chains

You better love loving and you better behave
You better love loving and you better behave
Woman in Chains
Woman in Chains

FAQ - Yes I know this bears a bit of a resemblance to Anais Nin's The Story Of O, and that
is probably where Paul (and Nicole) got the idea. This is my account of what happened to me,
it did not just take place happenstance, obviously, but it IS absolutely true.

I'm a bit you know.... strange. If I have to do something I ostensibly don't want to,
like - you know - smear tests and the like, it turns me on so much I tremble. I had
an orgasm once whilst waiting to have a tooth filled.

I don't like to be dominated per sec. I like to switch it around. Sometimes I'm in
control, sometimes he/she is.

My friend, girlfriend whatever you want to term her, Nicole, has a history of providing
me with erotic surprises for my birthday or Valentines. She had me k**napped once,
but that did not work out well. Some interfering sod called the police.

Anyway this was my birthday 2012. Nicole often does these things remotely,
sometimes she takes part, sometimes she films it, sometimes she's continents away.
This was a case of the latter.

I had a blind dinner date, she told me, at a very VERY swish restaurant in Kensington,
called Babylon at The Roof Gardens.

I had spent 2 hours getting ready, hair up, makeup perfect, wonderbra, stockings and suspenders,
a GORGEOUS g string, and 5" heels. I wanted to SHAG myself when I looked in the mirror.
This was topped with an outrageously expensive little black dress which was really quite sheer
in the right light.

When I got to the restaurant I was shown to the table where my date, Paul, was
waiting. He had a very nice bottle of chardonnay in an ice bucket, and poured me
a large glass as I approached.

He stood to greet me and kissed me on each cheek, lingering a little longer than
you would.

"You're very beautiful" he said

"You're not so bad yourself" I smiled as he pulled the chair out for me like a perfect gentleman,
there, as it happened, the resemblance ended.

"Nice arse" he whispered

"Well, thank you" I chuckled "most Kind"

He was indeed GORGEOUS and the kind of man you would do anything for, and I did. He made me. (tremble)

He was also considerably younger than me, this was the day of my 44th birthday, and
I would have put him at 30, and he turned out to be 28. This was not reflected in any lack of
confidence, I have to say, not by a long score.

I glugged the expensive wine, which softened the blow as it were, of his opening conversational gambit

"What sort of SXE do you like?"

My mouth stayed open for a moment, but I didn't falter.

"Well, that's a chat up line, isn't it? My brief, which is brief to say the least, says you're in charge. SO... it doesn't
matter what my tastes are, I'm sure you will do what you want with me, and I will... have to do as I'm told" my voice shook as I said it.

He could have taken it for nerves or extreme arousal, in fact it was - as usual - both, wrapped up in a big speedball of adrenaline.

"Good girl" he said, quietly, and smiling. "Just out of interest, then.... women?"

"Oh yes"

"More than one man at a time"

"Given the chance. Men are so shy with each other"

"Bit of sub-dom"

"Tonight, yes"




"I have an impressive collection"

"Cyber sex?"

"All the time"


"Um... I like the IDEA but I've not really explored that too much. Fear of getting caught, you know.
And...arrested. If there were some safe place where I could get fucked , on a stage say, and people could watch me -
I'd like that. Not in the street though"

"Ok... er.... Lesbian threesomes with huge vibrators?"

"OH YES! Love it" I giggled , true though.

"GROUP sex?"

"Yes, some larger groups as well, me and 7 or 8 others. I love all the possibilities
and the fact if someone is tired or spent, someone else can take over"

"Yes quite"

We ordered our food and the talk turned to more general things, what we did for a living,
were we/had we been married, etc.

Paul paid the bill when we were done.

"Okay", he said " now we're off to have some fun... all I ask is that you STRICTLY do as you're told"

I gulped

"Is there a code word?" I asked "a signal to stop?"

"Do you need one?"

