Bi Curious


In which a couple from this site get to meet me, and once we get over the (really rather severe) nerves, a beautiful, voluptuous wife and mother gets her first ever sexual experience with another woman. It's hypersexual, once we get there. The husband was very eager to get me and his wife together.

I shall call them Harry and Jane, because those are their names, though not those that they go by on this site, which is where I met them. I don't wish to suggest they are swingers, because they aren't or at least were not before this. Neither had had sex with anyone other than their spouse for twenty years or more.

Having had a few preliminary conversations, firstly by email, then telephone, I even allowed them to come to my house, which I do less of than you might think, from reading my entries. (No pun intended)

They came to my house in Solihull, and we sat in my lounge and had some wine. He had a soft drink, because the initial arrangement was they come for a few hours, because they needed to be home for 1 am or 2 am or so, to let their babysitter go home.

Harry was a stocky ginger haired man, probably 5'6" or so, and looked very fit. Jane was an absolute beauty, very Irish looking, masses of dark hair, green eyes, alabaster skin.
Absolutely beautiful, and yet she seemed to think she was overweight. Not in my eyes. A UK size 16, according to her dress label, but I think she bought that size to accommodate her fabulous big breasts, the dress was pulled in with a wide belt, below that, and her bum was just nice, with a very pronounced waist, and great legs.

We had our drinks, and I showed them round the house, and we went into my room. I really ought to get a bigger bed. There have been several occasions when I've had to try to get more than three people on it. It's a king size which is 5 foot wide, 6" more than usual. Perhaps I ought to get a super king, or whatever it's called , which is 6' wide.

I used the tour of the house to bring everyone into my room, without making too much of a big deal about it.

Jane got onto the bed, to try it, as you do. For firmness and the like, and she was admiring my (rather expensive) bed linen.

Harry , apart from starting to get visibly moved, shall we say, at the prospect of his wife and another woman in bed, was rather intrigued by the large painting of a nude on the wall. It's Jo , in the painting, which I told him.

After some awkward small talk, I slipped onto the bed with Jane and got up close and personal. She looked, frankly, ready to run away. She let me put my arm round her, but when I went to kiss her, she turned away.

"I'm soRRY" she gushed "I don't know whether I'm going to be able to DO this"

"Don't you like me?" I smiled, gently

"Oh no NO, You're beautiful! ISN'T she, Harry?"

Harry vigorously nodded his agreement, he was gulping too much to actually speak.

"Can I not have a kiss, then?" I cooed

She leaned into me, to be fair, and let me gently kiss her on the lips, but when my tongue, (and I wasn't rushing her) tried to make inroads, she shied away again.

"Come back downstairs" I said, kindly enough. There are robes, look, take off what you're comfortable with, and put the robes on and come down.

I'll put something on to help you into the mood. OR we can just order a curry in and perhaps try again another time. No pressure from me, whatsoever.

I stripped naked in my bathroom and put my white silk robe on and went downstairs.

I have some.. er technology in place.
There is a digital wireless camera in my room, (£99, Maplin) and NO is the answer to your question, you cannot hack it and have a look through it, don’t bother asking. And.... it's hidden. It looks through netting, it gives a soft focus but you can still see quite well, and it's got colour and sound.

I flicked my lounge TV on and changed to AV.

There they were, in my room. Harry was naked with a big hard on. Very big actually. I hoped she would let me fuck him.

Jane was undoing her big, but very pretty bar, there seemed to me to be four or more hooks on the clasp, Blimey, I could make do with one!

When they came out they were fucking huge. Gorgeous. They didn't exactly stay put, I have to say. They took a trip towards the floor, but hey, she was 40 odd with teenage k**s.

I caught a side on of the nips, and they were amazing. I wanted her to let me have a suck, desperately, but I was, at all times, fairly sure she was going to bail.

She'd kept her thong on, and put the robe on, though it's Nicole's robe and theoretically has room for some pretty big tits in it, Jane's were absolutely spilling out.

I saw them leave the room , so i quickly flicked the channel to DVD, and pulled out a particularly beautiful Italian movie of Nicole's (one she owns, not stars in) with a stunning cast and lots of very erotic f/f scenes in it, amongst all the big cocks being sucked and fucked. The one guy in it is so gorgeous. Not a hair on his body, not an ounce of fat, beautiful big cock, all over tan, incredibly handsome. He's GOT to be gay.

They were on the stairs, and I welcomed them in and sat them down.

Harry's cock was embarrassingly evident.

