Camp Dsvid

Camp David

I met him on a train. I was working on my laptop, and he walked past. He was incredibly fashionable and everything he had on looked like it had come out of the pack moments before. He had rather a sharp nose which was the only masculine thing that stood out. stood out through his hair. He wore very tight narrow legged black trousers, very highly polished pointy shoes, and a short tweed coat with sleeves so narrow you would have to have pipe cleaner arms to get it on. The coat was open at the neck, exposing a bright green/blue jumper, and beneath that a bare and hairless chest. The flouncy scarf topped it all off. His hair was all in his eyes and he constantly had to push it away to operate his iphone or whatever he was listening to dance music on.

I'm talking young. So young his laptop case probably had a leap-pad in it.

I studied him over the top of my laptop. GOT to be gay, I thought, so immaculate so tidy, so cute, so not returning my look. If he hasn't looked at me, he MUST be gay ;-) !!

How old? Hmm 18-25, couldn't tell, but the clothes were expensive, so I figured not a student, in gainful employment or a rich mummy and daddy.

We neared Euston, and I packed my stuff up. He still hadn't looked at me, but finally he did, and there was a surprise, he looked, looked away, and looked at me again. I did think I saw a flicker of eye rolling though.

We got off the train and I followed him up the escalator. He was messing with his hair, and getting his mobile out and ringing.... a girl! A Sue. And he didn't actually sound camp, you know like some guys do. Lithpy. He sounded quite straight, so I thought Hmmm...

Our paths took us to the Circle line, and onto the same tube train. He sat down, legs neatly crossed. I sat not opposite but a little up, between the Somalian, and the mohican punk. I looked across at him, still messing with his hair and ipod thing.

I messed with my blackberry, and went into an elaborate fantasy about getting his hard cock in the middle of some sort of cream doughnut, and eating the confectionery from around the erectionery. As it were. Mmmm. I was hungry as well.

I moved towards the doors well in advance, and got a business card out. I sc****d out my work number and email and wrote in my private mobile number, and wrote on the back

"I want to fuck you , Love Lyn x "

Just as I was about to get off I handed it him and ran.

I caught his eye as I looked back, he remained on the train. The reaction was mostly shock, but with the ghost of a smile.

I should mention perhaps, in case I should ever have cause to give it you, my private number has no phone, it's a voicemail, which I dial into. If I want to ring you back, I will, and I will withhold the number.

I got to the office and dialled in off my blackberry. Nothing.

Later after meeting part 1 , tried again, nothing.

"You little fucker, I thought"

I tried again at 3 pm, and ping a message.

"Hello this is David, you wanted to er.. (Laughs) fuck me? I can meet you tonight, at The Gate in St John Street. I'll get there at 6, and read the paper for an hour. If you can get there great, if not.. well perhaps we can meet up another time",

and.......... he left an email address, saying he would get it on his HTC/PDA/iPOd/Leap pad whatever, so I googled on to my googlemail and said

"Hi, David, will be there as soon as poss after 6. Be good, Lyn x "

I was a bit nervous but trying not to show it, as I marched in.

He was there, looking gorgeous, legs crossed, reading a broadsheet.

"Hi!" I said , cheerily "Thanks for meeting me"

"Well I was intrigued" he said "You are very beautiful, but you're a lot older than me, I was a bit... taken aback, to be honest"

"Well if you don't ask!" I giggled " don't get!"

He went and got me a large glass of wine, he was drinking some small but strong imported lager.

"So........Your place or mine?" he said at last

"I am in a hotel" I said, "Lancaster Hall. Do you want to go there?"

He did. We finished our drinks and went outside to hail a black cab.

"Do you usually meet men like this?" he enquired

"Well..... I just happen upon people, generally. No set method, you know. No stalking" I explained

We got in our cab for the short ride to my hotel, and we walked swiftly to the lift. The guy on the desk waved.

In the lift:

"Are you shaved ?"

I firstly blushed and then, in a fit of outrageousness, I suppose, pulled my skirt up. My black g string was absolutely sheer where it mattered. My baby smooth cunt perfectly visible.

He gasped

"Fucking GORGEOUS" he enthused "Can I have a lick?

"Not in the bl**dy lift you can't" I hissed, and pulled my skirt back down.

The lift arrived at my floor, and a very attractive older woman got in ,all Jaeger and scarves and chanel. I think we both fancied her.

It had been a good thing I had not let him go down.

We left the lift and hurried up the corridor to my room, where I opened the door with my cardkey.

We crashed inside where he pinned me up the wall, he was really quite f***eful for one so camp.
His tongue was in my mouth, and his knee in my crotch.

He was four of five inches taller than me, not hugely so, in my heels.

He was taking my jacket off and undoing my blouse. The panting kiss continued. His hand up my skirt, pulling, ripping my g string off, wrecking it in the process. Carine Gilson would be getting £174 the richer.
Carine calls it a mini thong. Mini is right, you don't get much for your money. It provides no warmth, no absorbency, no concealment, no control/support. Nothing in fact. It just looks sexy. Well, it does on me.
174 quid! I don't know.... My first car cost that.

I reached for the bulge in his too tight trousers. Hard as a rock down there, and big (wide).

"No room for a hard on in these" he admitted, and opened them for me.