"Probably not" I smiled nervously

He held my hand for a moment

"I'm not going to hurt you, you know, we're only PLAYING" and he kissed me on the forehead!

Sweetie ! Creep !

"Cease and desist" I said "that's the code word"

"Okay, agreed" he replied "cease..and..desist it is"

When we got into the lobby of the restaurant he produced a black velvet mask,
the sort you sl**p in !!

"We need to put this on you" he whispered, and he did.

He led me carefully out and into some large, leather - upholstered V8, automatic saloon. He
wasn't driving. He buckled me in.

His hand slid immediately up the inner thigh of my near leg.

"Hey!" I protested as it slid higher

"Open your legs" he hissed

I opened

He hoisted my thong to one side. This seems to happen to me a lot in chauffeur
driven cars, and taxi cabs. It even happened once when I was driving, but that's
another story.

Without further ado , he slipped his finger inside me, I was dripping wet, but as usual
as tight as a tight thing.

"FUUUccking hell" he enthused "that's a tight little hole"

I gasped

"Do you have trouble getting BGI CCOKS up there" he enquired, casually

"Umff" I replied non commitally, and (blindly) went to kiss him.

He moved away. Playing HARD TO GET!!

He removed his finger from my pussy

"Suck" he ordered

I slowly licked all the juices off

"Do you taste good?"

"MMmm" I enthused

"Can I have some?" he asked

"Help yourself" I grinned and again my voice shook. I don't know what was so erotic
about it all, but it seemed to centre on the blindfold.

He slipped his finger back inside me and coated it with my freely flowing juices.

Then he removed and slurped as he sucked his fingers

"Beautiful" he gasped

and the next thing I knew he was kneeling in front of me , between my knees,
and in a nanosecond he'd reached up and whipped off my g string.

He pushed me right back into the seat and immediately starting tonguing my

I groaned and grabbed his hair, holding his head in place

"HEY!" I protested "Can we GET A ROOM?"

He didn’t answer, he just licked me half way to orgasm and left me there.

He sat back next to me and lit a cigarette

As an ex smoker I inhaled , I couldn't help it. It was heady after years of no smoking.

"You sod" I chided him

My hand strayed between my legs to finish myself off. He pulled my wrist away.

"Hands off" he scolded me "Not yours to play with now, your cunt belongs to me"

I was visibly trembling. God I loved it.

"You'll wait will I'm good and ready" he added

There was a tense silence until the car drew up and stopped.

He just got out, and I gathered the driver was coming round to let me out.

A large warm hand took mine, and led me , gently, and guided me out of the car and onto the pavement. I heard the beep
of a swipe card being used, presumably by Paul. I had not seen nor spoken to the driver. I had no idea
if he was combatant or non combatant.

Moments later I was in a very clean smelling lift. I got the impression there were only two of us.

I was led by a smaller cooler hand out of the lift, and towards a door, which again was opened with a swipe card.
I wasn't sure if this was a hotel or an apartment, but the quietness of the lobby suggested the latter.

I was led into what felt and sounded to be a large and airy room, with marble flooring. There was some floaty ambient music

He let go of my hand and stood me in the centre of the room.

"STRIP" he said

"WHAT?" I murmured

"You heard" he said, commandingly "Get your clothes off"

My trembling hand reached behind me for the zip of my dress and pulled it down.

I lifted the straps off my shoulders and with a little audible gasp I dropped it to the ground.

All I now had on was my bra and stockings and suspenders, as he'd nicked my knickers in the car.

My shaved little cunt was on full show to Paul and anyone else who was, unbeknown to me, in the room.

"GORGEOUS little pussy" he sighed, "Bra off now"

I undid and dropped the wonderbra behind me

"You would benefit from a boob job" he jibed

I sniffed

"The nipples are VERY sensitive" I confided "I never wanted to LOSE that"

His voice passed behind me


"Thanks" I started to say when said gorgeous arse received without warning a stinging slap that made me cry out

"SHUT UP" he warned "If I have to GAG you, you will miss out on getting a nice big cock to suck"

"Sorry" I whispered

"It's a riding crop" he warned me "Leather, and that was only a tap"

I visibly stiffened and my nipples got impossibly hard.