We had some more wine, Harry made a call to see if their sitter could stay over, so that Harry and Jane could stay over with me, and thus he could drink. She said she couldn't , but then for an extra £50 she found that she could.

Damned good value though, in the event.

The film got underway. Harry's cock was escaping as the girls artistically ate each other's pussies and bottoms on the big screen in DVD 1080 clarity. How did we ever put up with copied tapes?

"What is it about Lesbianism that drives men wild?" I giggled

"Well that's why we're here " he said, his voice seemed to rather stick in his throat, however
I lubricated it with some more wine, and we must have had a whole bottle of 14% Chardonnay each, by this point, in less than an hour.
I was watching the movie, by now a rather magnificent cock was being welcomed into the girls' proceedings, with a double blow job. I had my hand between my legs inside my robe, masturbating.
"Are you masturbating?" asked Harry, dumbly.
I was giggly, and very slightly movement - impaired.
"Just a little stroke" I giggled
"Did you want to see?"

I opened my legs for him to see me.

His breath rattled in his throat.

Jane was watching very intently a lesbian scene, with her mouth agape. Harry parted her legs slightly, and she just went "Mm".

He had a bit of a rummage and his fingers must have found their way in , as his hand moved sort of into her body.

"Ooh" she said, and still kept her eyes fixed on the screen.

"You like what they're doing?" questioned Harry, of Jane

I thought I might risk a little
dabble now, so I sat the other side of her.

She moaned, quietly as Harry gently finger fucked her.

"She's soaking" he whispered to me, conspiratorially.

I leaned in and nuzzled and kissed her cheek. She leaned towards me, and half turned.

I planted my mouth on hers, and her shaking lips parted and responded.

Again she moaned gently, and I risked a little bit of tongue.

Her mouth opened for me.

Her tongue came to meet mine.

My hand crept inside her robe and attempted to lift out a massive breast. It wouldn't come out, but helpful Harry, bless him, with his vested interest and his erect penis, opened the robe and freed up those gorgeous big boobies for us both to play with. 38F by the way, for you statisticians. I asked.

"Oh god they're beautiful" I whispered in her ear, having broken the kiss.

"They're a rOight state" she bemoaned "they're rawnd moi waist"

"They're NOT!" I chided "They're just so big, so full, so Womanly! They're not made of air, they're bound to weigh. I think they're fabulous, I'm so jealous, I want them, i want them for myself, but as they're not ......available I shall have to just ..... make love to them" I said

Jane moaned slightly again and visibly shook.

Harry had managed to remove the robe entirely, and it lay behind her.

Below these magnificent big tittles, was her fabulous pussy. The thong was pulled an inch to one side, and her neat pubes framed her full cant lips beautifully. She had a neat triangle of hair, above, but the sides were all shaved and freshly so for the occasion, by the look of it. Harry had pushed two fingers in and was working them in and out, and they were wet and glossy with her juice.

"Can we take these off?" I whispered

Without speaking, she lifted her trembling bottom to allow me.

In doing so, Harry had to remove his fingers for a moment.

He removed his robe at the same time, he certainly wasn't shy. His erection waved in front of him, like the jib of a frigate.

"Oh Harry" I giggled "You've got a very big cock! Jane's a very lucky lady. Is Jane going to share? " I laughed

Jane was sitting there, naked now, and totally magnificent, her legs apart, her pussy all pumped up and wet. Looking very very lockable to me, but very unavailable, at present anyway.

"You can have a go, if Harry's happy to. We agreed he could" said Jane

"Well Harry looks very VERY happy to me" I laughed

"Can we ....... have a look at you ?" asked Jane, shyly, blushing rather.

"Sure" I said, and stood, and a with a little flourish , dropped my robe. I was stark naked underneath, with my smoothly shaved pussy very much in evidence.

I stood as they both looked at me.

Harry grew another full inch, I swear, and Jane, she just looked on, and gulped.

"You've got such a byoytIFul little CNUT!" she smiled "Isn't she absolutely gorgeous , Harry?"

Harry nodded

"You can have a little lick, if you like" I invited, taking a step towards her

"N no I cAiRN'T!" she stammered "maybe later, maybe later"

I figured that maybe she could use another drink, so I trotted off through the dining room to the kitchen to get her another drink.

I was bending over at the fridge in the darkened kitchen, when something told me I was not alone.

Harry had followed, and was sticking a finger up my cant, from behind.

"Come Here" he said, quite gruffly

I turned around and dropped to my knees to suck his cock.