My hand slipped in, and into his pants, wrapping my fingers around his throbbing erection.

" Let me kneel" I hissed

He released me, and I was down to my bar and skirt at this point, I flipped my bar undone and tossed it aside, and wriggled out of my skirt, as I knelt.

I was in my stockings and suspenders only now. All black, if you're interested.

Pulling his shirt tail out of the way, I pulled the head of his hyper - hard cock into my mouth.

He moaned, once, and came.

"oh baby" I said, with my mouth full.

"Sorry sorry" he whimpered

"It's okay" I muttered, drinking him down, and oh boy - there was a lot !

He was panting, and trying to get a decent look at my pussy and my tits.

"You'll make it up to me" I grinned, wickedly, with sperm all around my mouth.

I walked over to the bed and
lay out there, supine.

"Lick me" I ordered

He stripped all his remaining clothes off, and joined me on the bed.

I grabbed my little tits to play with as his tongue probed around in a rather vague manner. I gave him a few seconds to show his expertise or otherwise, then interceded.

"Up! Get your tongue in the little cleft here" I pointed while pulling the whole thing apart for him

There was no further error, as he was firmly instructed.

"Lick the alphabet"


"In capitals" I clarified


and "OH" from me as well, within five minutes he'd got me coming, it was the eroticness of the situation rather than his inexpert lapping that took me there. And I was fantasising about him sucking some guy's cock , as well.

I made him stay down there for three quarters of an hour, by which time his tongue was tired, and I was a bit as well, because I'd come four times. Come #4 was when I made him lick my bottom while I masturbated. He was considerably better trained up now.

And, he'd been rock hard for the last twenty minutes, but I had made him wait.

I got him up for a good snog where I licked all the juice from around his mouth.

"God, you don't mind PSUSY, do you?" he giggled

"I actually Love it" I said, enigmatically

I kissed my way down his chest to lick the end of his painfully hard cock. He was about seven inches, I guess, big, not huge, nice girth,
nice young skin, and above all, really REALLY HARD!! Mmmm!

I parted his legs and had a good feel. Men are often taken aback at the amount of attention I lavish on their cock and balls. I know a lot of girls just have a cursory glance and a quick feel before they get it shoved inside them, but not me. I like to carry out a
full examination, myself, not a stone left unturned. Nor a testicle.

"Do you like to play with this?" I asked him

"Yes, of course" he smiled Don't you like to play with yours ?"

"I love it. Do you like to play with anyone else’s, though?" I asked

"Cock or pussy?" he asked

"That's what I'm asking!" I giggled

He went a bit coy

"I have dabbled" he said

"Do you know any bi guys?" I asked "it's a fantasy of mine"

"Have you never seen two guys?" he asked me, not answering the question

"Not properly" I said "I was at a party where two guys were getting it on, but they wouldn't let me watch"

"The spoilsports" he chuckled

"Yes" I agreed "BASTRADS"

"Come on and fuck me" I said and lay back on the bed

He pulled a condom on and basically jumped on with little in the way of niceties. I wasn't objecting. He was quick and vigorous, and quite took my breath away.

He was going a bit fast so I flipped him over and sat on it, taking control.

I teased him about having big cocks up his arse. I could feel him getting even harder.

In the end he said he wanted MY arse, he'd already licked and wet it earlier, so I just pulled him out of the front, and slotted him in the back. He went in quite easily, and I rode him whilst giving him a graphic running commentary about what he was doing up my bottom. I reached for by vibrator and lube, and very gently introduced it into his arse. He moaned in ecstasy.
He did not take long to lose control, as I fucked his tight ringpiece with the vibe, and he came up my bum. I lay on top of him grinding my wet mound against his groin until I came too.
Extricating his dying cock from my bottom, I climbed off him.
As he was quite amusing company I decided we’d get dressed and I’d take him out for a meal, which we did. But then I decided to play a wicked trick on him. When in the loo I called Sven who is featured in other stories, that’s not his real name, but he’s an enormously endowed masseur and sex worker and porn star, but he’s 100% straight.
Sven came along and pretended to bump into us. He was trying to act a bit .. fey .. not very convincingly to me, but Camp David was giving him some attention.
We all went back to my hotel about midnight, and while Camp David was in the toilet, I think he was having a big shit in preparation for being fucked up the arse.
When David came back in the room , though I was fully dressed Sven was naked, and I was on my knees licking and wanking his huge cock. I can never get it in my mouth. When fully aroused (which - slurp - he now was as I stuck my tongue down his slot) Sven is nearly eleven inches long, and something like eight inches round.

Camp David girly-screamed, grabbed his clothes and legged it naked into the corridor where I assume he got dressed before fleeing the building.
I invited Sven to stay and go to bed with me, but he had a booking, so he had to leave, to pleasure some other woman, strictly for cash.


So I STILL haven’t seen two men fuck, but I’d love to

Lyn xxxxx

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7 months ago
how fucking erotic would that be to have a girl you've never met or spoken to before, handing you a card inviting u to fuck her, only happens in dreams well mine anyway lol xx
1 year ago
For me that was one of hottest stories ever, my cock goes super hard whilst fucking and talking about bisex.
1 year ago
Love it. Thanks for sharing. Chris