"You think they're sensitive now, you will be getting them PIERCED, later on this evening"

I shook at the thought

"Don't even THINK of objecting, you KNOW the rules - YOU DO AS YOU'RE FUCKING TOLD. If you're a good girl , we'll only do the one"

My knees were knocking together, the fear, the adrenaline. I loved it.

"How supple are you?" he asked suddenly

"Fairly" I admitted

"Can you grab your ankles?"

' oh lord ' I thought

"Calves" I said "lower, maybe, on a good day - BUT in THESE SHOES?" I giggled

"Go for it" he said quietly

I leant right forward and grabbed the very bottom of my calves. My arse was in the air, and completely exposed.

"Right let’s give this bum of yours a RIGHT thrashing" he said with a chuckle "A right good going over"

I froze but my legs were shaking due to the impending punishment

Which did not come

I tensed

Then Paul was on his knees behind me gently but firmly spreading my buttocks which he lovingly kissed
and then licked.

Then he opened my arse and stuck his wet tongue in.

"OOOOOOOh" I moaned

He stopped for a second

"You DIRTY FUCKING BITCH" he teased "how much do you LOVE that?"

"About a hundred out of ten" I admitted.

He resumed his pleasuring of my bottom, his tongue tip was through the ringpiece and inside me.

While he was round the back my fingers had found their way to my clit for a little rub. I was so wet I could hardly get any traction.

A hand firmly took mine away as soon as I had started enjoying myself.

He stopped again

"We are going to have to do something to help you keep your hands off yourself, aren’t we?"

He left his position up my bum and led me to sit on a cold leather seat, it felt very soft and expensive!

THEN there was a cold metal CLANK on each wrist, very nearly simultaneously

"Oh god" I mused and I whispered under my breath "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" (google it. UK TV show)

"What was that ?" queried Paul from in front of me "was that cease and desist?"

"No" I smiled under my mask I rolled my eyes

What HAD I let myself in for?

"OPEN your mouth" he said, he was standing right in front of me. I could hear trouser-opening noises


I opened.... wider

The next thing I felt was a very VERY hard cock being slipped into my mouth. Only the very tip of it. I craned my neck to get more,
but I couldn't reach, and he didnt' let me.

There was a chuckle from BEHIND me, it was Paul

"Who's THAT?" I shrieked "WHOSE cock have I got here, if you're back there?"

"That would be TELLING" he laughed

"Oh god that's nice" said the cock in front of me , as I nibbled the end and stuck my tongue in the hole

"It LOOKS it" said Paul who'd moved to my side

The big one withdrew and a smaller cock , nice, and immensely hard took it's place. I took the head into my mouth,
and pleasured it there.

There was a grunt, and this too was taken from me.

I could feel the movement of one, then two hands on cocks. I was obviously surplus to requirements, these boys were
happy to have a wank !

"OPEN" ordered the gravelly voice. I must have closed my mouth. I opened jaw-achingly wide.

There was a grunt and I was instantly covered in the most ridiculously huge load of come, followed with immaculate
timing by the contents of the second one, it was dipping off the ned of my nose, loads in my mouth, all over my cheeks.
It was a double deluge of hot sperm. There was something even more shocking about not being able to see it er.... coming,
as well.

"Fucking hell, she looks like a PAINTER's RADIO" quipped Paul

I sat there panting, feeling their twin loads dribbling down my face.

Then someone else came in

"Hi" they said "all yours for a bit"

Someone wiped my face with a flannel or cloth.

"Thanks" I smiled blindly

"I'm here for these" said a soft female voice and she grabbed both nipples firmly

To say I flinched was an understatement, I nearly jumped out of the chair, If I hadn't been chained to it, I would have done!

I was about to get my nipples pierced. I was almost crying when the softest and fullest set of female lips enfolded
my hyper sensitive nipple.