"Oh oh" he moaned with his knees vibrating

"Stop IT!" he hissed "I won't last a fucking second!"

He grabbed my hand and led me towards the table in the dining room, grabbing me by the waist and lifting me onto it like I was a doll.

"Spread em" he gruffed . I spread, 45 degrees.

"Condom!" I barked

He had one in his hand all along, and he opened the pack and rolled it on.

"Ready?" He asked

"Well, really REALLY wet, yes!" I said, quite taken aback to be honest.

He took that as a go, so he pushed into me, pulling my hips toward him, for deeper penetration.

"OOOhh" he said, his balls seemed to be slapping the edge of my table.

"OOf" I grunted "Fuck, you're big!"

He wasn't THAT big, I've had dozens bigger, but I DO like to compliment a man.

"Jane!" I called "come in here"

Very very slowly and slightly unsteadily Jane emerged out of the lounge into the dining room.

"Oh my god" she said, though she was smiling, I'm happy to say

She put the light on, we had been in semi darkness, and she came to stand right by us.

I reached and held her hand

We locked eyes

"Ohh" I moaned

"How is she?" she lovingly stroked his briskly pumping arse as she asked.

"She's so fucking TGHIT!" he groaned

"I'll bet" mused Jane, toying with a nipple. Most partners would have been offended I guess.

"How's my Harry?" she asked me, with a glimmer of emotion

"He's got a lovely big cock" I gasped "it's a really ... tight .. fit"

"Oh shot" he cried and promptly came his load into me.

He'd lasted two to three minutes, max, I guess.

He slumped rather.

"Sorry!" he looked like he was going to cry, and he withdrew.

"It's OK, but you must make me come" I cajoled "One of you.Either of you. Go down on me and lick my cant"

I looked at each of them. Harry looked at Jane, who shook her head vigorously, and then looked at me.

Harry dropped to his knees, realising he was going to have to deal, but he ended up too low, so he pulled up a dining chair, and sat upon it, to give him the right height to eat me.

"He's very good" she breathed "Enjoy!"

I did enjoy.

He started off licking the hole out, which was still gaping a little from the considerable girth of his cock, then he slipped up to my clit, where he perfectly lapped and licked at me.

"Come and sit on my face" I begged Jane

She wouldn't , of course.

"I hOven't got da confidence" she said

"What's confidence got to do with it?" I asked, rather cheekily "you've only got to sit there"

"Yew will DEW tings to me" She laughed

"Fucking RIGHT I will" I said "hop up here and I will make you come for England"

"Oh please!" begged Harry , with his mouth full . Of cant.

"Please" I said as well "I'm going to come in a minute, that will take the edge off. Hop up here now, get me while I'm hot"

"GO ON" said Harry , in rather an ordering kind of way. He wore the trousers, when he had any on.

I gave up, however, and closed my eyes to concentrate on Harry's not inconsiderable tongue skills pleasuring my clit.

There was, just as I was least expecting it, a profound creak, as the table had weight put upon it, and a statuesque thigh was thrown over my face.

Mrs R*******n had arrived!

There was a great dark yawning gash of a pussy hovering over my face.

Much slurping ensued as I dipped my tongue deep into the open hole. She smelt STRONG, really...meaty. Perhaps the wrong word, but it conveys what I'm trying to say.

Jane, darling, when you read this, and you will, don't take offence, you have got a gOOrgeous cant, I love it, and I could eat it all day.

"OH!" she moaned fit to vibrate the table. I could see she had gathered up her tits and was giving them some gyp, basically. Really pulling at the nipples.

I moved slightly and slid up the crack to get to her clit. I hadn't even touched it yet. When I did she damn near took off.

She was SO loud!

"Oh FECK" she was going "YES! YES"

So ..she'd overcome her shyness with me !

My lord

She gushed.

Despite her reticence at sex with a woman, she came, as published, for England for me. Or Ireland. Good girl, I thought.

Meanwhile I came as well, hugely, noisily, wetly smearing my juice all over dear Harry's lower face.

Harry had not been unmoved by the proceedings and he was fully hard again, not bad for someone in his 40's.

"Down" said Harry to Jane, back in ordering mode, "go down on her"

He wanted her to lean forward and lick my pussy for me.

I'd only come minutes before, but guessed I might be able to go again, under the circs.

"Husband and wife" I kept telling myself and the thought does turn me on, really rather a lot.

A fantasy of mine of mine is riding a guys cock (bareback) and jumping off to have their wife or girlfriend have to lick all MY juice off their man's cock.

Can't do it in reality as must use a condom, MUST MUST MUST.

Her uncertain tongue parted my pussy lips, which were soaking and frothy.

"Just lick me like you would like to be licked" I murmured from beneath her enormoOOusly shapely bottom, where it had settled, on my face.

I felt her breathe me in

"Oh" she moaned, so quietly

and she settled her tongue immensely slowly, you know where,
in the little slot, and found my hard clotty in there and lapped there like a kitten with a saucer of milk.

Harry was watching intently , trying to cover every angle and not miss anything. He probably would have liked to get a CNN outside broadcast unit there.

"OH yes, oh yes" he murmured, softly, slowly pumping his erect cock.

"Oh my god, my god" he whimpered as Jane's tongue took me to another orgasm. He saw my toes flex, I think.

"OH CHRIST!" moaned Harry, and a rain , well a light shower, of warm sperm showered Jane's back and my legs.

Harry had indeed shot off for the third time, (is that 3?) and I couldn't see how he could have too much more in the magazine.

"Was that okay?" asked Jane, shyly, climbing off both me and my table. I was still trying to get my breath back.

Her lips and chin were glistening from my cant.

Harry came in to kiss both of us, making sure he licked up all the female come he found.

"Lovely, you made me come" I cooed, kissing her also.

She liked having her also kissed.

While I was kissing her, Harry attached himself to one of her wonderful nipples.

I was having a little manual play with the other, and it was both massive and rock hard.

I dropped away from the kiss to lovingly suck it, and I could see from her reaction that I was doing at least as good a job as Harry.

"Shall we go back upstairs?" I grinned

She nodded in agreement, smiling coquettishly.

I led up my steep stairs, with Harry following, having a real good look up my arse.

Jane came up last , having raided the fridge for more wine.

"Did you need to take the taste away?" I teased

"no,No" ,she protested "You tasted..... quite nice"

"Thanks" I smiled

"You'll be wanting some more then" chipped in Harry, whose voice seemed to be descending, into Barry White - with - laryngitis territory.

Now Harry was firmly out of the action, his cock was now hanging down his leg, showing no outward signs of any interest in the proceedings whatsoever. To be fair, or not, his input had been brief to say the least. one brief fuck, and an even briefer wink.

I got onto the bed with his wife, whilst Harry sat on the linen box at the end of the bed, and watched.

I was back on her tits, straight away, her head thrown back and gently moaning as I very lovingly sucked on each nipple.

He was trying desperately to get hard again, his hand pulling at his cock.

I slithered down her belly and she opened her legs as wide as wide could be, she was not so shy now!

As I arrived at her pussy, she opened everything right up for me, with her fingers.

My tongue was straight in there, going for the clotty, and she pushing herself into me, straining for orgasm.

"Oh god, that's fantastic" she howled.

What my neighbours must think!

"Lyn!" said Harry, excitedly "Go and sit on her face"

"What?" we kind of both said, because she'd very nearly come

"I'm ready, I'm READY!" He announced, delightedly.

Grudgingly-ish I withdrew my tongue from Jane's pussy and went to take a seat on her lovely face.

Her hands however, were there to welcome me, opening my thighs wide.

As I sat down her rather marvellous tongue came up to have a little lick of my bottom, initially, which was braver than I had expected. Pretty standard practice girl to girl , if you're interested, but Jane being 100% Hetero, I was surprised, pleasantly so.

Harry was straight on her, cock in hand, no condom, obviously, they were married, and allowed, and into her.

"MmmmMMM" she moaned as she licked away now at my pussy, I was going to come again, quite soon. We came to an arrangement where she licked inside while I masturbated.

Harry heroically lasted about ten minutes on this pass, whilst providing a constant running commentary :
"Lick that CNUT out, go on , drink all the fucking juice" etc, just in CASE the neighbours were missing out on any of the action.

And when it came to drinking juice, it turned out I was in for a real treat, ahem.

His cock was reaching new heights of size and hardness, she was (rather muffledly) telling us it was the biggest it had ever been , when whoop,
off it went, depositing whatever he had left deep into Jane.

He stood immediately, just about maintaining his balance on my bed, and put his cock straight into my mouth, where I licked the smeared and sticky cock and sucked it clean.

Once that was done, he took my hand and lifted me off his wife.

"Go down on her" he ordered me "eat what I've put up there"

"Ah.......!" I said , not keen, I thought, but I did as I was told.