I growled with pleasure.

"Not really going to pierce them" she whispered "Lord they're sensitive enough ALREADY"

Her mouth left the begging nipple to find my own soft lips, her tongue overpowered mine as she ate my mouth.

"MMMmmmm" I moaned

"Shall I take these cuffs off and you join me on the bed?" she cooed

"Yes...please" I replied

She sounded vaguely foreign, exotic, South American perhaps. I Imagined her as a sort of Bianca Jagger type, younger
of course.

She unlocked the cuffs and led me by the hand, still blindfolded, through to the bedroom where she lay me out and thoroughly
spread my legs.

"I'm going to lick your cunt" she said simply and hoisted a leg over her shoulder.

I was suprised she wasn't all-that at eating my pussy, GOOD but not brilliant. She lapped
into my clit - hood and took up residence there licking me and fingering my hole. I was DYING to come anyway,
so she didn't have to try too hard.

I grunted and came juicily over her face. It wasn't the strongest of orgasms, a bit disappointing really,
but she came up and sloppily kissed me as I licked my cunt juices from around her mouth.

I got the impression she was taking her knickers off. My turn to go donw on her, evidently, I thought, and was looking forward
to that, and then she whipped my blindfold off.

She was indeed gorgeous, straight raven hair, big brown eyes, strong features.

"Hi" I smiled , looking deep into her eyes

I kissed her back closing my eyes, and worked down to her tits, they were very firm large B or small C, and I gave each of them
a loving suck as I moved down her, and opened my eyes to find


Hmm I thought, a ladyboy. That's a first for me, but very pretty, lovely tits and a HARD ON, what's NOT TO LIKE?

I shall by the way , continue to refer to her as "her" and "she"

I didn't say anything that registered surprise.

"Can I suck it?" I enquired

"Sure" she said, her voice seemed to have slipped a little lower.

The cock was perfectly normal, completely hairless, about six inches, and as I 've said, superbly hard.

"Can I ask you a personal question?" I broached

"Ask me anything" she said

"You WERE a guy, obviously, and well, are you not sort of GAY? It would appear not, as you're so hard for ME!!"

"I love women" she said

And with that I took her little cock as far as I could down my throat

She shifted under me and moaned

I moved off her, and went down to suck her hairless balls, and lick my way up the shaft.

"Can I ask you another personal question?" I grinned

"Shoot" she smiled

"SO.. this hasn't been up men's bums then? "

"Once or twice, years ago, when I was .. figuring things out, all with condoms.. Why do you ask?"

"I was wondering if it's safe to fuck you without a condom..?"

"I have no communicable diseases, to the best of my belief, what about YOU though?"

"Same here" I said, "I do NOT always use a condom, but usually, and no symptoms ever"

"Fuck me then" said Francesca "Or do you want ME to fuck you?"

"Take it in turns" I smiled and threw a leg over her, I firmly grasped her cock and pushed it into
my light little cunt's opening, then sat down onto it with a satisfied sigh and a slurp.

"Oh lord" we both said together, and laughed loudly.

"God you've got as TIGHT LITTLE CUNT " she observed

"Gee thanks", I giggled

The door opened and two men came in , quickly identified (phew) as Paul and a very tall black guy, who it
turned out was appropriately enough called Roger.

"I see you two ladies have got acquainted" said Roger

"Were you shocked?" asked Paul

"She didn't turn a hair" Francesca told them

They came and stood either side of the bed to watch us fuck , she was grabbing my tits as I squeezed hers.

"Ohhh" moaned Francesca and she gulped "I'm VERY turned on " she explained as her cock twitched twice and she came in me aseries of hot squirts
with a lot of volume!

I gripped even harder as my riding movements stopped

"MMMmmm" I moaned "that's a lot of come" ..and it was , dribbling out of me

I climbed off her, and took her cock in my mouth, looking into the eyes of Paul and Roger as I sucked the remaining
sperm out of Francesca's knob

"FUCK , that's naughty!" laughed Paul as he watched me

When I'd finished with my transexual lover, Roger brought the blindfold back to me.