There wasn't much, just a little glob of come which was right in the entrance, so I swiftly got my tongue in there, and scooped it out with my tongue, and ate it. She held my head there, wanting to be licked again, and I quickly made her come another time, until she was a panting heap.

"Christ you dirty bu99ers" I laughed

I suggested we all take a shower. Sadly I don't have one we could all get in, so we went separately, me last.

We re assembled in my room.

"Well, I'm all in", I said "what do you say we get some sl**p? Any other business?"

"There is one more thing" said Harry, his eyes lowered

"Oh yeah?" I said, grinning "And what would that be?"

"Your.... bum, can I have your bum?"

I laughed

"Um, yeah, sure, but are you sure you could do it again? Surely you've had it now?"

Something between his legs disagreed. My implied agreement to let him have my bottom had obviously inspired him once again.

"Is that ok with you ?" I asked Jane

She smiled
"Well......yeah whatever. I don't, you see. I don't like it"

"You've tried it though?" I asked

She shook her head, smiling

"Ok, do you want to help though?" I asked her

"Help?" she laughed

"Yes, lubricate me, and hold my bottom open for Harry to fuck it. I think that would be really erotic!"

"Oh, um.... Ok" she said

I went to get the k y ....

I bent right over for her and encouraged her to really get her fingers right UP! (Far more than was necessary)

Under my instruction she thoroughly gel'd my ring piece and inside.

Harry was gently stroking himself, from the middle

"Do you want to have me now?" I ginned over my shoulder, from my position of all 4s on the bed.

"I do" he said, and donning a condom he moved up behind me

Jane leant over my back her big tits lying on me, and opened my arse as wide as wide could be.

Harry's cocked arrived and bounced back out

"Oh" he sounded disappointed

"Push" I encouraged "very tight, but once you're in it's fine. push through"

He took himself in hand and did the biz, he pushed on through, I felt the familiar ping and sting, and then he was in me, filling me entirely.

"Wink me" I said to Jane, her hand came underneath me and her finger found my centre and stroked there, it was heaven.

Harry pumped his big cock deep into my bowels. I could feel him starting to lose his rhythm very shortly after he entered me.

After numerous Oh OH oh and sundry false alarms, he came, just after me ;-)

As he withdrew my gaping arse was inspected very closely by Jane, slipping a wet finger back in to probe.

I moaned at the intrusion and called her a dirty bitch, which she responded by giggling throatily, and kissing me deeply.

"Oh my god that was fantastic" enthused Harry

"I do think you should have a go, Jane" I encouraged

"NO!" she protested

"Come here" I urged "and bend over"

I went to the highest shelf of the wardrobe and retrieved my little basket of goodies.

I have all sorts in there. Restraints, blindfolds, vibes dildos, strap ons, double endeds, some recreational d**gs.

Hanging in that part of the wardrobe are my dressing up outfits as well. Harry spotted my nurses outfit.

"Oh could you put that on" he whispered

I asked which one, I have the plastic fetish type one, and an actual real one, pilfered from a nurse I seduced.

He went for the vinyl one.

I also selected an anal vibrator, which is has a thin end and a fat end, the fat end having the motor and controls, the thin end goes up your bum.

With a little smear of jelly her ring was glistening, and I very gently introduced the vibe in there, telling her I was taking her temperature, and to relax. Well , I was a qualified kinky nurse.

I revved the little motor up

"MmmMf!" she moaned

"You like it?" I teased

"It tickles" she complained

I adjusted the the controls to churn her insides more firmly.

"Oh Christ!" she muttered, shivering

"You like THAT" I grinned

Open mouthed, she nodded

"To be honest, I LOVE it" she whimpered

"Let's try something else" I smiled and I brought a small conventional vibe into play for her clotty.

After a minute or three, I slipped the anal vibe out and the other one into her bottom.

It was a fair bit bigger but she took it like a good un, moaning and OOh ing as I gently fucked her bottom with it.

Whilst keeping a close eye on my pleasuring of his wife's bottom, Harry took his cock off to be sucked by Jane.

He said afterwards it was her little mmf noises felt as vibrations in his cock that had helped him get hard one last time, and the fact that said noises were being caused by a bit of lesbian fibro arse-fucking , if indeed there is such a term. If there isn't there should be.

Her fingers were pleasuring her clit as I worked on her, and before long Jane came again, rather grUNTily. There was a small pool on my duvet by now.

"You FCUKING dirty BTICH" I teased

She moaned, she didn't disagree, her lovely curvy bottom moved back and forth, accepting and pushing back onto my thrusting vibrator, lodged in her butt.

Her luscious full lips and ready tongue had miraculously restored Harry to full working order, he must have Viagra patches on this guy, I swear.

I reached into my basket again, and selected a bigger b**st, more actual cock sized, and long, and purple.

I smoothly replaced the smaller one with the larger, in her arse.

She moaned even more deeply, her bottom was shaking.

"Oh god, oh god" murmured Harry

"IF I help....." I began "do you think you'd like to try Harry in your bottom?"

"Oh lord" she responded "I kind of like the sensations... won't he be too big?

"I had him, I AM more used to it, but you can do it, if you want to do it"

GUYS , can I digress here for a moment, I think I've written this kind of short rant before, but this question of yours "Does she take it up the arse?" That's the phrase.

Please delete it.

It's offensive and insensitive and it is 100% guaranteed to make sure you NEVER find out.

Do ask, always ask, but not like that.

"Can I make love to your bottom, you've got such a lovely bottom, (pity to waste it)etc" completely different approach required.

Don't make such a big thing of it. You can get in there as easily as our pussies, with practice, and I mean that physically, as well as regarding our permission.

And calm down, don't just come the moment you penetrate.

Give a girl warning, let her prepare. Lubricate her. Lick her. Take it gently.

Any q's to me on email (google) . Happy to help you get your cock up her bottom. I'm a fairly recent convert, relatively speaking,
I can appreciate both sides.

Anyway, back to the business in hand

Jane was bending over and all open. She was never going to be more ready than she was now.

"Do you want me to help you get his cock in there?" I asked, "He really wants to. It's a shame if you don't try, I'm reasonably expert" I said.

"god god god" she muttered

"Come on" I murmured and pulling his cock away from her lips gave her the SNGO of her life

"come on then" she breathed, grinning "let's give it a go"

Harry had maintained his strong erection from the tonguing of his lady wife, and I had a little suck, just to be sociable.

"Condom?" I asked

"What's the norm?" she enquired

"It's all very dodgy" I admitted "..without. It's up to you. Myself, I won't go anywhere near it, afterwards, if you don’t' use one"

"Condom then" she advised

I got one out and fitted it.

Harry was behind her and I asked him to open her arse up, while I lubed her more.

He opened her lovely big buttocks while I had a little lick of her arse, and then plunged two then three gelled fingers into her chasm. She moaned and groaned and pushed back onto my hand.

"She wants it" I mouthed to Harry, he smiled enough to split his face.

I took his cock hard cock and removing my fingers from her arse, pushed the head into the opening.

"OH!" she moaned

"Steady" I whispered

"Relax, darling" I said to Jane

I pushed the head and ping he was in

"Don't go any further" screamed Jane

"He's in" I reassured her "that's it"

"Oh.. is he?" she was amazed "That's it?"

"Well..." I giggled "He's not fucked you yet, but it's in your arse"

"Oh" she seemed uncertain what to do

I placed a cool hand gently on Harry's arse and started him moving, very gently.

"OOh" she said looking back over her shoulder

I picked up a hand mirror to show her the cock in her arse.

"Oh goD that looks rude" she giggled

"How does it feel?" I coaxed

I pushed Harry to fuck a little deeper, a little faster too.

"OH!" she groaned and her face dropped to the pillow, her arse right up in the air now.

"Oh my god" she moaned into the pillow

I could see her fingers creeping between her legs to masturbate.

I reached under her crotch to finger fuck her while she pleasured her clit. I got three fingers in there in the end. There was froth coming out.

"I'm going to come" cried Jane

I wasn't surprised

Harry was still fucking away, up to his balls in his wife's virgin arse.

"Ok, baby, come on now, come" said Jane

Harry couldn't, though

Realising assistance was required I got behind him, knelt, parted his buttocks and licked his arse out for him. Still nothing. Finger right up. Jack.

"Come lie here and let me lick your cant" said Jane, finally

I took the position, and spread my legs for her willing tongue.

She lapped away at my clit for me, and I soon felt one more final climax on the way for me. Entertained by his beloved wife licking my shaved little snatch, Harry finally boiled over and shot his load deep inside Jane's arse, collapsing with the effort.

Once everybody had fucked everybody, that was it really, sorry to say, if kind of fizzled out. We went to sl**p, they in spare room, and I heard them fucking the next morning, I wasn't
asked in, I left them to it.

At a later date they asked me to take their son's virginity, but that's another story, as they say.

Lyn xxx

100% (3/0)
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That's erotic and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Definitely one to show my beautiful k.