"Time to put this back on " he said quietly "..for another little .. adventure "

They put it back on me, and I was led away. I felt cold air as my high heels clanked on marble, or stone. I was sure I was
now outside, and wearing only my stockings, suspenders, and high heels. I also knew from the lift journey that we were
high up.

My wrists were placed on cold metal and I heard and felt the manacles clicked back into place.

I felt the night breeze wrap around my body and I shivered, I had no way of knowing if I could be seen , from other buildings
or even the street.

There were footsteps behind me, bare feet.

Firm hands parted my buttocks and cold gel was applied to my ringpiece.

"That should make it a bit easier" chuckled Roger in my ear

He didn't mess about, with a brief but firm push he fucked my ass.

His cock felt enormous, he had as condom on , I could feel it crackling, and he felt very long very hard
and fucking enormous, stretching my ring.

I moaned and my head dropped as I steadied myself to accept the fucking I was getting.

" GO ON GIVE IT TO HER " goaded Paul

"Oh CHRIST thats HUGE - so WIDE!" I protested weakly

There were other voices , coming from a distance, echoing

"Whhoooo!" went one "PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT" shouted another

"HEllo gorgeous, give us a wave" called a voice

I was beginning to panic, HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE ABLE TO SEE ME ?

Roger began to groan, and his thrusts became erratic and I imagined his sperm splattering
my insides.

"Oh FUCK yes" I moaned, as I spontaneously came. This is unusual , with anal, as I usually need
to touch myself, but with the thought of several pairs of unknown eyes watching me get fucked up the ass
on this lofty balcony, I needed no further stimulation.

"Fuck her up the ARSE" shouted a distant voice. Rogers hand/thumb left where it had been prising my
buttocks open, and he laughed. I imagined him giving the thumbs up to the onlooker.

I stood gasping, my legs trembling, as a naked Francesca came and took my blindfold off again.

"How was that?" smiled Roger, cuddling me whilst still having his cock halfway up my arse.

"Cool" I giggled, "literally"

I scanned the street below, still unable to cover myself as my wrists were still handcuffed

There was no one there, I noticed.

"Where did the people go ? How many people could see?" I asked them

I was manacled to a chrome rail above a sort of giant window box

Gently removing his cock from my arse, where it swung wetly against his thigh, Roger pointed , grinning , to the
window box. Paul was pressing buttons on an iphone.

Voices came out

"Whooo" "Fuck her up the arse " etc

There were little white speakers in the beds. All around me, little voices shouting encouragement, from
some hard drive somewhere.

I had been entirely duped.

I was unchained and handed a huge wineglass full of bubbly, I drank it down in as few swift gulps.

Francesca came up to me and smiled. She gently took me by the hand

"Come inside" she cooed

We all went inside.

Within 5 minutes Paul was lying on the big bed, and he'd sat me on his cock, this was his first time inside me,
and he went on and on about how tight my pussy was.

If I HAD A POUND .....!!!

Francesca climbed behind me, and slipped her cock up my arse. I could feel her tits on my back,
and her suspenders grinding against my bum.

Roger came and stood by the bed head and had me suck his big black cock until he came in my mouth. I laughed, rather unkindly
as a few drops landed in Paul's face.

This didn't stop him coming in me, well .. in the condom, and the double penetration sent me into a huge multiple

That was it. I could have gone on, but anybody who had a cock was spent.

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Lyn xxx

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6 months ago
another great story thanks xx
9 months ago
excellent and well-written
11 months ago
Absolutely incredible, loved it!
11 months ago
Fucking amazing
1 year ago
Again a fab story! X
1 year ago
Why no comments? Your story gave me the most enormous hard on. It's not often I wank over a story but my cock is throbbing at the thought of that tight little.....ok I won't say it :) xx